Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Blow Dry Bars: The Beauty Industry’s Hottest Affordable Luxury Trend

Blow Dry Bars: The Beauty Industry’s Hottest Affordable Luxury Trend

Any woman can tell you that her hair can make or break her mood. A great hair day can make a blah day better and a bad hair day can ruin even the happiest of events. Until recently, however, salon-worthy hair was limited to those with an appointment or deep pockets, with an a la carte salon blowout often running in the $65 to $80 range.

Enter salons like Drybar and Blo, both U.S.-based chains specializing in “blowouts,” simple treatments that wash and style client’s hair for a fraction of the cost of a regular salon. Much like manicure/pedicure “spas,” these specialized salons remain profitable by offering a limited service menu but a high-quality product.
The concept has, in recent years, become wildly popular, allowing salon-goers to attain styles ranging from sleek and straight to curly, beachy, or even evening-ready for around the same cost as a pedicure, between $30 and $40 dollars. This affordable luxury has drawn a cult following from Manhattan to Los Angeles and everywhere in-between.

We visited the Toronto location of Blo several weeks ago and the newest location of Drybar this past weekend to test the phenomena for ourselves. At each, we asked for a volumized, curly ‘do that would take us from office to outing. At Blo, we booked a “Holly Would,” described as “fun and flirty with plenty of curl and bounce.” Our stylist washed and dried our hair, using round brushes to hold in the volume while we nibbled on gratis treats and flipped through a magazine. She explained how the salon is often packed as early as the 7 AM opening when visitors would arrive for their twice-weekly pre-work appointments. Two days later, we were sad to wash away the results.

At the newly-opened Drybar in Bethesda, Md., we were awed by the salon’s white and yellow interior. The cheery, airy space had been designed down to the last inch to cater to the professional yet stylish woman, from the snacks for purchase (everything from rice crackers to sour gummies) to the iPod docks next to each station. Here, we chose the “Cosmo-Tai” a mix between their curly Cosmo style and their more messy Mai Tai. As our stylist worked their magic on our hair, we chatted with Alli Webb, the salon’s owner and founder, who told us that D.C. had been the salon’s biggest opening yet. New openings in Murray Hill and Phoenix have also happened this month.

A recent article in the New York Post also explored this “dry” salon trend, stating that women have become so obsessed with the concept that they are spending upwards of $10,000 a year to look and feel like a celebrity.

We’ve loved our experiences (and the results) but can’t ever think we’d go quite THAT extreme with our beauty habit. But we’d love to hear from you… are blow dry bars a great new beauty trend or a passing luxury-for-less fad?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fated to Frizz

Q. Why does some hair frizz when it’s humid?

A. Counterintuitively, your hair may be too dry when it meets humid air, suggested Dr. Andrew Avarbock, a dermatologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. 

“Hair is composed primarily of lipids, water and a protein called keratin, important for hair strength and structure,” Dr. Avarbock said. “Alterations in these components affect the quality of hair. People with dry hair are the ones who mainly experience the frizz in humid weather. When it’s humid outside, dry or porous hair soaks up the excess water in the air, which alters interactions between keratin proteins.” 

The outcome is swelling of the hair and breaks in its outer layer, called the cuticle, he said, resulting in the appearance of frizz. 

“If hair is well moisturized, then environmental changes, such as in humidity, will have less impact on it,” Dr. Avarbock said. 

Some kinds of hair are more prone to becoming frizzy, he said, including hair damaged by overheating, chemicals for coloring and permanent waves or vigorous brushing. Overuse of shampoos and alcohol-based gels and sprays also promotes drying. 

Hair products that moisturize the hair, like conditioners, can help prevent frizz, as can more gentle treatment over all. Both hair and skin “need moisturizer to maintain water content for an optimal appearance,” Dr. Avarbock said. C. CLAIBORNE RAY


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

ZaraWigs Asks: Are You A Stylist? Do You Know One?

