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How-To: Chignon. By Jean Marc of Pipino Nolita salon, backstage at Rosa ...

2011 Hair Styles : Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman
Malin Akerman in November of 2010 arriving for the People’s Choice Awards 2011 Press Conference at the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

 She looked radiant wearing this Prada Resort 2011 dress with blue and yellow striped detailing at the top. The sleeves are just off her shoulders – it’s gorgeous. Her platinum blonde hair was parted to the side and hung gently over her bare shoulders. Her blue eyes sparkled.
She has an amazing sense of style. Watch for her in 2011. To see more of this hairstyle now take a look at her gallery.
Malin Akerman with Soft Blonde Hair

2011 Hairstyles

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Justin Bieber Shows Off New Haircut

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber debuts shorter haircut. Photo: John P Iblis/jpistudios.com
Stop the presses! Justin Bieber has a new haircut!

The Biebs caused hysteria among thousands of his hair-adoring fans last Friday at a New York City Barnes & Noble when he showed up with a shorter hairdo to promote his new memoir "Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever."

Not only did Bieber ditch the long eye-grazing bangs, but it looked as though his signature side-swept flip was toned down, too.

We told you this was big news.
What caused this teen idol to change his famous feathery locks? We don't know, but we suspect this young hearthrob may be outgrowing his "Baby" ways.

During his performance at the American Music Awards last weekend, Bieber's voice reportedly cracked midway through his rendition of "Pray."

Yikes! Next thing you know he'll be sprouting chest hair out his teenage T-shirts (with a flip, of course).

Now that he's toned it down a bit, will the guy in your life try a Bieber cut?


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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Mad Men' Influences Ladylike Holiday Hair Trend

Betty Draper sure knows how to rock a ladylike updo, as she did here during a trip to Italy for season 3, episode 8. Photo: courtesy of AMC
Hemming and hawing over the perfect 'do for your holiday parties?

Stylist to the stars and many a well-heeled New Yorker, Eva Scrivo is the rare beauty expert who wields a hair color wand, cutting scissors and makeup brush – all with mastery.

So who better to drill about hot hair trends?

We were recently in her chair to get our locks chopped, so we pressed Scrivo to dish what the the fancy ladies of New York are planning for their holiday hair styles.

"I'm getting lots of requests to teach clients how to pin their hair back into feminine updos," says Scrivo, whose own locks are swept up into a casual knotted chignon, with loose pieces gently caressing her face.
"Mad Men has influenced our aesthetic with more elegant styles – it has rekindled the desire for ladylike beauty. Putting your hair up isn't just a way to mask a bad hair day now – it's a way to bring back that old world sense of glamour."

Hair stylist Eva Scrivo, photographed in her salon. Photo: Courtesy of Eva Scrivo

According to Scrivo, there are two simple keys to a pretty pulled-back look: height in the crown area achieved by teasing the root, and styling the strands that fall right around your face.

"Only the hair around your face has to look polished to pull off an updo with style – you need to take a moment to blow out those front sections smoothly so that they frame your face just right." advises Scrivo.

Good news for New York area readers: if you want to visit Scrivo's salon, call 212.677.7315  to inquire about details.


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Article from Dec 2009, but the glam is timeless!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ken Paves Makes Over 'Biggest Losers,' Offers Style Tips For The Overweight

Courtesy NBC

Hairstylist Ken Paves is known for making the tresses of celebrities red-carpet-ready.

Tonight we'll see Paves turn his blow-dryer on another high-profile group of clients: The remaining seven contestants on this season's makeover episode of NBC's "The Biggest Loser."

Paves, who worked one-on-one with the hardworking losers at his Hollywood salon, checked in with with StyleList from London to chat about the difference between working with reality contestants and names such as Jessica Simpson and Lady Gaga.

Recently, Paves and Simpson parted ways after years of being inseparable, but he was understandably coy when her name came up.

Here's some of our chat:

StyleList: Were the contestants using their hair as a way to hide?
Their hair was holding them back from seeing their true progress. When you make a great physical change yet you look in the mirror and still see something as "big" as your hair is the same, you have a hard time seeing the new you. A hair change allows you to look in the mirror and truly see a new reflection.

