Thursday, February 28, 2013

Her Crowning Glory in a Box

It was the best hair day of my life, and I was working it, tossing my head like a supermodel, twirling strands around my fingers, admiring myself in store windows. At home, my doorman said, “Looking good!” My husband greeted me with, “Jennifer!” as in Aniston. My teenager muttered, “That’s a little sexy, isn’t it?”
Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times
Christine Young in her wig.

I enjoyed the attention. I posted a photo of myself on Facebook. Then I removed my hair, put it in a box and went to bed.
I was wearing a custom wig, cut and styled just for me, in a honey-brown shade with subtle coppery highlights. My own fine, midlength hair is perfectly serviceable. But the wig, with face-framing layers that cascaded over my shoulders, was its platonic ideal.
In trying it, I temporarily joined an unofficial sisterhood of glamorous women who pop wigs on and off like dresses. “Everybody wears a wig” is too strong a statement, but more women than one might think turn to them at least occasionally. Celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga achieve their wildly colored, sculptural coifs with wigs, and Kim Kardashian has experimented with platinum and red versions — and those are just the celebrities who own up to it.
Less publicly, Britney Spears appears to have been wearing a full or partial wig when she introduced her new brunet color on Oscar night (her P.R. representative isn’t saying). Socialites, models and everyday women wear them on the sly, not to disguise thinning or sparse hair, but for fashion and convenience.
“It’s not necessarily about poor quality hair — it’s actually about time,” said Peter Gray, a New York editorial and commercial hairstylist who spent an evening outfitting me with my wig (a loaner he will reuse). Human-hair wigs (the gold standard of wigdom) are part of Mr. Gray’s regular bag of tricks for photo shoots and fashion shows. They can provide a new look in an instant, without commitment or damage. They can be washed and styled with regular products and lengthened with extensions. “They’ve become so high quality, you can stand a foot away from someone with a wig on and not be able to tell,” he said.
These features come at a high price. The style I tried (actually called Jennifer), from a Vista, Calif., company, Jon Renau, retails for $1,300. Wigs created entirely from scratch can cost five figures.
About a head and a half’s worth of human hair, likely from India, Asia or Europe, goes into a decent wig, Mr. Gray said; the highest quality comes from what is called Remy hair, strands that have been kept in the same direction after harvesting, as opposed to being tossed into a bag every which way. In expensive wigs, each hair is then painstakingly hand-tied to a sheer, tulle-like cap and can be parted in any direction.
The cost doesn’t stop with the wig’s purchase. Unlike synthetic versions, human-hair wigs arrive unstyled, to be cut by a hairdresser, first on a wig stand, then on the client’s head. “It’s like designing a dress: you customize it to the body,” said Frank Galasso, a Los Angeles hairstylist who outfitted the singer Kelly Rowland in a long, shiny, wavy wig for the Essence Black Women in Hollywood lunch last week. Because a wig can’t grow back, the work can be nerve-racking. “You’ve got to be so careful you’re not messing it up,” Mr. Galasso said. “Sometimes I’ll take four or five haircuts, getting it right.”
Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times
At Julien Farel Salon, Abby Haliti, colorist, top, works on the wig. André Davis, stylist, bottom, puts the wig on Ms. Young, before blowing it dry.
After that, there’s upkeep. At the Julien Farel Salon on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, AndrĂ© Davis, a stylist, cuts, colors or maintains four or five wigs a week on average. “People drop them off, or they bring them in when they’re getting their own hair done,” he said. On a recent afternoon, he was with Christine Young, a longtime client, removing grown-out extensions from her shoulder-length hair to be replaced at a later appointment. And a colorist was painting lowlights onto Ms. Young’s flippy, layered Champagne-toned wig, to better match Ms. Young’s current darker blond. After the color was done, Mr. Davis conditioned the $5,000 wig, snipped in a few more layers, blew it dry and sent it and his client on their well-coiffed way.
Ms. Young, an attractive life coach, is 45; her natural hair is neither as blond nor as voluminous as she would like, she said. She spends $8,000 to $10,000 a year on wig maintenance — an indulgence, she admitted, but worth it. The wig (Ms. Young and Mr. Davis refer to it as “she”) is insurance if Ms. Young doesn’t have time to fix her hair after the gym or is overdue for a color appointment. Her boyfriend knows about the wig and thinks it’s great, she said: “I don’t try to trick him. What good would that do?”
For some wig aficionados, though, coming clean can backfire. Kim Zolciak, 34, has never kept it a secret that she wears wigs. “It was always known on the show,” said Ms. Zolciak, a former cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” (She left the series in December and will star in a forthcoming spinoff.)
Ms. Zolciak owns about 60 wigs in various lengths, textures and shades of blond. She has named them: Demi, Farrah and so on. She is even working on her own line of mixed synthetic and human-hair wigs, which she hopes to introduce this year for sale in the $400 range.
But, she said, wigs do bring constant gossip about what is going on underneath. Last summer, tired of the speculation, she finally appeared au naturel in a dramatic televised reveal.
For the record, her real hair is shoulder length, blond and healthy. But even that hasn’t set the world straight. “People still say I was wearing a wig,” she said.

