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Perfect For Beauty Schools and Salon Retail! Once in a Lifetime 5-Star Closeouts

Up for sale are the following products that are closeouts at unbelievable savings. Large quantities are available, and once they're gone they're gone. Perfect retail for your private salon retail, day spa, beauty supplies, back bar for beauty schools, etc.

Please contact us for quantities and prices!
04 oz Coco Mango Shower Gel Cream Rinse and Body Lotion - La Quinta Resort and Club

10oz Citrus Magnolia Conditioner - The Spa at Charleston Place

11.9 oz Magic Garden Bath Salts - Spa La Quinta

12 oz OVATION Color Therapy Shampoo

16 oz Tee Tree Bath Salts by Chaz Dean

2.4 oz The Sea Shampoo Body Lotion and Sea Salts - Hotel Del Coronado

4 oz Coco Mango Shampoo Body Lotion - Spa La Costa

04 oz Coco Mango Shower Gel Cream Rinse and Body Lotion - Spa La Costa

8 oz Tanology Bronzer with THERAPLEXIN

8.25 oz Conditioner & Body Lotion  - The Spa Rancho Valencia

8.25 oz of Lemongrass & Sage Shower Gel and Rosemary & Sage Conditioner  - Lodge at Torrey Pines

9 0z Shampoo Shower Gel & Body Lotion - La Quinta Resort & Club

9 oz Coco Mango Shower Gel - La Quinta Resort & Club

9 oz Magic Garden Shampoo Gel - La Quinta Resort and Spa

9oz Magic Garden Body Lotion - La Quinta Resort and Spa

17 oz Desert Nectar Conditioner - Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa

17 oz Magic Garden Shower Gel - La Quinta Resort and Spa

17 oz Mountain Air Bath Gel

17 oz Signature Shower Gel - Spa Esmeralda

17 oz. Magic Garden Shower Gel - La Quinta Resort & Club

35 oz Coco Mango Shampoo Gel - La Quinta Resort and Spa

35oz Coco Manago Shampoo Gel - La Quinta Resort and Spa

OVATION 12 oz Color Therapy Shampoo

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Get Scarlett Johansson's Opulent Red Hues

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Rebecca is available M - F 10am - 6pm est, toll free at 1-888-213-4744 or you can email her.
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Frankly My Dear, Your Hair Color is Stunning! 
Scarlett Johansson VF Cover ExampleCreating Scarlett Johansson's gorgeous cover look with Organic Color Systems.
Scarlett Johansson ignited the December 2011 cover of Vanity Fair with multi-faceted ruby tones streaming through her hair. The holistic exuberance of Scarlett's uncompromisingly timeless beauty is accentuated with youthful vitality of the pure reflections from the accents of her vibrant hair color. This work by Jessica Diehl, the Fashion and Style Director for Vanity Fair, stands as an archetypical paradigm of the exceptional results that Organic Color Systems is capable of.

After seeing the final work-product of this cover, I felt inspired to design and share some formulations around these rich colors using the Organic Color Systems non ammoniated color line. By mixing several of these formulations together and placing them in various combinations, your hair color can take on a natural beauty and reflection all to its own. Play with the creative possibilities whether it is your application, placement, or formulation but remember to always consider your starting level prior to your formulation choice.

For a multi-tonal color, pick at least 3 formulas to work through the entire head. Keep in mind that when choosing these color levels that if there are 2 levels between them, the result will be subtle in dimension while 3 or more level differences will result in more dramatic results.

Organic Color Systems Formulation Ideas:

Formula 1/ Base Color:
Red Hair Formula 1 
Deep Scarlett Red: 1/4  oz 4FR,  1/4  oz 7FR, 1/4 oz  6BC, 1/4 oz 6RC, 1/4  oz XBO, 1 1/4 oz 20 volume Cream Activator

Formula 2/ Base Color:
Red Hair Formula 2 
Lighted Scarlett hue: 1/4 oz 6RC, 1/4 oz 5GD, ¼  oz  XBO, 1/4 oz XBY, 1 oz 20 volume Cream Activator

Formula 3/ Mids and Ends:
Red Hair Formula 3 
Bright Copper Orange Pop:  1/2 7BC, 1/2 oz  6BC, 1/2 oz XBO, 1 1/2 oz 20 volume Cream Activator

Formula 4/ Mids and Ends:
Red Hair Formula 4 
Spicy Orange Copper: 1/2 oz 5RC, 1/2 oz  XBO, 1 oz 20 volume Cream Activator

Unleash your Flair!

Part hair from ear to ear separating the lower portion of the head from the top. Apply the base color (Formula 1) to the entire root area of the lower portion of the head, feathering slightly down random pieces of the mid-lengths and ends of hair.

