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It's Not Really About the Hair ~ The Honest Truth About Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty

Tabatha Coffey, star of the hit Bravo reality show Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, shares her compelling life story with fans, revealing not only the events that have made her so outspoken, but the personal tenets that have contributed to her success and kept her centered and thriving with each new challenge and opportunity.

Book Description
Fans of the hit Bravo show Tabatha's Salon Takeover tune in for the straight-shooting, unvarnished commentary of its ballsy, stylish, and savvy star. Though millions admire Tabatha Coffey's unflinching honesty and never-say-die attitude, some do not and have even taken to name-calling. Refusing to let others define her, she has reclaimed the word "bitch," transforming it to fit the person she is: Brave, Intelligent, Tenacious, Creative, and Honest.

In It's Not Really About the Hair, this deeply private woman shares the experiences of her own life to encourage you to get in touch with your own inner bitch. Tabatha reveals how she used her strength and openness to help define her signature look, personal relationships, life choices, and tenacious work ethic—one that in her own words likens her to "a pit bull with a bone." Here are the people and the circumstances that have led her to a place of honesty, self-assurance, satisfaction, and success—from her tough-minded mum to her famous mentors, her peers, and clients.

Part memoir, part business manual, and part coaching guide on achieving self-acceptance and love, It's Not Really About the Hair teaches you that it's all right to be who you are, stand up for what you believe in, and do what makes you happy without being defined by others.

Tabatha Coffey's raw, funny, shocking, and always inspirational story will encourage you to celebrate the long-lasting and most important beauty of all—the true beauty that is you.

Harper Collins

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Tabath Coffey talks Season 3 and Stripper Poles

 Tabatha Coffey talks Season 3 and stripper poles
Reality TV host and celebrity hairstylist Tabatha Coffey is still surprised when she walks into a new salon, even as her Bravo show “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover” enters its third season.
“I walked away from season one and thought I had pretty much seen everything,” she told CNN. “I walked away from season two and thought, ‘Wow, nothing can shock me at this point.’”
But that was before season three filming started, and she walked into a salon with a stripper pole.
Already a noted stylist and salon owner, Coffey generated buzz for her deft styling skills and no-nonsense attitude on the reality competition “Shear Genius” in 2007. She has since taken her brutal honesty to salons across the country as the host of her own show. And Ms. Coffey isn't known for mincing words.
“What you see is definitely what you get,” she said. “The part that you’re seeing when I’m going into salons ... is me in work mode.”
Along with the stripper pole, season three is slated to bring more crying (the notoriously prickly stylist said she would rather suffer through a hug than deal with weepy salon employees), a team building exercise in the Mohave Desert on what Coffey called “one of the hottest days of the year,” plus a surprise sleepover when Coffey spent the night at a salon owner’s house to put a stop to family drama. Coffey said the pajamas she wore for the intervention mark one of the few times fans get to see her not wearing the trademark color of professional hairstylists: Black.
“If you walk into my wardrobe, it’s kind of hilarious. It’s a sea of black,” she said.
Although Coffey is wary of declaring she has seen it all during her time on the show, she’s seen quite a lot more than she ever thought she would.
“If there is a season four,” she said, “I’m sure I won’t be shocked by anything.”

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New Years Eve hair tips from Agnes Orseno with Charles Ifergan Salons.

With New Year's Eve quickly approaching, Chicago's fashionistas are often seeking the perfect venue, cocktail dress and heels to rock the night away. To make the first night of 2011 complete, Charles Ifergan Salons Artistic Director, Agnes Orseno, is pleased to offer a plethora of helpful tips on how the glam on a budget can look their best for ringing in the New Year. Agnes suggests you follow the below simple steps for flawless looks --
Much "to do" about Glamour | Orseno suggests a "to do" list should be established at least a week in advance. This should include all of the basics that make a glamorous hair-do complete. From hair color maintenance, a hair cut, shopping for necessary accessories including hairpins to looking through magazines for a game plan on the right New Year's Eve look - there's a lot of planning that goes into the perfect locks.
Primp and Prep | Orseno advises to shampoo hair the night before if planning for an up-do style. For those with shorter to mid-length hairstyles, shampoo in the morning and blow dry with light mousse to ease the styling process.
Up, Up, Up and Away Up Dos | Tease hair upside down then tie hair gently with a rubber band leaving some pieces out to soften the look. Tease the hair outside the ponytail, once again, for a "pineapple" effect, or curl individual pieces and pin them for a formal look.
Luscious Long Hair | Flip hair upside down and spray with product. Wrap bigger sections around a curling iron in the back and smaller section in the front to create a wavy sensuous style.
Marvelous Mid-Length Hair | Tease hair upside down. Flip head back, comb gently in place and spray it for a long lasting look. Adding a teasing effect to everyday style or even a headband will give a more festive finish.
Sexy Short Styles | Tease hair upside down and spray. Then flip head back, comb hair gently back in place and add a sparkly hair clip or embellishment to dress up for the occasion.
Charles Ifergan Salons are known as Chicago's premier salons and they pride themselves on being the best of the best. For additional tips and styles from this Chicago staple, visit

