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Alila Villas Uluwatu Spa Resort in Bali

Hotel managers in tropical destinations mostly seem to know what they’re doing when planning an accommodation unit. Alila Villas Uluwatu is just one exquisite example of how to take advantage of astonishing natural surroundings. The resort sits on an elevated plateau along the southern coastline on the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, Indonesia and faces the restless ocean, offering unforgettable views.

Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali was designed by Singapore architectural firm WOHA and embraces environmentally sustainable design. The project consists of 84 pool villas overlooking the ocean. Each unit displays tasteful contemporary arrangements and decorations that are specific to the region.

Some of the facilities of this resort include a 24-hour gym with yoga, Spa Alila with 5 treatment villas, 50-metre swimming pool (despite its impressive size, surely no one really gets enough of it), a library, various meeting venues and wedding interiors.

When it comes to culinary delights, this is the place to be. Alila Villas Uluwatu presents three great options that will deal with your appetite. The first is a cabana by the cliff edge, which is perfect if you are after an informal romantic atmosphere, the second is CIRE, a contemporary western and the third- called The Warung- offers authentic wholesome Indonesian and Balinese cuisine.

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NAHA Avant Garde Finalists - Vote Now !

Vote for your NAHA favorite in Avant Garde   
Chris Vandehey      Chrystofer Benson   Jake Thompson        Julian Macius       Nicholas French
Chrystofer Benson's entry was completed with the assistance of Tawyna Nelson
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Island’s Genetic Quirk: Dark Skin, Blond Hair

In the Solomon Islands, about 10 percent of the dark-skinned indigenous people have strikingly blond hair. Some islanders theorize that the coloring could be a result of excess sun exposure, or a diet rich in fish. Another explanation is that the blondness was inherited from distant ancestors — European traders and explorers who came to the islands.

Sean Myles
About 10 percent of indigenous people in the Solomon Islands have a gene variant for blond hair.

But that’s not the case, researchers now report. The gene variant responsible for blond hair in the islanders is distinctly different from the gene that causes blond hair in Europeans. “For me it breaks down any kind of simple notions you might have about race,” said Carlos Bustamante, a geneticist at Stanford University. “Humans are beautifully diverse, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.” Dr. Bustamante and his colleagues published their findings in the current issue of the journal Science. The researcher analyzed saliva samples from more than 1,000 islanders, looking closely at a subset of the samples — from 43 blond and 42 dark-haired islanders. They were soon able to identify the single gene responsible for the variance in hair color. Called TYRP1, the gene is known to influence pigmentation in humans. The researchers also found that the variant of TYRP1 that causes blond hair in Solomon Islanders is absent in Europeans’ genomes. “Here you go into an unstudied population with a small sample size and you can really find some cool things,” Dr. Bustamante said. “So what about other places, like what about light pigmentation in parts of Africa? How do we not know the genetic basis of skin and hair pigmentations across the globe?” He and his team hope to raise more money to further analyze the Solomon Islands data.


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Introducing the next generation of argan oil - Moroccan Organics!

Organic Salon Systems
Changing Salons For The Better
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Introducing The Next Generation of
Moroccan Argan Oil Salon Treatments & Products
Moroccan Organics
Exclusively by Organic Salon Systems
Moroccan Organics Argan Oil - An Oasis for Your Hair 
Introducing Moroccan Organics, a revolutionary new argan oil treatment that utilizes leading-edge technology to extract argan tree root cellulose rather than its kernel oil. Clinical studies have shown that oil extracted with this method to be 7x - 10x more potent and effective than argan kernel oil alone. Moroccan Organics Argan Oil Treatment is a highly beneficial conditioning, styling, color-lock, and blow-drying oil that has been proven to cut blow-drying time by 70% or more.

In addition to using this innovative high-tech argan root cellulose, this oil and product line is packed with rich certified organic nutrients such as jojoba seed oil, rosemary, white willow bark, olive oil, camellia, comfrey root, lavender, aloe, and green tea extracts for optimal hair health.

The fragrances are an enticing bouquet of organic white willow bark extracts, subtly combined with organic apple pyrus, then accented by a balanced extract of both organic lemon and orange citrus.

Moroccan Organics is the world's first argan oil made with 100% certified organic ingredients sold exclusively to salons. The key active ingredient of this rich and precious dry hair oil is cellulose extract from argan tree root, which has been proven to be 7X - 10X more potent and effective than oil from argan kernels.  The cellulose extracts used in this oil are organically harvested from argan tree roots that have sustained environmental distress to harness the unique healing and restorative powers of argan trees.

