Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Make Money With Pinterest (webinar)

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Make Money With Pinterest (webinar)

This Thursday, January 24th Ann Sieg is hosting a webinar with a Pinterest marketing expert, James Hickey, to show you how to build relationships and generate a brand new stream of traffic with Pinterest.
Here are some quick facts, and one reason I'm so interested in learning more about how to use Pinterest for business:
--Pinterest is now the 3rd largest
social media site, behind Twitter and Facebook
--Pinterest reached 10 million+ users
faster than any other website ever in history
Furthermore, let's take a look at some trends...
--The web is becoming more and more visual.
--With videos and especially pictures overtaking the internet.
--Images and graphics are easier to create, edit and
interact with than ever before
So, how does Pinterest match up with these trends?
Pinterest was designed perfectly from the ground
up to take advantage of this, a design that many
other sites are now trying to mimic.
In fact, I know a lot of people who use Pinterest
just because it’s easier than Facebook.
A lot of people find it really confusing learning
how to market on Facebook, but Pinterest is super
Here’s what’s really important to marketers though...
But first, let's agree that getting people to
CONSUME your info is most important.
I mean... it doesn’t matter how good
your content is, if people don’t engage
with it and consume it, it's all for naught.
Right? so...
Making it visually appealing helps do this.
And realize this too...
90% of information that comes to the brain is visual.
And 40% of people respond better to visual
information rather than just plain text.
This explains why...
--infographics are exploding all over the web, and ...
--photos and images are INFINITELY more viral
than plain text
Are you now understanding why and how Pinterest is
riding a giant traffic wave?!
This is exactly why Pinterest is so darn addictive!
Because that's all Pinterest is -- images and photos,
with a tiny little bit of text.
And the great thing about Pinterest is that, even
with its huge growth, it’s still so new and

there’s still so many people who haven’t adopted it
yet, that there is a huge opportunity for those who
learn how to use it now, ahead of the curve.
Plus it's way easier to master than the ever-evolving
So join us this Thursday, January 24th at 8:00PM CST
to learn how to leverage the power of Pinterest.
Seats are filling up fast Click the link to register...

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Building a better spa director, discount dangers, no pain/you gain

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Ready to see some green in 2013?
January/February 2013

Lisa Starr and Peggy Wynne Borgman of Wynne Business Spa Education and Consulting
Who are you going to be, this year?
Spas are undergoing an identity crisis.
"Wellness" is the watchword, yet few spas have made wellness programs pay...yet.
What's the wellness goal everyone shares?
Pain relief.
In a Massage Envy TV campaign, a man talks about "hands-on pain relief." Brilliant!
This Valentine's Day, why not ditch the rose petals and tell women what he wants?
Wellness = pain relief. Men = Growth.
Try it and tell us what happens.
For more thoughts about your future, read on...
What will you do differently in 2013?
Colleagues in a huddleThe drumbeat continues for better management education for spa businesses. We all feel it: the pace of change has accelerated. Spa owners and directors who have been successful in the past are stymied. The Great Recession has reset the rules of the game across every spa industry sector, from medical to resort. You can't grow sales in 2013 using even a 2010 skill set.
If you're ready to realize your full potential as a business leader this year, join us for our three-day, LIVE Spa Director's Management Intensive, March 17-19th, in Philadelphia. Taught by our Senior Consultant Lisa Starr, this seminar will equip you with the strategies and tactics you need to succeed in 2013.
The Agenda:
  • Essential financial management skills, made simple, compelling and "real" 
  • Recruiting, selecting and hiring "A" Players, your key differentiator  
  • Sales and Marketing in the age of extreme discounting and social media 
  • Compensation plans that reward productivity and retain top performers
  • The modern spa service menu: less is more 
  • Getting maximum results from your retail program
  • Retooling your spa's "salesflow" for higher service and retail revenues 
  • Motivating and leading spa employees
  • Quality management, complaint resolution and service recovery
Save with our Earlybird discounts, now through February 17th!
Our seminar venue is situated in the heart of Philadelphia's historic district.

For more information on the course and registration information, click here. 

Driven to discount? Mad about membership programs?
Our latest spa management blog tackles the eternally-hot topic of marketing programs that turn against their owners.
seminar attendees
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at your own pace

Take our famous Spa Director's Management Intensive course, online, through the Wynne Business Spa Academy.  This comprehensive, self-paced course is divided into 12 units and includes a final exam. A passing grade on the exam results in a certificate of completion. For more information on the course, registration, and discounted registration for your organization, please click here.

How are we educating the next generation of spa directors?

The spa industry has grown up in the past decade, but spa management education has not kept pace.
A study on this problem was commissioned by The Global Spa and Wellness Summit, who tasked the Stanford Research Institute with understanding causes and solutions. Their must-read report is available as a download on the GSWS website. To continue reading, click here.
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For more information on the Tourism Observatory for Health, visit their Facebook page
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