Possessed ghost haunts a beauty shop ~ 'The Last Exorcism Part 2'

HomeTalk about creative viral marketing! With 'The Last Exorcism Part 2' opening in theaters this Friday, you had to expect CBS Films to plan something clever and spooky to coincide with the release. And they've managed to pull off something both unique and spectacular. For the patrons of a local beauty salon, they're about to get more than they bargained for when they start seeing a possessed ghost in the mirror of the shop! And our possessed gal decides to reach out and get a little closer by the end of this clip. Check it out below; it's simultaneously scary and hilarious.

And read our interview with star Ashley Bell from earlier this week! 'The Last Exorcism 2' opens in theaters this Friday, March 1st! - See more at:

Strong language, be advised.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hot Tot Children's Haircare

Hot Tot is the only professional styling line formulated for the physical characteristics of children's hair. Our products omit any ingredient proven to be harmful to humans and are safe for use on children with sensitive skin and health-conscious parents. Created to improve the lives of little ones, Hot Tot aids in the development of a positive self-image from a very early age. Additionally, we employ sustainable business practices and also donate a portion of our proceeds to charities that benefit children.

Spotless Tot - Shampoo - Conditioner - Conditioning Detangler - Sweet Pea Serum - Styling Gel - Structure Whip - Finishing Mist

Featured in Parenting Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, South Jersey Mom, Posh Little, Tot Trends Weekly, Planet Awesome Kid, Mogul Baby, Trendy Mommies, Posh Little, Newbeauty's Daily Beauty Blog, and many more!

Bring Hot Tot to your salon today!

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Career In Natural Hair Opportunity



The Best Natural Hair Training Program Available
The Fabulocs Natural Hair Training Program was launched in 2007 in response to the lack of knowledge, proper technique, hair care and styling standards regarding natural hair exhibited in the ethnic hair industry. The program includes an Apprenticeship in natural hair care and styling presented by Fabulocs, a salon at the forefront of the natural hair care and styling movement. The Fabulocs Apprenticeship program prepares candidates to become creative, well-trained professionals in the demanding natural hair care industry.

The skill and art of natural hair care and styling requires applied theory and extensive hands-on experience. Headed by expert educator and cosmetologist Aishah Bilal EDS, (Director of Training @ Fabulocs) apprentices can look forward to receiving applicable theory and practical experience along- side highly-qualified instructors and leading stylists who represent a broad array of perspectives. Apprentices also receive a variety of comprehensive materials, demonstrations, clinical trials and lessons presented in a practical, interactive learning environment. Apprenticeship sessions are designed to teach the skills needed to provide a full range of natural hair services as well as the business skills that are required to succeed as a professional in the salon business.  Fabulocs Training Program schedules are individually structured and administered based upon the specific needs of each Apprentice as well as the needs of each group of apprentices collectively. We work with each apprentice in order to create a work schedule that is flexible and accommodates their availability.

No upfront cost! In exchange for the extensive training that the apprentice will receive with Fabulocs, the Apprentice will be expected to perform specified salon related functions and duties in order to provide them with the business skills needed to become a successful professional natural hair stylist.