Apply your base color (Formula 2) to the root area of the top portion of the head, feathering out slightly to the mid-length portion of the hair with some flickering through to the ends, until all of the root area of the head is covered.

After you have successfully applied the chosen root formula to the entire head, continue to work up the head form in a random circular pattern (See Diagram 1), starting at the right back corner. Apply (Formula 3 + 4) to the mid shaft and ends alternating between both formula choices in sections/panels (See Diagram 2). Place foil over the previous section to keep each colored section isolated from the previously colored hair. Continue moving upward on the head form, laying the foil in rotation and continuing to color the mids and ends alternating each formula choice. Also, randomly add in root base color (Formula 1 and 2) to these mids and end panels in your rotation, as you work your way up to the top of the head. This will add in some of the base root color chosen throughout your stunning new Scarlett color. Once you reach the top of the head continue to grab sections/panels pulling through your multiple color formulations until the entire head is saturated.
Hair Diagrams 
This technique is perfect for either bowl & brush or bottle application. Always consider density of hair in this color application technique.

With Organic Color Systems, you no longer have to pre-pigment your blondes and thus your sexy blondes are transformed to their new outrageous reds today in one simple step!

These warm, luscious reds are still hot for summer 2012 and with your own creativity you can take them to new heights of hotness! 
I hope this Tech Tip has been helpful.

Rebecca Gregory
Organic Salon Systems
888-213-4744 Ext: 202

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Thursday, June 21, 2012





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AVITUS GROUP - A Family of Business Solutions


Let Avitus Group handle your administrative hassles

Avitus Group proud Platinum Sponsor of the Harms/Millennium Experience Conference

Countless salons and spas are using Harms Millennium Software, a quality salon software program, to help run their business with ease. With the same idea in mind, we invite your business to use Avitus Group for all of your administrative details. Avitus Group takes care of all of the back office hassles so you can focus on growing your business. We help with things like bookkeeping, payroll, human resources and much more.

We are a proud sponsor of the upcoming Harms/Millennium Experience Conference in Miami. We hope to see you there. Please stop by our booth for more information. 

Avitus Group Services:
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With locations across the United States, Europe and Canada, we are ready to help any salon. For more information, please visit our website or give us a call at 800-454-2446.

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Millennium Software "Experience"


 JUNE 24–26, 2012

Previously known as the Millennium USER GROUP CONFERENCE, THE EXPERIENCE will certainly take it to the next level. We guarantee that it will be one of the best conferences you've been to — and it's our 25th anniversary! General Session shows, great guest speakers, jam-packed education, a party AND a sneak peek of the FUTURE. We guarantee the future will blow your mind! Fun, inspiration and knowledge.

Millennium Salon & Spa Software is the number one software in the beauty industry. Designed specifically to grow your business Millennium software puts all the metrics vital to growth at the forefront.

The Millennium software suite is built to address all of your unique business needs. The award winning software has been designed to help your business grow. So whether you're looking to motivate your front desk staff at a salon/spa OR need to provide your students the competitive edge at cosmetology school; Millennium has exactly what you are looking for.

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Every hairdresser gets inspired by collection photos distributed from one corner of the world to another.

But there is a step further. Young hairdressers can get inspired by travelling to salons somewhere in the world, being a trainee. A real career booster.
Imagine how much motivation a young hairdresser from Paris can bring into your salon in Sweden. But how to find a young motivated talent?


Imagine how much knowledge and spirit you can win, by visit a salon in a foreign county?
Stay for a while, gain knowledge, learn skills and get back to your hometown as a new hairdresser. But how to find a salon in Frankfurt or California to stay with?

SHARE your CHAIR is free of charge for salon owners and Students. This site can be the trainee / experience source of the future. Salon owner and young hairdressers can post their wishes or search directly.
Finding each other. No fee, no invoice. The site is free of costs. We do run this worldwide service with exclusive industry companies.

Where is the name come from?
Every hairdresser is working behind the chair for consultation.
But if you do look at the word chair differently it sounds like Share. It does.

• Share your passion
• share your motivation
• SHARE YOUR CHAIR - getting knowledge and experience instead.

DU - the word “du” is like “todo - do it- do it now on an international leve

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Salons Offering a Menu of Pre-Selected Looks

I’ll Have Hot Toddy Hair and Tyra Brows

Donna Alberico for The New York Times

At, Uni K Wax Centers stencils are an educational tool for the waxers.

