Friday, April 26, 2013

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dubai, UAE, home to first-ever Hello Kitty spa

Savvy Salon: Hello Kitty Beauty Spa

Savvy Salon: Hello Kitty Beauty Spa
The world’s first Hello Kitty-themed spa opened at Town Centre Jumeirah, Dubai, in 2012 and is the first character-branded spa in the Middle East. It caters to “Kitty Queens” and “Young Princesses” with natural nail and beauty products within an environment that represents the beloved Japanese character, Hello Kitty. This purrrrrfectly posh spa is poised to transform the face of beauty and pampering, according to Fatimazahra Mohamed, marketing and PR assistant manager at Sharaf Retail. The cuteness factor is high at this sugary-sweet salon, but don’t let that fool you: Ms. Kitty’s loyal fans are treated like royalty with an opulent fairytale spa experience.

5 Reasons Why We Think It’s Fabulous:

1.) Girls of all ages are celebrated.
The spa offers separate service menus for “Queens” and “Princesses,” using water-based nail polish for a young girl’s Kitty-cure and a custom massage lotion to go along with the woman’s pedicure. Organic products are available for children and adults, with additional product choices for adults. Both mommies and singles are able to indulge and relax in the kid-friendly environment; if a child’s service finishes before her mother’s, the little princess will be led over to the Hello Kitty goodies that are for sale or the Kitty Cafe, which sells baked goods, teas, juices, pink lemonade and, of course, organic Hello Kitty cupcakes.
 2.) This one-stop shop provides everything.
Nails, facials, hair and makeup—did we mention the snacks?—are all available under one roof. The Hello Kitty Spa menu includes beauty packages for an all-day, head-to-toe pampering experience, and BFF packages where clients can enjoy being pampered with their bestie. A separate party area is available for groups of little girls, bridal showers and bachelorette parties, and after all that grooming and pampering, clients can indulge their sweet tooth at Kitty Cafe.
3.) The plush, elegant spa design is unique and comfortable.
There’s no mistaking where you are after entering the spa: Hello Kitty’s face peers at you from every wall, shelf and cupcake topping. But the salon doesn’t compromise comfort for branding. Comfy pillows and soft lounges are scattered throughout the space, enveloping clients in a relaxed atmosphere as they enjoy their services. The luxurious interior, with flourishes of pink and red, include vintage-inspired furnishings like the white vanity stations used for hair styling and displaying products, while a large plasma screen overlooks the salon floor. It’s almost as if you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland—but instead of finding the Cheshire Cat, it’s Hello Kitty’s face that greets you.
4.) The staff is professional.
The stylists and nail technicians have extensive backgrounds with proven track records in their field. They continue to research and practice new styles and techniques in hair, nails and styling throughout the year and give their undivided attention to their clients on a daily basis. The staff also understands the importance of sanitation and cleanliness.
5.) It’s based on Hello Kitty!
Three decades since Hello Kitty made her debut on a small coin purse in Japan, her popularity has multiplied exponentially from Japan to all around the world. This iconic wide-eyed feline has a way of bringing smiles to everyone she encounters, so it seems fitting that she finally has her own place of pampering. “The Hello Kitty Beauty Spa is an innovative extension to the brand which allows a younger audience to experience the luxury and pleasures of a day at the spa within an environment that represents the brand,” says Fatima Sharaf, director of Sharaf Retail.

Year Founded: 2012
Owner: Sanrio License / Sharaf Retail
Hours: Open daily 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Address/Phone: Town Centre Jumeirah, Dubai; +971 4 344 9598.
Best-Selling Service: Manicure
[Images: Hello Kitty Beauty Spa]

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Get the New Salon Client Data App!

Salon Client Data


Visit to download the app for your Apple and Android devices! 

So many of our beauty industry professionals are now independent contractors. “This app is a must-have business tool that will help you organize and market to your most valuable asset, your client list.”
Company Overview
Hairstylists go high tech with popular new iPhone and iPad application that manages client contacts and helps market to them.

Description, the business website for beauty industry
professionals, today launched a new app available on iTunes for professional hairstylists that maintains and manages their client contact information.

General Information
“The app is so simple and easy to use. It allows you to send marketing emails to your clients, and will track clients you have not seen in 60 days, I created the app to help stylists drive business success. Salon Client Data does this by providing a simple and cost-effective way to track and market to
your clients.”

English and Spanish versions are now available.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

LIVE LOVE SPA Industry Event is heading to beautiful MySpa Miami

The Exclusive LIVE LOVE SPA Event!

Our LIVE LOVE SPA Industry Event is heading to beautiful MySpa Miami at the InterContinental Miami, June 3 & 4, 2013!

Spa Industry Professionals! Come spend a half day with us - meet with owners & representatives from top brands, experience new products/treatments, network, and reflect with colleagues from your area. Interested in attending? Visit:
or email for attendee credential requirements & registration information today!


 LIVE LOVE SPA is the premier spa industry event. Spend a half day with us in the following cities this year and see what a difference this experiential format can make to your spa and bottom line. You will slip into your robe and experience some of the latest facial, body, and nail treatments in a tranquil spa setting.