Begin your new career and sign up for an apprenticeship with Fabulocs!  

To apply or for more information, send an email stating your interest to 

Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn   Pinterest
7953 Central Avenue, Capitol Heights MD, 20743 240-463-3617

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Hair tutorial gone wrong (MUST WATCH) Epic fail


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New Chairs from Custom Barber Chairs

We have a large stock of antique barber chairs by Koken, Theo A. Kochs and Emil J. Paidar. Whether you are looking for a restored antique barber chair or a chair that is in great working condition we have what you are looking for. Most of our clients would like to be actively involved in the restoration process. The antique barber chairs pictured below are just a fraction of our inventory. Please do not hesitate to call us to find the chair that you are looking for.

1920′s Fluted Double Round Koken – Very Rare $3800
1920′s Fluted Double Round Koken – Very Rare $3800

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Revitalize Your Career at the Spa and Wellness Show

IECSC New York, April 14-16, 2013 New York City. Revitalize your career at the spa & wellness show in New York City
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Rosacea, Redness & Reactivity
Dr. Mark Lees President & CEO Mark Lees Skin Care, Inc
Rosacea is a frequently diagnosed condition that may need both medical and esthetic care. Learn about rosacea and its medical treatments, as well as the causes of sensitivity and reactivity. Learn what you can do to help your client calm the skin, reduce redness, and prevent reactivity. We will show actual case studies, and explain time-tested, step-by-step practical approach to helping these clients have calmer, more beautiful skin.

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Profitability, Pricing and Products:
The Three Critical Things That Make or Break a Spa
Bryan Durocher President Essentials Spa Consulting LLC, Durocher Enterprises
Your finances, people and product sales mean everything when seeking profitability. Put structures into place that set the ground rules for excellence, clear expectations and are replicated by everyone within your organization.
What your P & L and budget should really look like
Learn exactly how much you should be allocating to each area of your business and what to do if the numbers do not add up
Discover how to effectively break down your revenue vs. expenses from advertising to payroll, this segment covers it all
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Know what exactly should be in your job descriptions from financial goals, dress codes,dispensary policies, meetings, advanced education, and client policies specific to their positions. High volume retail sales are absolutely imperative for profitability and long term
success of a Medical or Day Spa. In today’s competitive market, owners must invest not only in the products and merchandise stocked on the shelves, but also properly ensure their staff is adequately trained in how to sell retail, so that the products move off the
shelves and into their clients’ hands. Learn to develop a staff into the ultimate retailing dream team.
Spa Business Conference
Massage Therapy education
tuesDAY APRIL 161:00pm – 2:15pm
Learn the Importance of “Viscosity + Glide=Control”
& the Role Science Plays
Bruce baltz VP of Education & Business Development
Bon Vital
Come and join Bruce Baltz explore product glide and control. See how the overuse of product will have a negative impact on your body mechanics, which in turn will have a direct correlation to your bottom-line. Learn some of the common ingredients and how they can enhance home care and better serve your clients.

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Medical Spa education
SunDAY APRIL 142:30pm – 3:45pm
Wellness Retail for the Medical Spa
Patti Biro Principal Patti Biro & Associates
Medical spas can boost profits and increase guest engagement by creating or expanding their retail operation to include lifestyle and wellness products. Your guests are buying these products already-so why not from you? This seminar will cover product selection, display, special event and recommendation strategies to help you transform your retail operation to a wellness boutique. Can you say added profit?

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Spa Business & Wellness education
sunDAY APRIL 14 2:30pm – 3:45pm
Cost Effective Spa Marketing
that Doesn’t Break the Bank
Bryan Durocher President
Essentials Spa Consulting LLC, Durocher Enterprises
Differentiating your services and product offerings is essential in an ever-crowded market place. Learn how to market, plan events, and network to build a successful spa business. Target marketing to your community to build the right client base Planning special events that drive service and retail sales Discover what technology can help you close premium service sales How to effectively cross market med spa services VIP programs that produce revenue and retain clients.

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