MANY women go to a salon to relax, but I find the experience exhausting. It’s not just the time-consuming appointments. It’s the vast array of products and services available and the decisions to be made about them, usually while I’m frantically tapping out office e-mails or on a cellphone conference call, pretending to be at my desk.

The new Fekkai Summer Style Blow Out Bar at the Frédéric Fekkai Fifth Avenue salon.
For the hair: flippy ends or stick-straight? For the brows: thick or thin? For the nails: classic red or tangerine tango? Most often I mutter, “Just do whatever you want,” with sometimes disheartening results.

The beauty industry has sensed my weariness. In the last few months, quick-service hair, makeup and nail salons have opened in New York and other cities, each with a very limited list of pre-chosen looks illustrated with photographs (and often cutely named). It’s a sort of pick-one-from-column-A menu to which clients can point, say “I’ll have that” and then get back to their texting. 

At Blushington Beauty and Makeup Lounge in West Hollywood, Calif., ose from seven makeup styles, illustrated in a book in which the same model wears each one, from the bronzed Simply Glowing to the winged-out eyeliner of Cutting Edge. 

The London nail-art bar Nailporn offers a dozen custom-painted manicures. At Gotham Beauty Lounge near Bryant Park in New York, there are four makeup options: Manhattan Mineral (light and natural), Lady Gotham (sophisticated daytime), Gotham Glam (smoky nighttime eyes) and the Marquee (for those going on camera). 

Yana Paskova for The New York Times
The new Fekkai Summer Style Blow Out Bar at the Frédéric Fekkai Fifth Avenue salon.
The quick-decision factor isn’t the only appeal. With the guesswork removed, clients ignorant of trends can be sure they are getting an up-to-date look. And the limited variables keep the services fast and relatively affordable. For example, at the new Fekkai Summer Style Blow Out Bar at the Frédéric Fekkai Fifth Avenue salon, clients can get one of five signature blowouts for $50; a standard Fekkai blowout is usually $65 to $85, depending on hair length. 

One fan of these businesses is Caprice Crane, a novelist, television writer and screenwriter who lives in New York and Los Angeles. When she’s feeling lazy in either city, she drops by Drybar, a blow-dry outfit that’s an originator of the menu idea (it has an illustrated booklet of style options named after cocktails). Drybar opened in Brentwood, Calif., in 2010 and is to open its 15th store this week, in Westlake Village, Calif.
“I just go in and cross my fingers,” said Ms. Crane, who is in her 30s. She usually orders the Cosmo (loose curls) or the Mai-Tai (beachy waves) and gets predictable results no matter which coast she’s on.
“There is a little bit of difference” between the stylists’ techniques, she said. “There has to be. They’re not robots. But usually they can get it in the general area of what you’re looking for.” 

And some customers are willing to pay handsomely for predictability. 

At Vênsette, a New York service begun by Lauren Remington Platt that starts at $250 for day packages and $325 for evening packages, the signature looks are as much a selling point as is convenience. 

Book an appointment online and click one of the eight makeup choices (among them, Sunkissed, C.E.O., Cat) and seven hairdos (Audrey, Siren). Like a glamorous pizza-delivery service, Vênsette will dispatch to your home a beauty professional it has trained for “flawless consistency,” according to the Web site, to “guarantee the highest quality experience, no matter which team member arrives at your doorstep.”  the TLC television series “What Not to Wear.” Plug in your skin tone, hair color and eye color, and the app explains how to achieve any of 10 faces: Black Tie has bold lips and big lashes; Holiday Party metallic highlights. 

 Most of these services are in the affordable-luxury range. Drybar blowouts are $35 or $40; a Blushington full-face makeup application is $40. For $35, Bb. StylingBar at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street store will create a Downtown Updo, Uptown Updo or other style from its touch-screen look book. At Barrett’s Braid Bar inside the plush John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman, braids start at $45. 

For salons, the established choices are good for business. When Uni K Wax Centers, a Florida chain, began franchising in 2007, the company added a $25 service called Celebrity Brows. Customers select a shape from photos of 30 stars, including Tyra Banks and Vanessa Williams; waxers use plastic stencils to recreate the star’s arch and thickness. 

The stencils are, as much as anything, an educational tool for the waxers. 

“You can train people to do legs or bikinis all the same way,” said Noemi Grupenmager, Uni K Wax’s founder and chief executive. “But eyebrows are a very personal skill.” 

Ordering up another woman’s eyebrows seems mechanical to me, especially if every other client is having what you’re having. At the three Uni K Wax Centers in New York, about 80 percent of the Celebrity Brow customers choose the same celebrity: Catherine Zeta-Jones — because her brows are, well, middlebrow.
“They don’t have much of an arch, and they’re between thick and thin,” Ms. Grupenmager said. “They are nothing very special.” 
Monica Almeida/The New York Times

Blushington Beauty and Makeup Lounge in West Hollywood, Calif.