SL: How is working with someone going through such a dramatic change different than your celebrity clients?
Someone accomplishing such a personal achievement tends to be very emotional. With great change comes the desire to hold onto something (like their hairstyle). The similarity between my clients and the contestants is the pressure of public responsibility to look your best. They're on television with millions of viewers, they have the same pressure to look good as celebrities. All eyes are on them.

SL: Is there a hairstyle you should avoid if you are a women who carries some extra weight?
Anything too extreme, too long or too short, too light or too dark or too severe. Softness softens anything extra; extra weight, extra lines, whatever.

SL: What did you do with the men? Get rid of some scruff?
The men were great! They were eager. We cut, colored, tweezed and blow dried. The men got beautified too, but they still look like men.

SL: Your most high-profile client, Jessica Simpson, just got engaged. Will you be involved in creating her wedding look?
I appreciate your asking, but I don't feel this question applies to "The Biggest Loser"...feel free to ask me at a later date.

SL: How did this project inspire you?
This was an amazing opportunity and honor for me to work with an incredible group of people who are showing the ability to overcome. This country has a huge obesity problem that most unfortunately leads to poor health. This show and these contestants all show us that something can be done. They are all role models.


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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Hairstyle

In which do will Middleton say "I do"? Photo: Samir Hussein, WireImage
Fashionistas around the globe rejoice!

A royal wedding is on the horizon and we all know what that means -- lots of talk about fairy-tale dresses, designer shoes, and of course, how Kate Middleton should style her hair on the day she marries Prince William.

Celebrity hairstylist Gilda Pastena of the Pierre Michel Salon in New York City suggests royal-wedding worthy dos for this soon-to-be princess, including a polished chignon; tousled updo; a half up, half down hairstyle; and braided bun.

Read on for details on these four looks and vote for which hairdo you think Middleton should wear with her platinum and 18-carat blue-sapphire diamond engagement ring.

Anne Hathaway wears a chignon with a brooch pin at the 2009 Oscars. Photos: Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images | Jason Merritt, Getty Images
Classic Chignon
It's tradition with a twist! This is a very chic style, almost a modern take on a chignon. We love it for any formal affair, royal wedding or not.

To achieve this look, create volume by teasing the hair at the crown of your head, fashion a side part, and gather locks into a low ponytail. Wrap the hair around the ponytail to create a bun and secure with pins.

We adore adding a flower or jeweled brooch, and it may be the perfect accent since there's likely to be antique jewelry incorporated into Middleton's wedding do.
Lauren Conrad dons a loose and flirty updo at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, and Eva Longoria Parker rocks a half up, half down hairstyle at the 2005 Golden Globes. Photos: Jeffrey Mayer, WireImage | J. Vespa, WireImage
Tousled Updo
This is a sophisticated yet sexy style -- ideal for any young princess. The front sections are separated in the middle and sway to each side, creating a flattering definition in the updo.

To achieve this look, add soft waves to your hair with a 1- or 1 ¼-inch curling iron, spraying each curl for hold. Flip your head upside down to create fullness. Take the back section of the hair and gather into a loose bun (leaving the front hanging down), and begin pinning the rest of the hair from the sides into the bun. Take pieces from each side and twist the hair back toward the bun and secure with pins. Leave the front loose for a flirty finish.

Half Up, Half Down Locks
This style gives the illusion of having your hair down, but it is pulled away from the face, allowing a neckline of royal jewels to shine. Many women feel sexier with their hair caressing their shoulders, so it's a good compromise for an elegant updo.

To achieve this look, add loose waves with a curling iron. Use your fingers to loosen the curls, then tease the top layers in horizontal sections to create volume. Smooth the crown for a polished look. Finally, secure the sides with pins or accessories.
Jessica Alba's modern braided bun at the 2008 Oscars. Photos: Steve Granitz, WireImage | Lester Cohen, WireImage
Braided Bun
Braids have made a huge come back. But today's version requires less shaping and less product to hold it in place, making for a softer, more romantic look.

