Friday, October 22, 2010

Hair Age: Gorgeous Hair in Your 20s

Ever wondered how your hair evolves as you age? We did. So we created the "Hair Age" series where we will examine each decade of a woman's life with super-chic style advice (notice we didn't say the dreaded "age appropriate"), hair-pulling concerns and celebrities who are rocking their manes the best.

Rihanna Carey Mulligan Natalie Portman
Rihanna, Carey Mulligan, and Natalie Portman -- hot young stars with hot manes. Photos: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images | Amy Sussman/Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Attention young beauties: Just because you're out of high school doesn't mean it's time to stop having fun with your hair.

Twenty-somethings are all about self-expression. This is the decade to take risks, be bold and experiment with your hair. Should you opt for a more sophisticated style? Probably. But boring? Never!

"In your 20s, hair is at its peak," said James Viddes, stylist at Sally Hershberger in NYC. Hair is healthy, shiny and the follicles are strong, so take advantage of this time to experiment, but know it can also look fabulous in its natural state too.

Style Cues
A cut with face-framing long layers is very modern according to celebrity stylist Mark Garrison from his namesake salon in New York. Drastic cropspixies and boy crops – are also popular to shed an image of your former teenage self. "In your 20s, experiment with cuts and highlights," Garrison advises.

Pixie perfect. Emma Watson models her new cropped 'do. Photo: Emma Watson, Facebook

But it's best to avoid an all-over color. Not only does it require a lot of time and money – something young people don't always have -- the dyes and chemicals can begin to damage your youthful locks.

"My advice is not to color your hair too much in your early stages of your 20s because after age 30 the production of hair begins to slow down dramatically, so you want to try and keep your hair as healthy as possible early on," says Viddes.

Also, keep your hair occasion specific – meaning, that new corporate job you landed right out of college probably wouldn't be the best place for neon-colored strands. But if you're in more of an artsy field, by all means, go for it! Hair grows its fastest and thickest at this stage in your life, so even if you have an impulsive streak and end up with a 'do that's a little too extreme, in the words of Ok Go, "This too shall pass."

Hollywood Hair Icons
Women in their 20s can be highly influenced by Hollywood styles, so take your cues from stars like Rhianna who is never afraid to change things up or Carey Mulligan with her perfect pixie. If you want something edgier – and more colorful, there's always Lady GaGa. Or, on the safer side, Natalie Portman's long waves offer infinite sex-appeal.

Lady Gaga Ombre Hair
Lady Gaga's lilac-gray locks dipped in turquoise for an ombre effect. Photo: Getty Images

Your No-Fail Plan
Beautiful hair comes from the inside out. Living a fast-paced life in your younger years can often lead to skimping on a healthy diet, exercise and sleep. Don't do that to your pretty head. Meals rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids will help strengthen your hair and maintain a sleek shine. Likewise, smoking and too much drinking will take their toll on your tresses and leave it dull and lifeless.

When it comes to styling, break the habit of shampooing every day, says Garrison. Unless you are over-loading your strands with products, don't risk drying them out with too many suds. And don't forget a good trim every eight weeks!


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