 The cookie-cutter feeling was in full effect recently when I bellied up to Drybar and ordered up a poufy Hot Toddy (the only style on the menu for shorter hair like mine). Around me, every Rapunzel-haired customer seemed to have chosen the same Cosmo curls. I pointed this out to my stylist, who charmingly agreed. “It’s like a little hair factory,” she said. 

Of course, patrons aren’t forced to conform to the menus — there’s plenty of customizing and substitution. Still, it’s only a short leap to imagine a party full of socialites in the same Vênsette Grace Kelly red lips and Oscar French twist, and from there an entire nation of look-alikes with nothing-special eyebrows. 

Carmindy, of the makeup app, calls her highlighting technique being “Carmindized,” and at Gotham Beauty Lounge, I overheard a stylist pronounce to another customer, “You’ve been Gothamized!” Do women really want to be -ized? 

Even some proprietors are skeptical of the uniformity they offer. 

At a press event when Nailporn opened in April, its owner, Sophy Robson, was surprised to find the beauty-editor guests picking the same manicure: animal-print spots on a pink-to-peach ombré background.
“Girls are funny like that,” Ms. Robson said. “A lot of them are happy to have the same thing as their friend. Personally, I’m the exact opposite. I want something different.”

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Be More Intelligent - Attend PBA Symposium July 21-24

PBA Symposium
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PBA Symposium is developed for salon professionals and designed to offer the wisdom to advance your career and the beauty industry through education, networking and powerful research tools for your business.
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How to chalk black hair

How To... Get Creative With Hair Chalking

We went to some of the top hair colorists in the country to get tips on how to chalk your hair. If you have black hair, you'll want to use vibrant shades of chalk to make the color stand out. 
How to chalk black hair

Rick Wellman is widely recognized as one of the most talented and innovative colorists. His experience spans more than 20 years, during which time he has become a key figure in the world of hair coloring. In 2007, Wellman teamed up with stylist Patrick Melville to open the Patrick Melville Salon at Rockefeller Center where they now welcome a loyal clientele including: Brooke Shields, Mariska Hargitay, Harry Connick, Jr. and Catherine Zeta Jones among others. Wellman offers these tips for chalking black hair.

Step 1: Wash hair

Shampoo hair with a clarifying shampoo. Skip the conditioner. Towel dry and comb out tangles.

Step 2: Pick your colors

Hair chalking on dark black hair is a fun way to give strands an artistic, temporary color kick. Pick one or more vibrant colors of soft pastel chalk from your local art supply.

Hair chalkingStep 3: Get creative

Apply chalk heavily to selected damp strands focusing near the ends in an artistic fashion where desired. Steer away from hair chalking at the root or scalp.

Step 4: Be patient

Allow to air dry. Do not blow dry, as that will blow chalk off of strands and into the air.

Step 5: Seal the color

Once hair is 90 percent dry, seal chalked strands with a hot flat iron several times until completely dry, locking chalk onto the hair.

Step 6: Flaunt it

Now you are ready to go out for the weekend and flaunt your locks, but make sure to avoid getting caught in the rain and wearing white. Cobalt blue chalk looks crazy exotic on dark pigments. Hair chalking on dark black hair will only last two to three shampoos at most.

Hair chalking tutorial video

Check out Kandee Johnson's video tutorial on how to get into the hair chalk trend. Kandee has black hair and her chalking looks fabulous.

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Surreal Relaxation Environment – Atomic Spa Suisse by Simone Micheli

Created to stimulate both mind and body perceptions by displaying a series of intricate designs, the Atomic Spa Suisse uses materials, colors and light to create a unique atmosphere, adapted to the need for a metaphysical experience. The fascinating bubble-filled interiors of this spa were designed by Italian architect Simone Micheli as part of the Exedra Milan Hotel for Boscolo Hotels in Milan, Italy. By immersing yourself in this surreal, comforting environment, the mind and body escape from everyday struggle into a place where dynamic shapes set the tone for an experience totally different from any other.

As soon as one reaches the reception area, a fluid world opens up to swallow the senses and treat them to the highest dynamic, surreal luxury. All the other spaces were designed to become part of this sensory world, where body, mind and spirit go through different stages of relaxation and mind-blowing experience for the senses. The spa includes spaces like Turkish baths, amazing showers, relaxation areas, a large swimming pool with fascinating water effects and hydro-massage jets, “humid” area with sauna, treatment rooms and changing rooms. Are you ready for this out-of-this-world experience?

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