To recreate this style, start by taking a section of hair from the front of your head and braiding it from left to right. Secure the braid with an elastic band similar to the color of your hair. Next, tease the hair at the crown of your head and then brush lightly back and spray with hair spray. Lastly, take the braid and combine it into the rest of your hair, gathering everything into a low bun. Secure with bobby pins. If you would like a more pronounced plait, make it the last section of hair you wrap around before securing your bun.

Which hairstyle do you think Middleton should don on her wedding day? Vote for your favorite at StyleList!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hairdresser of the Month- Lisa Muscat

November 8, 2010 by JPR 

This month Street Style talks to Lisa Muscat of é SALON about winning apprentice of the year, London fashion week and her favourite hair tools.

I discovered your work titled Seraphic, which is very beautiful by the way. What was the thinking behind the shoot? 
Thank you! Seraphic was influenced by International Catwalk trends and global advertising Campaigns; in particular session stylist Guido Palau. I wanted to create something where the hair “dressing” was “undone” and I wanted to create something pure and almost angelic. I collected a series of advertising campaigns such as Prada, Tom Ford and Burberry and transformed elements that inspired me into my work and my creation.
I see a lot of photo shoots by young hairdressers. Your shoot feels like it comes from a certain maturity, who shot them for you and who else contributed to the shoot?
I worked with a fantastic team on this shoot and we all worked together to clearly execute my concept and ideas, and I think having a great team behind you also helps to achieve the balance you look for in a creative shoot through the hair, styling and photographic work.
The team included:
Makeup: Victoria Baron
Styling: Peta-Marie Rixon
Photographer: Paul Scala
Mentor: Emiliano Vitale
Apprentice of the year is such a wonderful thing. Is this something you have been working towards? Also, when did you decide to chase this particular accolade?

What is actually quite interesting is I always wanted to enter Apprentice of the Year for Hair Expo, however, it wasn’t long before the deadline for the Australian Hair Fashion Awards closed when I decided to put this shoot together. That’s why it helps to have such a fantastic team working with you, inspiring you, mentoring you but most importantly, encouraging you.

You have trained with some inspirational hairdressers like Richard Mannah, Robert Bava, Denis Langford to name a few, how did that come about? What have you learnt from them?

Yes, I had the opportunity to be trained by the three of them whilst I was on the Australian F.A.M.E. Team, which I was selected for through a competition I entered in 2009. The three hairdressers are each incredibly talented and inspiring stylists. Denis Langford spoke to us a good deal about stage presence and communication to your audience, Richard Mannah spoke to us about photo shoots and his experience as a hairdresser and Robert Bava did a cutting workshop with us.

I have found that doing hair for a shoot, and doing hair for fashion shows and in the salon means I have to have a completely different approach to hair in these mediums. How do you balance them?

Yes, they are extremely different, but its nice to have the opportunity to be able to do all three and balance them out. Working on hair for a photo shoot and for a fashion show are both absolute privileges and I am very fortunate to be able to do both. To be creative is about opening your heart and your mind to allow the world to see what it is capable of, so I never say no to anything and always try new things and get involved in as many opportunities as I can. However, salon experience is still extremely important to maintain the balance and help control stress levels! Also, our clients are really what inspire fashion and allow us to be creative and try new looks or styles or colours.

What advice would you give to a young hair apprentice who is looking to enter competitions?

Don’t ever give up. Always believe dreams come true. And most importantly believe in yourself even if nobody else does. Work for yourself and do things that make you happy and eventually people will see you shine.

I hear you have just returned from London Fashion Week, can you tell me what you got up to?

Yes, it was fantastic! I worked on 5 shows including Pussy Willow, Satoshi Date, Felicity Brown, Louise Grey and Heikki Salonen. Each show was different and challenging and looks involved braids, knots, accessories, mohawks, buns and a ‘Chanel tucked under bob’.

What are your top five hairdressing tools?

Cloud Nine irons, Vs Sassoon Tongs, Sassoon Denman, L’Oreal Professionnel tecni.art Volume Mousse and Mycurl.

