Saturday, September 3, 2011

From Salon Business Expert: What The Soup Nazi Taught Me About Dealing With Clients

"What the Soup Nazi Taught Me
About Dealing With Clients"

I am a Seinfeld fan. When I was learning English as a second language, I used to watch Seinfield with the subtitle. One of my favorite episodes is the Soup Nazi one.
I love this episode so much that I wrote a article on the lessons that I learned from the Soup Nazi that I use to operate my salon today.
I called the article, "What You Can Learn from Soup Nazi About Dealing With Clients And Doing Business On Your Own Terms"
Take a minute to read the article and to watch the 4 minute video clip. It is hilarious.
Not only will you see business on your own terms in action you also have a good laugh which is a always a good thing. Have some FUN.
Live in Freedom,
Dan Lok
Dan Lok
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