Chicago Now

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Mizutani Scissors ~ Gun Metal Black shears Large

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Kirsten Dunst Debuts New Bangs

Kirsten Dunst
Add capKirsten Dunst shows off her new bangs. Photo: Jonathan Alcorn, Zuma Presstion

Looks like Kirsten Dunst gave herself an early Christmas present this year -- the gift of blunt bangs. The actress debuted her bangin' new hairdo at a private screening for her film "All Good Things" in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Dunst, who chopped her wavy locks into a bob hairstyle over the summer, follows in the footsteps of well-coiffed trendsetter Kate Moss. The supermodel-designer turned heads in October when she debuted her own set of blunt bangs at Bryan Ferry's album release party.

If you're anxious to add some fringe to your tresses, but nervous about making the commitment, Urban Outfitters now offers an affordable option with a line of clip-in bangs. Retailing for just $30, these easy hair extensions are made of 100% human hair and come in a variety of shades to match your personal hue.

Follow the steps in the video below to learn how to properly place your bangs and voila, you have a fun new look in a flash!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Hair Cutting Scissors - Kelly Cardenas [Review]

Shiro Shears is seeking qualified individuals who have an aptitude for Promoting Products and Outside Sales >>>>>

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by Bilal ARSLAN hair design show special

Holiday Party Hairstyles - Christmas and New Years Hairdos

Holiday party hairstyles for Christmas and New Years Eve parties - curly hairstyles
for short and long hair, easy chignons with accessories and half updos and how to curl hair
with your flat iron!

Tyra Bakns Hairstyle for Holiday Party

It's always fun to experiment and alternate the look of you hair and what better excuse
that the party season for trying something different?
If it's specifically a Christmas celebration you'd like ideas for everyone, from the most
intricate creations to simple, no-fuss styling chignon glammed up with a pretty accessory

Christmas Party Updo Hairstyles

Holiday Party Hairstyles For Christmas and New Years Eves
Curls and Waves

Sexy curls and waves are undoubtedly as great party look, they are versatile and
sassy and can be personalized and adapted to suit almost any hair type or length.
Simply take section of hair, place between the plates of a narrow flat iron and turn
the appliance 180 degrees before running down the hair, curling around in the same
way as a piece of ribbon.
For more defined curls, use rollers or tongs small to medium size sections of hair
and glam up with glitzy clips and accessories.

Formal Christmas Hairstyles
Short Christmas New Years Party Hairstyles

Pump up the volume!

If you thought the oversized clutch was the accessory of the season, think again.
It's the big bouffant styles rocking the red carpet and catwalk that are making a big
on the party circuit!
Take a large section of hair from the back of the crown, gently back-comb the roots,
spritzing with hairspray. Once you have the right body, smooth over the back-combed


Bows, clips, headbands - accessories add interest to a hairstyle. Don't be dragged into 
following accessory fads, though. Quirky hair adornments may look great on the catwalk
but they may not suit you! So keep it simple and subtle and test accessories out with
different outfits.
On shorter hair - remember not to let your 'detail' take over your look; it should only
be a feature of your style. If you decide to use accessories, make sure you keep 
them subtle and avoid over-fussy curls.
Fancy Updo Christmas Party Hairstyles

Keep it relaxed and stick to a strong parting, a flash of color or a small vintage clasp.

On longer hair - the more hair you've got to work with, the more detail you can do.
Hair swept back into a half updo and secured with a corsage - or combed in a strong
middle parting for a 70s vibe - look great on long hair, as do all kinds of accessories.
If you fancy an updo, go for a low slung bun or chignon.

Holiday Christmas Hairstyles Ideas for Long Hair
How to Look Great for Christmas


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Simple Elegant Hairstyles

Simple Elegant HairstylesCertain occasions inevitably require us to dress up and choose a hairstyle that is normally more elegant from what are used to wear. While it can be easy to assume that we must choose complex hairstyles in order to be able to match the occasion it does not necessarily have to be so. Simple and elegant hairstyles can help you feel gorgeous and get ready for the event a lot faster.

In the last couple of years many women have come to embrace the idea that sometimes less is truly more when it comes to hair styling. As a result formal hairstyles have become more diversified and less complex hairstyles have to come to be just as appreciated as more elaborate ones. Whether you like romantic hairstyles or you prefer a combination of modern and classic elements you can find hairstyles that match your preference if you know what to look for.