When did you have a “hair-epiphany”, or when did you want to become a hairdresser?

I started in a local salon close to home, working Thursday nights, Saturdays and Sundays, and I loved it straight away. I didn’t know just how big this amazing world of fashion and style was, however, I knew there had to be someone behind it all and knew I wanted to somehow be a part of it.

And how did you get started in the hairdressing business? Did you start at é Salon?

One year into my apprenticeship I moved to é SALON and found an incredible salon, with an amazing mentor in Emiliano Vitale, who believes in his staff and wants to help them grow and succeed as stylists. It was at é SALON that I was introduced to photographic work and fashion shows, and my passion continues to grow every day.

How has é Salon helped you get to where you are now?

My time at é SALON has been truly inspiring. They really believe in each member of staff and are committed to helping each stylist whenever they need it. The salon team inspires me everyday, and allows me to play with hair and do what I love to do!

What are your plans in the future?

Big things I hope! I have some personal goals I would like to achieve work-wise. I want to be involved in much more photographic work, more fashion shows and on an international level. My biggest goal is to hopefully have a salon of my own in a few years.
You can find Lisa Muscat at é SALON
029487 80011
shop 7/2 Redleaf Ave Wahroonga, NSW 2076

Written by Jean-Paul Rosette, author of Heads Will Roll

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Ganhadores AIPP AWARDS 2010-2011

Ganhadores AIPP AWARDS 2010-2011.


The AIPP (International Professional Press Association) was set up in 1964 by several publishers of the professional journals during the World Championships at Bâle (Switzerland). Its first management meeting elected Otto Schwaar (Journal de l'Union des Maîtres Coiffeurs Suisses) and Pierre Carmes (Le Coiffeur de France), President and General Secretary-Treasures respectively, who will hold these posts for twenty-five years. Camille Rubis (La Coiffure de Paris) was elected President in 1990 in Rotterdam. He, along with the Committee, has re-organized the A.I.P.P. to make it what it is today.
Since October 5th, 1992 at the time of the General Meeting during the World Championships in Tokyo (Japan), the President of AIPP has been Roberto Pissimiglia (Estetica-Italy).


Today the AIPP assembles 71 magazines from 35 countries representing nearly all of the trade publications addressed to hairdressers throughout the world.
The Steering Direction Committee is now composed by Roberto Pissimiglia (President), Julio Cesar Ortiz (Vice-President) and Sergi Bancells (General Secretary).


  • to represent the trade press of the hairdressing industry to institutions and at the public events.
  • to promote the image, the value and the importance of the trade professional press through advertising, editorials, mailings and PR activities.
  • to develop relationships with the hairdressing organisations present in each country (in particular with the OMC), producing and distributing reports and photo-reportages on their conventions and competitions.
  • to involve and to make the major beauty companies and operators aware of the various activities of the professional press.
  • to support the relationships and co-operations among the different publishers through: regular contact by mail, regular updating meetings and conventions, newsletters and the Forum on the AIPP web site.
  • to participate with an active presence to the major international Shows worldwide, with a multiple booth, with press conferences and press releases for the hairdressing operators.
  • to organize the "Grand Trophy of the Professional Press", confirming the importance of the professional trade press to the hairdressers all over the world.
quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010
Gemis (Espanha) - Best Photo
Gemis (Espanha) - Best Photo
A AIPP – Association Internationale Presse Professionnelle Coiffure divulgou a lista dos ganhadores do AIPP AWARDS 2010-2011.
A cerimônia de entrega dos prêmios será realizada no dia 07 de Novembro no Haute Coiffure Française Show durante o MCB.
Confira aqui as coleções vencedoras:
Gemis (Espanha) - Best Photo
Gemis (Espanha) - Best Photo
Gemis (Espanha) - Best Photo
Gemis (Espanha) - Best Photo
Carita (França) - Best Commercial
Carita (França) - Best Commercial
Carita (França) - Best Commercial
Carita (França) - Best Commercial
Carita (França) - Best Commercial
Carita (França) - Best Commercial
é Salon (Austrália) - Best Men
é Salon (Austrália) - Best Men
é Salon (Austrália) - Best Men
é Salon (Austrália) - Best Men
é Salon (Austrália) - Best Men
é Salon (Austrália) - Best Men
Rush (Reino Unido) - Best AvantGarde
Rush (Reino Unido) - Best AvantGarde
Rush (Reino Unido) - Best AvantGarde
Rush (Reino Unido) - Best AvantGarde
Rush (Reino Unido) - Best AvantGarde
Rush (Reino Unido) - Best AvantGarde
Felicitas (Espanha) - Best Video
Felicitas (Espanha) - Best Video
Felicitas (Espanha) - Best Video
Felicitas (Espanha) - Best Video
Felicitas (Espanha) - Best Video
Felicitas (Espanha) - Best Video