News, Updates and Latest Articles

Glueless Lace Wig & Frontal Application

Many clients are reluctant to use adhesives to apply their full lace wig, partial hair replacement unit, or lace frontal. If you have biological hair, around the hairline, you may be a candidate for a glueless lace wig application using a sew in technique, or link-clip technique.

Our partner stylists can apply your unit without adhesive, allowing you to wear it up to 6-8 weeks without reapplication. Call now to schedule a consultation, to see if glueless application is the solution for you.
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Are You A Stylist? Do You Know One?
Many Zara Wigs customers are looking for stylists that can help them with lace wig application, cut-ins and styling. If you're a stylist, drop us an email and let us know your skills and expertise. If you know a stylist, let us know and we will get in touch with them.

Zara Wigs Sells Weaving Hair & Closures!
Featured Video: Using Olive Oil & Conditioner

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SalonCentric Purchases Another Distributor

SalonCentric Purchases
Another Distributor

Acquisition Provides Significant Expansion of SalonCentric’s
Service in Northeast
L’Oréal USA, announces the acquisition of the operations of Emiliani Enterprises Inc.  Emiliani Enterprises is a full-service, family-owned wholesale distributor headquartered in Union, New Jersey.

This acquisition will provide L’Oreal USA’s professional salon distribution operation, SalonCentric, with coverage in the metropolitan New York area as well as New Jersey and parts of Connecticut, bringing the distribution operation coverage now to 48 states. Emiliani Enterprises has 15 professional-only stores, close to 370 employees and is the leading professional products distributor in the region.

“We are very pleased to welcome Emiliani Enterprises to SalonCentric,” said Paul Sharnsky, President of SalonCentric. “They are an icon in the industry. Their commitment to the professional salon industry—and their total focus on stylists—is second to none. Emiliani Enterprises shares SalonCentric’s strong values for providing the best education and quality products, ensuring the success of salon professionals. In addition, they will provide us with needed coverage in the New York metropolitan area.”

“We’ve built our business and reputation over the years by focusing on one simple strategy: total dedication to serving our salons,” noted Carl Galasso, President and Chief Operating Officer, Emiliani Enterprises. “We are totally committed to making sure that every one of our customers is satisfied orwe’re not satisfied. SalonCentric has that same passion so this was a natural step towards taking our business to the next level.” Carl Galasso has been with the company over 25 years.

Emiliani Enterprises has been in the salon business since it was first founded as a barber supply business by James Emiliani in 1954. James Emiliani immigrated to the US from Sicily in 1951. In 1962, with his brother Domenic joining the business, Emiliani Enterprises broadened into beauty supplies. Since that time, three generations of the family have contributed to the success of the company. 

Emiliani Enterprises is the ninth acquisition for SalonCentric which also includes Beauty Alliance, CB Sullivan, Columbia Beauty Supply, Maly’s West, Maly’s Midwest, Marshall Salon Services, Idaho Beauty & Barber and Peel’s Salon Services. The acquisition of Emiliani Enterprises is expected to close by the end of the year.
About SalonCentricSalonCentric, headquartered in Largo, Florida, is the premier distributor of salon professional products in the U.S.  SalonCentric was created by L’Oréal USA in 2008 following a series of acquisitions that provided a strong store organization and distributor salon consultant network. Today, SalonCentric operates in 46 states and has more than 1,000 sales consultants and over 800 stores. SalonCentric leverages L’Oréal’s 100-year leadership in the professional salon products industry with the best practices of the regional distributors acquired to form SalonCentric. Our mission is to support and inspire salon professionals’ success by connecting them to the leading brands, the finest education, and innovative, value-added business solutions. Our commitment to the industry also extends to proactively fighting diversion, and protecting authorized channels of distribution. Brands distributed by SalonCentric include: Alterna, Bioelements, Bio Ionic, Bosley Professional, Creative Nail Design, Essie, Farouk, Framesi, Kaemark, Kenra, L’Oréal Professionnel, Matrix, MENSDEPT., Mizani, Moroccanoil, L’Anza, OPI, Pravana, Pureology, Redken 5th Avenue NYC, Sam Villa, Sexy Hair, Surface Hair and TIGI.   