Loose hairstyles are a great choice for those who have relatively healthy tresses and who want to get a quick and simple hairstyle that will frame their features at the same time. Loose curly hairstyles are a great choice for those who want to add a little bit of natural volume and create an interesting hair texture without too much effort.

Katy Perry Side Curly HairstyleJennifer Lopez Wavy HairstyleCheryl Cole Wavy HairstyleSimple Formal Waves Hairstyle

Depending on the effect you are trying to get you can opt for loose messy curls or if you are in the mood for something a little more vintage you can use a triple barrel curling iron to get the result you are after. If you have naturally curly hair and you don't have time to tame your tresses for a more polished look braiding can be a simple yet extremely effective solution.

Making a simple ponytail look glamorous by creatively using a few simple styling skills is another idea that can be used when you are short on time yet you want to get a spectacular result. Adding a few curls at the bottom of the hair, using feminine hair accessories to be able to get a more eye catching result are just a few simple examples that can illustrate the multiple possibilities you have when it comes to creating an elegant look in a matter of seconds. The hair length is obviously the factor that most influences the choices you have but these ideas generally work well for shoulder length and long hair.

Elegant High PonyKim Kardashian High PonytailPonytail IdeasMila Kunis Simple Pony

If your idea of elegance involves half up/down hairstyles or classy updos, you might have to dedicate a little more time to styling than you would for loose hairstyles.

While not necessarily harder to create, these hairstyles often require additional time to create volume and place it adequately to get the desired results. Creating a bump hairstyle or a simple bun are by far the most obvious choices as they don't require any special styling skills. It goes without saying that these hairstyles can be customized even further by adding more elements such as braids or twists.

Half Up Half Down HairstylesHalf Updo HairstylesHalf Updo with BangsHalf Updo with Bump Hair

Pay attention to the overall structure as well as the placement of all the elements of the hairstyle you are trying to create is very important as it will affect the way your facial features are being emphasized. That's why if you have a long face it is best to opt for a side bun instead of a top knot for example. Similarly a side part can help you decrease the overall length of the face while also helping you add a distinctive element to your hairstyle.

Updo with Bump HairstyleLauren Conrad Updo Hairstyle
Photos courtesy of Getty Images
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4 Sexy Holiday Hair and Makeup Ideas to Try

The holidays are so not the time to rely on the same old boring beauty moves (we're talking to you, black smoky eye). Step it up for the season's festivities with a hot new hair and makeup look. Need inspiration? Check out these celebs for a few sexy holiday hair and makeup ideas.

Gabrielle Union
Hair How-To: For Union's shiny, bouncy curls deep condition your hair the night before so it's extra glossy. Blow-dry your with a round brush then use a large curling iron, rolling hair around the barrel in one direction and then again in the other direction. Once you're done, mist everything with a lightweight shine spray.

Makeup Tip: Give your regular smoky eye a sultry holiday upgrade by using metallic shadows. Use a dark blue or purple for shading and lining and highlight your brow bones and inner corners with a champagne color. Check out the Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow collection ($20 each) for a slew of stunning options.

Kate Bosworth

Hair How-To: Party hair doesn't have to be complicated or stiff to look sophisticated. Case in point: Kate Bosworth's pretty low side ponytail. Create a deep side part then wrap your hair around a 1-inch curling iron. Loosely everything under one ear and secure with a clear elastic. Leave some pieces loose around your face.

Makeup Tip: When sporting a bold red lip, take a cue from Bosworth and keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum — gorgeous skin and a touch of mascara are all you need.

Hilary Swank

Hair How-To: Yet another example how a regular ponytail can look a whole lot sexier with a few tweaks. For Swank's glam version, tease your roots, but keep the sides sleek when you pull your hair back into a tight, mid-level pony. Mist the length of the tail with a shine spray to keep your hair smooth. We like Oscar Blandi Olio Di Jasmine Shine Spray, $22.

Makeup Tip: When it comes to matching your eye shadow to your dress, it's easy to go overboard. The trick is to keep it to subtle, with either a hint of bright liner or a pop of color on the lids.

Blake Lively

Hair How-To: Take a cue from the Gossip Girl star and weave your hair into a low, loose side braid. Let your shorter pieces fall around your face and don't worry if some strands stick out of the plait.

Makeup Tip: The easiest way to make your eyes look big and bright is to blend a bit of pearly white shadow or highlighter in the inner corners, like Lively did here. Try BeneFit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Ice Shot, $19.