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AIPP Grand Trophy 2010 .mov

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Free Hugs Campaign - Official Page (music by Sick Puppies.net )

Being familiar with many stylists, barbers and professionals in the hair and beauty industry, from numerous ways and walks of life, there is an evident commonality amongst those that have reached the top, and as well those working their way to the top...and staying there. They have gained respect and admiration not only for their knowledge and artistic abilities and achievements, but also because they care. They care about people, and making others feel good. It's by their nature to care, it's what they do, and their success is commendation of them doing it well.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Redken's Wii Hair Styling Video Game

Always wanted to try your hand at cutting hair, but can't find any friends that will let your eager scissors near them? Well now, thanks to Redken, you can shampoo, cut, perm, color, blow dry and style with your Wii remote -- no unsuspecting Guinea Pigs required!

Taking advantage of the fast growing "Advergaming" market, Redken has teamed up with Game Publisher on the first video hairstyling game, Busy Scissors, that allows consumers to virtually experience the life of a salon professional.

Being released on the Nintendo Wii and DS in North America and Europe, you can use your Wii remote to transform the locks of demanding and eccentric "clients". You'll also learn the latest techniques in cutting, coloring and styling and earn points that will advance your career in a Hollywood-based salon.

The game challenges you to help each client reach her beauty potential by finding the best look. And with over 25 hairstyles to choose from, this is bound to unlock your true inner stylist. Each salon technique was demonstrated and filmed by stylists from the Redken team before it was re-created in 3D and designed as a mini-game.

With 46 percent of adults playing electronic games today and spending an average of three to four hours a week with the remote in hand, Redken may have found a solution for all of you aspiring stylists! Think about it, you could try a different hairstyle almost every day of the month without ever worrying about breaking out a hat if your scissors go awry. r

"We are excited to share the behind-the-scenes salon professional experience with our clients via Busy Scissors," Senior Director of Interactive for Redken, Rachel Weiss, stated in a press release. "Busy Scissors is a new way for consumers to connect and engage with Redken by allowing them to interact directly with Redken products in the virtual salon."

Busy Scissors will be available this month and retails for $19.99.

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Haircut class How to learn, how to study

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The Empire Tour! 100th School

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Rachel McAdams' Voluminous Hairdo - Get the Look Yourself!

Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams and her voluminous, blonde locks. Photo: Steve Mack/FilmMagic.com

An all-star cast walked the red carpet for the premiere of "Morning Glory" at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City last night, but it was leading lady, Rachel McAdams, who caught everyone's eye with her sexy new 'do.

Tousled, textured and teased, the 31-year-old actress' hair has never looked better -- or bigger.

McAdams' locks were styled by Sebastian Professional hairstylist Thomas Dunkin. After collaborating with her makeup artist and wardrobe stylist, Thomas created the voluminous coif with a punch of rock star glam which looked especially stunning against the star's gray hip-hugging Lanvin strapless dress.

In "Morning Glory," McAdams plays a hard-working news producer with longer, straight brunette hair. But now the Hollywood A-lister has brightened things up with a warm blonde hue that perfectly complements her bigger, bolder style.

In addition to joining other top stars like Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum in this romantic comedy, McAdams also joins a major pouf hair trend this fall.

Loving this chic, sexy look? We are, too!