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Popular Twist on Putting Hair in Its Place

SOME Americans travel to Tokyo for omakase sushi or karaoke. But three years ago, a few members of the Goody marketing department went there for, according to the company, “inspiration.”

Jonathan Player for The New York Times
Katie Snooks, the author of Katie’s Beauty Blog, demonstrates how to use the pins.

What they found, in a shop whose name they’ve forgotten, was an approximately four-inch-long hairstyling accessory that looked like the spine of a spiral-bound notebook. 

“It was in a plain cellophane bag with no how-to-use instructions,” said Catherine Arpey, a senior brand marketing manager at Goody. “We were wondering: ‘What is this thing? How do you use this?’ ” 

After some experimenting with lighter steel and a tighter coil, the souvenir inspired the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin, a metal double helix that works like a corkscrew to secure messy-on-purpose buns and topknots. It had its debut in the spring of 2010, in a dark and light shade ($5.99-$6.99 for two), and quickly became Goody’s No. 1 hair accessory, even outselling the ponytail elastic. (The elastic has since snapped back, but the Spin Pin is still in the top 10.) 

Now the Spin Pin has a twin. 

In July, Kim Taylor Bennett, 32, who works for Time Out London, started selling Kimby Springs, which resemble Goody’s hit accessory, albeit a bit shorter and only in black. Ms. Bennett said in a phone interview that she used similar spirals called Hair Scroos in the ’90s, buying them at the British drugstore Boots but could no longer find them. 

Googling helped her locate look-alikes in China. “I thought, ‘Why don’t I ship a ton out from China and sell them online just in the U.K.?’ ” she said. 

William P. O'Donnell/The New York Times

The Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin.
She designed simple blue-and-black packaging, labeled them a “hair taming device,” priced them at around $5 for two and said she had already received orders from the United States and Ghana through

Ms. Bennett isn’t worried that the product might not have been hers to put her nickname on. “I don’t know about patents,” she said. “I kind of hadn’t considered it. We’re all stealing from each other.” 

Indeed, it turns out that Betty Dain Creations, a salon apparel company known for its whimsical shower caps, also makes a similar hair twister. The company’s Corkscrew Pin was introduced a year and a half ago and is sold at Sally Beauty ($4.50 for two).“I’m not really sure too much what the differences are,” said Kristin Currey, regional account manager for Betty Dain. “We have a really good price point.” 

Patent lawyers said that the curlicue hair accessory most likely can’t be safeguarded in any of the usual ways, which is why it is being copied so widely around the world. Even if the original creators, perhaps a company in Japan or China, were to apply, they would probably be rejected (many countries have similar rules for patents). 

“I think this thing falls through the cracks of being protectable,” said Toni Tease, a patent lawyer in Billings, Mont. “Is it possible that someone might have filed with the copyright office? They might have, but in my experience, they’d have a tough time getting it through.” 

Michael Gallagher, a partner at Gallagher and Dawsey, a specialty intellectual property law firm in Columbus, Ohio, said, “Since it’s really nothing more than a corkscrew, and that’s been around forever, I would think the chance of anyone getting a patent on it would be fairly low.” 

According to Stan Chudzik, Goody’s senior industrial design engineer, the Spin Pin that he helped refine was more than just a corkscrew. “It’s a double helix with one spiral going in one direction and one going in the opposite,” he said. “Me being the geek that I am, it reminds me of a DNA structure.” 

Unlike DNA, however, it is not unique. And that’s just fine with Goody. 

“It would be hard for us to go after any competitors,” said Kim Hoelting, Goody’s vice president for marketing for beauty and style. “We told you the story of its origin.”

