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The Nonblond Leading the Blond: New York’s Go-to Colorist for Swedish Blondes

LIKE Russian cheekbones or Italian suntans, Swedish hair (or the idea of it, anyway) has always been one of those discrete national features envied by women the world over. Flaxen-pale and fairy-tale-fine, it’s what American women have been trying to fake for decades, ever since Anita Ekberg swished around in the Trevi Fountain.

Yana Paskova for The New York Times
Mirjam Bayoumi, in her salon, shows Gunilla Lindblad, right, her freshly cut hair.

You see these towheaded ice queens strutting through SoHo in perfect Acne pistol boots and Filippa K stretch jeans — but what remains invisible is the help they get. 

Her name is Mirjam Bayoumi, and you would probably never find her on your own. Tucked away into an anonymous Yorkville block on the Upper East Side, her salon, all clear wood and bright light, attracts not only Princess Madeleine of Sweden, but also some of her most stylish subjects: Swedish designers, Swedish bloggers, Swedish media moguls, Swedish makeup artists — an almost exclusively Swedish group, all after that ineffable snowy blond that the rest of us always assume is natural. 

“Most women in Sweden are dirty blond, and I would say 96 percent color their hair,” said Ms. Bayoumi, herself naturally brunet. “You’re born blond, and as you get older, it gets a little darker, a little ashier.”  But, she added, “blond, that’s what you saw as you grew up, and that’s how you want to be the rest of your life.” 

Ms. Bayoumi, 34, opened her salon, which carries her name, in 2009 and is now a sort of den mother for the city’s Swedish expats, who go there for the raw blond highlights and stay for the native-tongue gossip, Gevalia coffee and dog-eared issues of Scandinavian fashion magazines. 

“When I first came here, I went to a cheap place in the West Village, and they ruined my hair,” Olivia Malmqvist, 30, the marketing manager for H & M USA, said in a phone interview. “After that, I did some research.” 

Four years later, Ms. Malmqvist is a loyal Mirjam devotee. “Your hair is very personal,” she said. “When I lived in Sweden, I went to the same hairdresser my whole life. And I now feel safe again.” 

The Mirjam mystique arrived in the United States in 2005, when a friend and fellow hairdresser who had just opened a salon in Manhattan Beach, Calif., summoned Ms. Bayoumi from Stockholm. 

“She called me and said, ‘Mirjam, I really can’t find any good colorists,’ ” Ms. Bayoumi said. “I was shocked. I was like: ‘You’re in L.A.! That’s where all the celebrities are, everybody’s blond.’ ”
But when Ms. Bayoumi arrived, her new boss’s complaint was confirmed. 

“I had a few clients who used to go to salons in Beverly Hills and pay tremendous amounts of money, and they still weren’t happy with their color,” Ms. Bayoumi said. “They didn’t even know that it was possible to get this certain shade of blond.” 

Yana Paskova for The New York Times

On a Yorkville block on the Upper East Side, Mirjam Bayoumi makes Swedes' hair dreams come true.
She has heard similar frustrations from the clients she’s acquired in the four years since she moved from Los Angeles to New York, where she spent her first months coloring friends’ hair out of her Upper West Side studio apartment. Word-of-mouth recommendations soon outpaced her square footage there, and by the time she opened her salon, Ms. Bayoumi already had a cadre of loyal Swedes who were fed up with American hairdressers whose tones, they say, tended more toward warm orange than their preferred neutral beige. 

Elin Kling, the founder and fashion director of StyleBy, a fashion magazine, and a longtime patron of Ms. Bayoumi, caused a minor upset in the comments section of the beauty blog Into the Gloss last month when she told its editor, Emily Weiss, that “Americans cannot do blond hair.” 

“It’s always easier to explain in your own language exactly what you want,” said Sofi Fahrman, 33, a close friend of Princess Madeleine and the host of “Project Runway Sweden.” “It’s always safe to have a Swede doing your hair.” 

But fluency isn’t Ms. Baymoumi’s only currency. She’s also highly trained. In Sweden, she said, most hair colorists go through five years of schooling, learning color theory and chemistry. 

Ms. Bayoumi was born in Budapest to a Hungarian mother and an Egyptian father, and moved to Sweden with her family when she was 2. At 15 she began her first apprenticeship, volunteering her floor-sweeping services to Stockholm salons during school vacations. She studied in London at Toni & Guy, then worked for Bjorn Axen and Wella as a color technician, traveling to cities like Taipei and Amsterdam to educate foreign hairdressers in color blending. 