The Moroccan Organics line is comprised of the certified organic Argan Oil Treatment, a Hair Mask that is a restorative hydrating treatment,  a nourishing Shampoo, a structural Conditioner, and a radiant, anti-frizz Hair Spray.

This professional-only product is exclusively available from Organic Salon Systems to licensed cosmetologists in the United States and Canada.  For more information check out the new Moroccan Organics website.  Please see below for a special introductory package!
Certified Organic Ingredients
Argan Root Cellulose
Intense Moisture & Repair
Aloe Extract
Anti-bacterial + Sebum Control
Comfrey Root
Green Tea Extracts
Jojoba Seed Oil
Lavender Flower Extract
Soothing & Calming
Olive Oil
Antioxidant + Helps Growth
Shea Butter
Deep Moisturizer
White Willow Bark Extract

Why Moroccan Organics? 
Certified Organic Ingredients

Certified Cruelty Free & Vegan by PETA

Eco-Friendly Products & Packaging

7-10x More Effective

Nourishes & Heals Hair

Amazing Results

Professional Only

Never Diverted

The Healing Moroccan Argan Tree 

Everything you need to explore this fantastic evolution of Argan Oil Products
Get one each of the Moroccan Organics Argan Oil, Hair Mask, Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Spray, PLUS get an additional bottle of Argan Oil FREE!

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Moroccan Organics - Nourish Your Hair

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Fat & Rich Botanicals



FAR Botanicals is a diversion-free salon level natural hair care line crafted to re-hydrate and restore even the most dry and unruly tresses. Visit: www.farbotanicals.com
Soft, healthy, strong, hydrated hair for our customers.

Products that are crafted with a high concentration of natural, naturally-derived and certified organic ingredients.

Company Overview
Fat & Rich Botanicals® (FAR Botanicals for short) draws its name from the select Essential Fatty Acid and Emollient-Rich ingredients that are used to formulate a line of moisturizing hair care products that are high in quality and free of low-grade materials.

FAR Botanicals hair care products are targeted specifically to people with dry or textured hair, but anyone who desires healthier, stronger hair can use them.

Fat & Rich Botanicals® contain no petrochemical fillers, silicones, artificial colors or low-grade oils. FAR Botanicals is also crafted to be free of parabens and harsh sulfates. Our products are Vegan friendly, only tested on eager humans and are free of animal by-products.

Fat & Rich Botanicals® has been designed as a premium, natural ingredients-based solution for people with highly textured or chronically dry hair. Because FAR Botanicals utilizes skin-grade ingredients in its formulas our products also naturally nourish your scalp to encourage well-conditioned hair from the root.


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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Milady ~ Global Leaders Providing Innovative Lifelong Learning Solutions.


Milady is the #1 provider for beauty and wellness learning solutions. For more than 80 years, Milady has provided the industry with superior educational and business training resources.

To provide beauty and wellness students and professionals around the world with quality educational and business solutions. 
Company Overview
Milady is the number one provider for beauty and wellness learning solutions. For more than 80 years, Milady has provided the industry with superior educational and business training resources. Now with programs in place to assist salon and spa business owners to further develop successful lives and stable profitability, Milady is a true full service provider from student to professional. Spanning six continents, Milady has aided more than 10 million beauty professionals in achieving licensure success. Learn more about Milady by visiting www.milady.cengage.com.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vidal Sassoon, Hairdresser and Trendsetter, Dies at 84

Vidal Sassoon in a scene from the documentary film “Vidal Sassoon The Movie.” He is shown on the Millennium Bridge in London.

Vidal Sassoon, whose mother had a premonition that he would become a hairdresser and steered him to an apprenticeship in a London shop when he was 14, setting him on the path that led to his changing the way women wore and cared for their hair, died on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 84.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles police, who were called to the home, on Mulholland Drive, confirmed the death, attributing it to natural causes. Mr. Sassoon was known to have leukemia. 

Mr. Sassoon brought a kind of architectural design to the haircut in the late 1950s and early 1960s, developing a look that eschewed the tradition of stiff, sprayed styles with the hair piled high and that dispensed with the need for women to wear hair curlers to bed and make weekly trips to the salon. 

For Mr. Sassoon, the cut was the thing — just about the only thing — and he fashioned his clients’ hair into geometric shapes and sharp angles to complement their facial bone structure. His short, often striking styles helped define a new kind of sexy. They were also easy to care for and maintain — the wash-and-wear look, it was sometimes called — and they helped propel the youthful revolution in fashion (and just about everything else) that gripped London and then America and the rest of the world in the 1960s. 

