Friday, September 2, 2011

Tech Tip - The pompodour, Han de Fuko style.

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Going Back to School in Supreme Vintage Style 
Pompadours Through The Decades
Use these easy to follow steps to create a timeless classic pompadour with Hanz de Fuko's All-Natural Gel Triq and Quicksand!
The Pompadour Cut
Make a U-Shaped parting to separate the top portion of the head (section A) from the lower round of the head (section B). 

Consider the proportion of your client's head in relation to the desired look and adjust this parting accordingly.

With Finger Angle parallel to your Vertical Parting, move through section B starting at the temple and cut the section moving to center back.

Continue to hold the hair in your fingers with medium tension and finish at the temple on the opposite side. 
This will create a square effect in Section B.

Create the transition:

Connect Section A to Section B taking horizontal partings and cut from guide from Section B to front.  Maintain length towards the front.

Add Texture to the Interior of the Style by making shallow cuts vertically in the top section.   This will add desired support in the vintage look.

Detail the hairline and create the perimeter with a razor to keep the look somewhat shattered and rough around the edges.

The Pompadour Hanz Style
Apply a quarter size amount of Gel Triq to towel dried hair evenly from roots to ends. Use a blowdryer to create maximum lift and volume through the top section.  Once completely dry, emulsify a small dime size amount of Quicksand in your hands and continue to work through the hair from crown moving forward.

The thicker the hair, the more Quicksand you should apply.

Finish by combing in place for structured form and complete definition. 

Hanz de Fuko - Gel Triq and Quicksand

I hope this Tech Tip has been helpful.

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