LIVE LOVE SPA strives to educate, promote and connect the spa community by providing the most ideal platform for Spa & Wellness related companies to showcase their products & services that enhances people's lives.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Celebrate the new IGORA with Schwarzkopf Professional's Be HD Contest

BE HD Contest Schwarzkopf USA
Are you ready to live life in high definition? Schwarzkopf Professional is excited to announce the re-launch of its tried-and-true
Win Over $200,000
BE HD Contest Video Watch THIS VIDEO for instructions on how to enter, then click HERE to register for the chance to instantly win all things HD.
BEHD Contest
Schwarzkopf Professional USA · 600 Corporate Pointe, Suite 400 · Culver City, CA 90230

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A special offer from COLORINSIDER - NO AMMONIA

Incredible power.
No ammonia.
Inject color inside for
high resolution impact:

True, Sharp, Saturated.
Easy to formulate
and delivers 100%
grey coverage.
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Seattle, Phoenix - Get certified with Organic Color Systems

Get Certified w/ Organic Color &
Change Your Career For The Better  
  Seattle Organic Color Class 2013  
Advanced Organic Color Certification
Class & Workshop Pacific Northwest
Seattle, Washington
Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Mode Organic Salon - Downtown
1424 4th Street, Suite 415.
Seattle, WA  98101
  OCS Color Certification, Phoenix, AZ
Advanced Organic Color Certification
Class & Workshop Southwest
Phoenix, Arizona
Sunday, April 19th, 2013

Verde Salon
1900 W. Germann Rd., Suite 11
Chandler, AZ  85286

Call 1-888-213-4744 or email
 to reserve your seats today!

Organic Salon Systems 2013 Education Opportunities

Register TODAY using our online education calendar or by
contacting an account manager toll free at 1-888-213-4744
Online Webinar
Monday  4/8/2013

Seattle, WA 
Sunday 4/21/2013
Organic Color Systems

Online Webinar
Monday 5/6/13

New York, NY
Sunday 5/19/2013
Organic Color Systems

Online Webinar
Monday 6/10/2013
Ashville, NC
Sunday 6/23/13
Organic Color Systems
Chicago, IL
Sunday 7/21/2013
Organic Color Systems

San Francisco, CA
Sunday 8/11/2013
Organic Color Systems

Boston, MA
Sunday 9/15/2013
Organic Color Systems
Miami, FL
Sunday 9/22/2013

Palm Harbor, FL
Sunday 10/6/2013
Organic Color Systems

Miami, FL
Sunday 10/20/2013

Location TBD
Sunday 11/3/2013
Organic Color Systems

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Paul Mitchell Curl the World Party - Premiere Orlando 2013

PM Party      

Paul Mitchell
Curl the World Party  
at Premiere Orlando 2013

Join your friends and meet new friends celebrating another Beautiful Year in the Beauty Industry.


We will be looking to Premiere Orlando's incredible attendees to bring their best Curly Look. Show us the best Curl Styles from the History of the Arts and Entertainment! Prizes and give away's galore with rock music from one of Orlando's Hottest DJ's all night long.

TICKET PRICE: $20 and are available at:
All net proceeds will be donated to:
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida
To register for Premiere Orlando:
call 1-800-335-7469 or contact your local distributor.

See you at
Premiere Orlando June 1, 2 & 3!!

Quick Links
DAYSPA Side Banner   

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Comically Bad Hair Styles

We’ve all made questionable hair style decisions.  But there’s shaving your head when you have a bumpy head, and then there’s doing something just so comically bad that somebody had to take a picture and post it on the internet.  Some of these pictures are of celebrities, some are not, and one could be you.
Dazed and Confused
It takes a special kind of person to let this happen to their hair.  I really want to believe that this was a prank done to him, but the glazed over look on his face leads me to believe he did it to himself thinking it would be a good look.
Blown Out Facial
I can’t decide if this hair is bad or if he’s my new personal hero.  Either way that’s commitment to both head and facial hair.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that he’s single.
Dennis Rodman
I’m sure everybody knew The Worm was going to be on here.  Say what you will about his insane appearance, the man could play basketball.
Eraser Head
Call it an extreme fade cut all you want, this comically bad hair style is a pencil eraser in my book.
Forehead Hair
Between the manicured eyebrows, facial hair, and strands of hair covering up what appears to be a receding hair line, is it really any surprise that this man was a pimp?
Hat Hair
Giving a whole new meaning to the term “hat hair”.  I hate puns too, but it had to be said.
It's Electric
Phil Spector is wealthy and yet he still let himself be seen in public like this.  I’m thinking an insanity plea should have been entered on his behalf.
Lost Bet
I really want to believe that he lost a bet to end up with this face framing hair style.  But then I could be wrong.
Mess of a Style
Man I hate little scenester emo kids.
Obama Cut
Supporting your political candidate is all well and good, but next time you might just want to go with a bumper sticker or a pin on your shirt.

Party in the Back
There are mullets, and then there’s this comically bad hair style.  This isn’t even business in the front, it’s scary in the front, crazy in the back.
Rhino Hair
While I’m pretty sure this hair was done for a magazine, it still warrants attention.  That’s a hair rhino.  I’ll say it again.  A hair.  Rhino.
Robert Pattinson
You knew this one was coming too.  Dude, Pattinson – you’re rich and famous…pay somebody to style that mess for you.
Russell Brand
Russell Brand has stated that it’s a good thing he’s famous as his hair style only works if you’re famous, or insane.  He’s a bit of both really.
Oh American Idol, you’ve given us so much pain, but at least you offered up Sanjaya to us, who became as well known for his comically bad hair styles as for his singing.  Thanks Idol.
Sideburn to Mustache
The whole thing is just spectacular.  The sideburns, the hair, the handlebar moustache.  You just don’t see hair like that anymore.
Soccer Poof
Soccer players are notorious for their over the top hair.  This one may actually take the cake though.
Tennis Ball
I don’t care how big a fan of tennis you are, there’s no excuse to shave your hair into the pattern of the seam on a tennis ball and dye it white.  That’s not support, that’s comically bad.
Uber Mohawk
The hole in the ozone?  This guy right here caused it getting his hair to do things that gravity wouldn’t normally allow.
Vanilla Ice
The etched in lines on the side, the shock of blonde, the whole thing just lended itself to what was a comically bad style in general.  Don’t worry, we’ll always hold you in our hearts Vanilla Ice.

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