Ms. Bayoumi’s global tutelage makes her something of an expert in international beauty standards. Compared with women in Mediterranean countries, where they exaggerate their femininity, she said, Swedish women seem downright androgynous. 

“Scandinavian style in general is very simple,” she said. “They want to do as little as possible. They’re very independent — many don’t even wear makeup.” 

Marina Andersson, a makeup artist and friend of Ms. Bayoumi’s from Stockholm, agreed. “Swedes just want to look natural,” she said. “There’s brassy-yellow on the one hand and that kind of almost-gray on the other. What everyone wants is hardest to maintain.” 

Ms. Andersson described the national aesthetic as nonchalant. “We look more to the Frenchwomen, not so Hollywood,” she explained. “More Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, you know, out-of-the-shower cool.” 

And Ms. Bayoumi, she said, is the person to help achieve this. 

“Mirjam’s extremely talented,” Ms. Andersson said. “Her custom blending is very, very good. I don’t even tell her anything.” 

“She just does what goes with your complexion,” she added. “She is the Bergdorf’s for the Swedish posse of New York.”

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Monday, November 19, 2012

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That's a Wrap...The Makeup Show 2012 Recap

The Makeup Show

The Makeup Show LAThe Makeup Show NYCThe Makeup Show CHICAGOThe Makeup Show EUROPEThe Makeup Show Orlando

The Makeup Show Accolades!

"I am so grateful for all of the wonderful experiences I have had thus far with The Makeup Show team - each and everyone of you are so special and talented. So happy to be featured with you all. This has to be one of the best experiences for me overall!! I am still on cloud nine! Getting to meet and greet and learn from the best in this industry! Merlo Faundez, such professionalism; James Vincent, such a cuddly bear who possess so many talents, not to mention his huge heart; Johnny Lavoy's hair perfection skills, and Keynotes with Michael DeVellis! Wow. I have worked with celebrities and that was work for me! But these guys rocked the house!!! So much success for all of you! Because of such greatness, The Makeup Show will continue to be successful!"
- Deborah Concepcion (Miami, FL)
"Thank you again for everything. This was an amazing opportunity for me. Thanks for opening another door to my artistry."
- Shawn (Orlando, Florida)
"Thank you for everything you have done for us. Your open and sweet personalities made me feel welcomed and not to be afraid to be helping out you and all the big makeup names. The Berlin show is over and it is a bit sad. I will miss you all, however these last few weeks left an amazing impression and I am very inspired to continue my professional journey."
- Jana Kalgajeva (Berlin, Germany)
"Life changing...Motivating,, Inspiring....Thank you all for bringing us such a wonderful show...Loved it."
- Sue Anne Rogers Cinnamon (Nokomis, FL)
 "It was amazing! So inspiring!! Please come back again next year!!"
- Effie Limor (Plantation, FL)
"Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful opportunity. Congrats to all The Makeup Show team! The show was a huge success. :) I had a lot of fun buying all the products and enjoying the seminars. :)"
- Alfeya Valrina (Los Angeles)
"Wow, I have never had such an amazing experience in my life! This was my first time at a makeup trade show and I feel honored to have been a part of it. I have become re-inspired as a makeup artist by all of you. I can't wait until next year! Thank you again for an experience of a lifetime!"
- Sean Harris (Los Angeles)
"You guys all have inspired me to be a better artist!"
- Nedra Jones (Los Angeles)
"For years I watch and admire (enviously) people who attend shows that are in other states, and I almost lost it when I saw you guys were coming to Florida. Having the show here really means a lot to me and I'm sure the entire Orlando area appreciates it as well."
- Auyanna Gilbert (Brandon, FL)
"I loved the workshop with Jon and James on Friday - truly inspiring! :-) The Makeup Show with all the fab brands was amazing!"
- Christian Merz (Basel, Switzerland)

The Makeup Show LA Ticket Sales open now!


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Sunday, March 3rd
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Sunday, May 5th and
Monday, May 6th
Metropolitan Pavilion

All the happenings in
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The Makeup Show Blog

2012 - What a year!