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The intricate design, the attention paid to detail, the elaborate patterns and colours...we Are not talking about wallpaper here people, this is all about hair! Unless your hairstyle is extremely out there, you may have never experienced the ooohs and ahhhs of onlookers with their eyes fixed on your tresses.
ANGELO SEMINARA of Trevor Sorbie Hair Salon is not only accustomed to getting attention for his inventive looks, he thinks outside of the box to create hairstyles that onlookers can’t stop staring at.
Behold Angelo’s canvas-the head! Also behold one of his latest collections, GAME; one can see the art behind the images and the detail that is required to create something so beautiful. With hairstyles like these, who wants to wash their hair?
What does Angelo has to say about his work?
*I love combining art with hairdressing, and so this new tinting technique was a natural development for me to achieve the results I really wanted. I wanted to create something really revolutionary for this collection, and for the overall spirit of the pictures to be like fine art drawings - soft, beautiful and ethereal. My vision for the girls was to create gorgeous astral dolls!*
Angelo Seminara, International Creative Director, Trevor Sorbie

The natural world inspired this collection where snakes, mackerel, reptiles and birds are more the obvious choice for attire, but somehow Angelo makes it work for hair!

The detail in this hairstyle is amazing. Angelo captures the look of the *wild* perfectly.

Hard to believe this is actual hair and not skin from a reptile. This might not typically be the sort of hairstyle one will wear on a jaunt down the street but when evening comes if you want to be all eyes on you, go GAME!


Hair: Angelo Seminara, International Creative Director, Trevor Sorbie
Make-up: Laura Dominic
Stylist: Leticia Dare
Products: Trevor Sorbie Professional Salon X-Clusive
Photos: Andrew O’Toole


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by Bilal ARSLAN hair design show special

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Last minute Christmas gift ideas - the perfect stocking fillers

Last minute Christmas gift ideas - the perfect stocking fillers

So compact they fit in you're handbag, perfect for travel or on-the-go touch ups.
The VS Sassoon miniPRO series is the perfect stocking filler for style on the go

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NARS for Marc Jacobs Autumn/Winter 10 Fashion Week

Pure Matte Lipstick

Holiday Glow NARS Cosmetics Nail Polish

Holday Glow NARS Cosmetics Holiday Candles

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Signature Hair: Orlando Pita Whether it's a messy bouffant or an undone bun, Pita loves to mess with perfection.


Allure photo shoot, October 2007

"This is one of my favorite Allure shoots. We did '50s, '60s, and '70s. It's inspired by Richard Avedon photographs. For the '70s, I was inspired by Bianca Jagger and the Studio 54 days. It's a little more glammed up. I put a lot of extensions in and gave her that '70s set hair." 
 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner on the cover of W, January 2010

"She had very strong bangs, but the photographer didn't want them. He wanted her to look a little more glamorous and high fashion—not so much the sweet woman that she is. Usually celebrities don't like you to use glue, but before you knew it, I had glue in her hair and stuck [extensions] in the front around her face. It was kind of a modern interpretation of Lauren Bacall."
 Derek Lam ad

Derek Lam ad

"The hair is teased, and it goes back into a French twist. I took out some of the pieces in the front and made it a little undone, because she's supposed to be at the beach

Derek Lam ad

"The hair is teased, and it goes back into a French twist. I took out some of the pieces in the front and made it a little undone, because she's supposed to be at the beach



Derek Lam ad

"The hair is teased, and it goes back into a French twist. I took out some of the pieces in the front and made it a little undone, because she's supposed to be at the beach

Derek Lam ad
"The hair is teased, and it goes back into a French twist. I took out some of the pieces in the front and made it a little undone, because she's supposed to be at the beach."

Madonna "Ray of Light" album, 1998
"When Madonna walked in, she said, 'Orlando, I don't want to sit in your chair for more than 15 minutes.' So I said, 'We haven't seen your natural wavy hair in a long time, so let's go with that.' I just took a curling iron and went over a few bits. It wasn't so done up, and you don't see Madonna like that very often. You always saw her really worked on—the makeup, the hair, the outfit, and everything."
 Christian Dior Couture, winter 2010/2011
Christian Dior Couture, winter 2010/2011
"The show was inspired by flowers, and the hair was inspired by flower buds. We wrapped mesh forms around Styrofoam balls. Each one took at least an hour to create—and that was for the people who knew how to do it."
 Christian Dior Couture
Christian Dior Couture, spring 2010
"The idea was eighteenth-century, Marie Antoinette hair. I love that it looks very contemporary, yet there's also something '60s about it; it looks like the beehive could have come from this."

 Christian Dior Couture

Christian Dior Couture, spring 2004
"John [Galliano] asked for a square hairdo—and then the horror and panic seeped in. It was a lot of hot glue, hair extensions, and burning of the fingertips."

 Give the gift of Allure and get a second gift - FREE!


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