One of his early clients was the mod fashion designer Mary Quant, who created the miniskirt. Referring to it in a 2010 documentary film about him, she said to him, “You put the top on it.”

“He changed the way everyone looked at hair,” Grace Coddington, the creative director of American Vogue, said in an interview on Wednesday. “Before Sassoon, it was all back-combing and lacquer; the whole thing was to make it high and artificial. Suddenly you could put your fingers through your hair!”
Ms. Coddington, who was a model for Mr. Sassoon in the 1960s, wore the original version of the quintessential Sassoon style known as the five-point cut, a snug, sleek helmet with a W cut at the nape of the neck and a pointed spike in front of each ear. 

“He didn’t create it for me; he created it on me,” Ms. Coddington said. “It was an extraordinary cut; no one has bettered it since. And it liberated everyone. You could just sort of drip-dry it and shake it.” 

Mr. Sassoon’s salon on Bond Street in London became a hive of beautiful people, as did the ones he opened on Madison Avenue in New York in 1965 and, afterward, in Beverly Hills. Eventually he operated more than 20. Roman Polanski used the London salon for his film “Repulsion,” starring Catherine Deneuve, and he later created a sensation when he paid Mr. Sassoon $5,000 to cut Mia Farrow’s hair for “Rosemary’s Baby” and invited the news media to see it. The very short cut became Ms. Farrow’s signature, and the film proved to be a fine advertisement for him. 

“It’s Vidal Sassoon!” Ms. Farrow says to a shocked character in the film. “It’s very in.” 

Mr. Sassoon became a business pioneer as well, creating a line of hair products under his name. The shampoos, conditioners and other products were famously sold in television commercials featuring a woman with a lustrous head of hair and the handsome, debonair Mr. Sassoon at her side, declaring, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.” Sales reached more than $100 million annually before he sold the company in 1983. 

“He was the creator of sensual hair,” John Barrett, founder of the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman, said Wednesday. “This was somebody who changed our industry entirely, not just from the point of view of cutting hair but actually turning it into a business. He was one of the first who had a product line bought out by a major corporation.” 

Born in London in 1928, Mr. Sassoon was the child of poor parents. After his father left the family, he was raised partly in a Jewish orphanage until his mother remarried and reunited with Vidal when he was 11. He was an avid soccer player as a boy — and a lifelong fitness devotee — but he turned to hairdressing after his mother claimed she had had a vision of his future. She took him to a local shop where the proprietor decided the boy would do as an apprentice because he had good manners. 

 The shop was in a working-class neighborhood, and young Vidal, dreaming of better things, took elocution lessons to rid himself of his cockney diction. Meanwhile, he joined a Jewish organization that battled in the streets with the Mosley-ites, anti-Semitic British fascists who were followers of Oswald Mosley. In 1948, he traveled to Israel and fought in the war for its independence.

Mr. Sassoon opened his first salon in 1954. 

“I made up my mind then that if I was going to be in hairdressing long term, I wanted to change things,” he recalled in the documentary “Vidal Sassoon: The Movie.” “I didn’t have a picture of what hair should be, but I had a definite picture of what hair shouldn’t be.” 

Over nine years — inspired, he said, by Bauhaus architecture — he evolved his geometric style.
“When I looked at the architecture, the structure of buildings that were going up worldwide, you saw a whole different look, in shape,” he said. “My sense was hairdressing definitely needed to be changing.” He added: “To me hair meant geometry, angles. Cutting uneven shapes, as long as it suited that face and that bone structure.” 

A breakthrough came in 1963 when he cut the long hair of the Hong Kong-born actress Nancy Kwan into a bob with sharp face-framing points; photos of what became known as the Kwan bob or the Kwan cut or simply the Kwan appeared in British and American Vogue and on fashion pages around the world.
Mr. Sassoon is survived by his fourth wife, Rhonda, and three children. A daughter, Catya, died of a drug overdose in 2002. 

Especially in the early days, Mr. Sassoon was a disciplinarian as a salon keeper, known to send employees home if their shoes were not shined or to admonish a client touching her hair in mid-cut with a slap of the comb. As he developed his ideas, he did not always have patience with clients who wanted things their way rather than his. Once in frustration, he confessed, he threw a pair of scissors in the air and they stuck in the ceiling. 


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