Last week marked our final show for 2012, in Orlando, and what a show it was. Orlando, the Sunshine State, is a great place, a great community with great artistry that lent to a great show.
Our week started in NYC with Superstorm Sandy coming in, putting a stop to all of our planning for Orlando, with our office closed and our phones down, so the makeup show team worked from one small apartment managing and trying to put it all together before the weekend. Due to our flights being canceled we had decided to drive to Orlando to make sure we got there in time and were able to put on a great show for you all. Seventeen hours later we arrived at The Peabody Hotel and we started our setup, making the show as best as we could, all while some of our brands weren’t able to get from the NY/NJ area to Orlando in time. 
We opened our doors Sunday to a great day, with some of the best brands and artists on the floor, Florida artists showed up, and gave their support to us like no others. It was great to see that all seminars and classes were full at all times with amazing artists trying to learn and get some new tips on techniques and products from the brands. Our show floor was packed by 10 a.m. with eager attendees and some of the great artists who call Orlando home or frequently work there, including Corey Castellano, Johnny Lavoy and Maurice Stein in our keynote area. The day couldn’t be any more perfect!
Monday started with AJ Crimson taking the keynote main stage, followed by Nick and Brian Wolfe and finally Michael DeVellis along with a show floor full of artists who couldn’t be any better than what we wished for.  We want to thank the artist community in Orlando who welcomed us and showed us their appreciation. I am truly thankful for the support.
What a year 2012 was. Starting with the LA show, which was our best LA show ever, to NY, our jewel, then Chicago and Berlin, both second year shows, and finishing with our newest show, Orlando.
This year marked our biggest year yet and we are so thankful to you all for attending and supporting our shows like you do every year, and helping us strive to be better, and welcoming this community like no other. Each show, year after year, gets so much support from our attendees, brands and sponsors, and we truly couldn’t have done this without thanking you all.
A big thank you to our sponsors, without them we couldn’t have grown so much. Make Up For Ever our diamond sponsor, Temptu PRO and Crown Brush our Platinum sponsors, and Inglot, Stila, Smashbox, Make-Up Designory, NARS, Alcone, Cosmix, The Powder Group, On Makeup Magazine and World Body Painting Festival, we are so thankful for the support you give us wherever we go. To all the brands that have been with us every year for the last 6 years, you guys are the cement of the show, and what makes it such a great event!
For 2013, we have an amazing year planned for you all. Marking our 5th Anniversary in LA, March 2nd and 3rd, we are happy to welcome Premier Products introducing their new area to the show, as well as more special effects brands and artists. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements for a show that is not to be missed. The NYC Show, which will be May 5th and 6th – in its 7th year, will have an amazing lineup of beauty and fashion artists and brands, and will continue to include our Career Fair.   
Chicago is June 9th and 10th in a new home! Stay tuned for the announcement of our new space. We are so happy to return to this great city and community.
The Makeup Show Europe will also mark some new changes. We love Berlin and will be back in future for sure, but we are glad to announce the show in 2012 will be held in London, in September. Don’t miss our news about this show, coming soon.
Finally, Orlando will be held in November 2013 for its second year, to be bigger and better.  Date TBD.
I want to thank all those people that make every day and every show possible for us.  A special thank you to those key artists that support us every year, and never say no, no matter what I ask of them – Johnny Lavoy, Maurice Stein, Michael DeVellis, Pati Dubroff, AJ Crimson, Eugenia Weston, and Billy B, thank you all so much for your continued support.
To conclude, I want to thank The Makeup Show Family, without them I would be lost, Jon Hennessey, Kathy Aragon, Danessa Myricks, Esterique Aidan, and Orlando Santiago, I love you all.
Thank you Sophia Fernandez, Eve Taylor, Merlo Faundez, LaQuanna Chong, Bethany Townes and finally to Amanda Wein and James Vincent, for working hard daily to make this a show to remember in each and every city.
We hope to see you all in 2013, and are looking forward to bringing you some amazing opportunities in the year to come.
Happy Holidays,

Shelly Taggar
VP, Owner of The Makeup Show
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Sunday, November 18, 2012


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    December 3 CC Holiday Event! Celebrate. Learn. Be Inspired.

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    Constance Moofushi Resort in Maldives

    This ultra-luxurious 5-star Constance Moofushi Resort in Maldives combines a ravishing natural setting with a holiday-inspired design and promises exquisite services: “Impossibly elegant, with 110 land and water villas in an intimate location of pure lagoons, sandbanks and woodlands, this barefoot idyll offers a rare experience for its visitors. Reassuringly luxurious, Constance Moofushi is on the South Ari Atoll, a paradise regarded as one of the best diving spots in the world. The resort is perfect for lovers of fine dining, divers and those seeking luxury beach-front relaxation“. Prepare to enrich your gastronomic experience by tasting the food courses and drinks offered by an array of six bars and restaurants. Adventure enthusiasts are also welcomed in this location, as it features one of the best diving spots in the world, plus many others outdoor leisure opportunities.

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