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The fine art of Antique Barber Chair Restoration

The Art

The fine art of Antique Barber Chair Restoration is a life long journey, filled with many twist and turns.  First there is the Hunt,   the calculated stalking and finally the uphoric capture and kill (buying the chair).  Second there is the trip home , driving, shipping, trucking and or freight forwarding it all boils down to getting your 350lbs prey  out of what ever basement, attic, storeroom or warehouse it’s been routing in for the last 70 years and into your home. All of which will require either a great deal of money or a ton of sweat equity on your part.  Third there is the cleaning and prep of your bounty.  The chair must be washed , skinned and disemboweled before being quartered and separated into fine groups.  Bearing in mind the old saying “A place for every thing and every thing in it’s place”  will serve you well.

Attention to detail is your only friend and will be a constant companion when frustration sets in.  Ok now your standing in front of the giant sinkhole that’s drinking money and your biggest nightmare has come true, the Koken, Emil J. Paidar or Theo A. Kochs antique barber chair that you thought was some amazing does not pump up and down (hydraulics are shot) and  your missing parts i.e. ankle rest, internal break and oh yes the allmighty headrest is long gone.  Yes you’ve guested it your up a creek without a paddle and that’s putting it nicely.  Time to spend the next 2 years hoping and waiting to find these needles in that great big haystack that we call the internet.

The Reality

Now that you’ve had this pet project in you basement for the last 3 years and your wife has demanded that you face facts that this chair was a big waste of time and money and it has to go you have 3 choices .  Find another dreamer, leave it out at night for the scrappers to fight with or call a professional.  Custom Barber Chair Restoration is going to come to your rescue with original parts for your chairs make and model.

Re-plating  the chairs metal finish will reclaim the original nickle or chrome.  Reupholster  of the original Naugahyde or a custom exotic animal skin in a period appropriate  style or design will transform you chairs look.   Re-dipping, reglazing or custom painting the ever familiar porcelain which was the signature of the time will revitalize your chair soul.   Finally one of our mechanics is going to overhaul  the hydraulics, locking mechanism  and tension recline,  in other words your chair will move and sound like a swiss watch. restarting your chairs heart.

Lastly the quality control team will bring all the elements of the build together and your vision will be factory finished for the Barber Shop,  Bronner Brothers international hair  Show or the family room enhancing your chairs value and allowing you to recoup value and pride in your new family heirloom.

Custom Barber Chair Restoration has two convenient locations Atlanta, Georgia operated by MrSidz, and New York City captained by your truly.  Cost and delivery time will vary for each project as some aspects of your custom built will require greater time and investment.  Our showrooms are open  by appointment only, we also have a online pressance at or  for phone support a service professional can be reached at  1-917-553-1619 for Buck or 1-404-587-2088 for Sid.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Save the date for Professional Beauty’s flagship event

Tuesday 23 October 2012
Professional Beauty London
24-25 February 2013ExCel, London
Show News
After the success of the Professional Beauty shows in Dublin and Manchester, next stop is London, where Professional Beauty’s flagship show attracting over 40,000 visitors will take place at ExCel - London, on 24&25 February 2013.
The World Spa Awards and the European Spa Convention have been brought together under one brand , along with a new online spa magazine.
Thalgo, leaders in marine beauty, introduce a UK first, with the revolutionary anti-ageing Eye Massage Mask, available for professional use only.
More Show News
Beauty brands think pink
23 October  2012
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the beauty industry has produced limited edition products to support the battle against breast cancer. Let’s have a look at what the brands have created to help charities raise money.
We’re fast approaching the season of jolliness and are getting an early start in spreading a bit of festive cheer by offering employers and recruiters a stocking full of special recruitment advertising offers.
Industry News
UK salons are losing out on digital marketing opportunities due to data capture omissions, recent research shows. According to Shortcuts Smarter Business Technology, a salon will typically hold on record just three email addresses for every twenty clients, or around 15%
French skincare brand Darphin built on its annual Partners of Excellence programme this year with the inaugural Spa of the Year, Salon of the Year and Therapist of the Year awards.

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