Thomas shares his step-by-step directions on how to get it:

1. Saturate freshly washed hair with Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray for heat protection and soft volume.

2. Blow dry hair using your hands to tousle and lift random sections while twisting hair in different directions until nearly dry.

3. Place hair in very large Velcro rollers in a brickwork pattern for maximum root lift. Complete drying with a diffuser, then allow the rollers to cool and set.

4. Remove rollers and apply a sparse amount of Sebastian Professional Matte Putty through the ends of the hair. Apply another blast of heat with the hair dryer to work up the hair's texture by massaging the roots with finger tips.

5. Part the hair low so that a big section of fringe falls sensually over one eye. To exaggerate the style and build up the shape, set the style with Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper by spraying into the stream of hot air from the hair dryer.

6. Apply Matte Putty again loosening the look with your hands and defining the sections for a disheveled but modern edge.


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Friday, November 5, 2010

'Dancing With the Stars' Hair Extensions

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne rocks the "Flirtini" ponytail from the "Dancing With the Stars" hair extensions line. Photo: Jill Johnson/jpistudios.com

So what if you can't Cha Cha or Tango like Jennifer Grey or Rick Fox on "Dancing With the Stars." At least you can look as glamorous as they do soaring across the dance floor.

Well, sort of.

Just in time for winter's long-haired wannabes, VogueWigs.com has announced their new "Dancing With the Stars" hair extensions and hairpieces line.

The collection features seven styles ranging from the Bellissima braided headband to the Bango Tango clip-in bangs to the SalsaLoosa hair wrap. And the hairpieces cost $10 to $49.

In honor of this week's 200th episode, Kelly Osbourne returned to the reality TV show sporting the Flirtini ponytail clipped into her platinum blonde locks. Does that mean the retro ponytail we spotted her with recently was a fake?

Either way, hair extensions are still as trendy as ever. Just promise us if you decide to give them a try, you won't end up looking like Britney's disheveled disaster!


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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Talking Fall Hair Color With Redken’s Tracey Cunningham

With November here, Fall has hit its stride, which means a couple of things: First, you’re likely coming to the end of your seasonal-transition skin issues (rejoice!) and, two, you’re probably considering a hair color change now that those summer sun streaks seem incongruous with the cooler temperatures. “I warm my clients’ shades up in the fall,” Tracey Cunningham told us. As Redken’s creative consultant for color and one half of Beverly Hills’ celeb-friendly salon Byron + Tracey, Cunningham knows a thing or two about color changes (she tends to the tresses of Kate Bosworth, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Jessica Biel on the regular). Here, the coiffing star talks deep mahogany and brilliant copper-red hues and name-drops the Victoria’s Secret Angel who currently boasts the most requested hair color in L.A.

So, why warmer for winter?
It’s funny how clients embrace the winter. You’d think that we’ve trained them to think that they need to go darker! But people just really want to do that. They really want to cozy up.

Break it down for us; how are you instructing your clients—be they brunette, red, or blonde?
For my brunette clients, I plan to keep their base a dark chocolate truffle hue with thick golden highlights starting from the mid-section of their hair; for redheads, I lean towards a single-process tone with no highlights, just vibrant deep mahogany tones; and blond locks will be light and golden—a California blonde with the base a shade darker to give some dimension to the look. Think Kate Bosworth for this blond shade, it pops on her and looks great with a red lip. Sometimes just doing a gloss will work—it will warm up your highlights to a caramel tone—or with solid color, it would just make it more rich.

Whoa—Kate Bosworth has been really blonde recently. Will that really work on everyone?
Well, Kate is naturally really blonde. People always ask, “What’s the perfect blond?” and it’s really whatever looks good with your skin tone. Like…Cameron Diaz can tan.

So is rich blond the color that a lot of people are asking for right now?
Actually, it’s red! Everyone is asking me for red. I think Emma Stone has had a made big impression. That’s the wish color of everyone, somewhere between Karen Elson and Emma Stone. There are certain people who can’t pull off that color, though. There are many different shades of red, but purple-red doesn’t really look good on a lot of people. Better to stick to more natural versions of red—reds that could occur in nature. I’ve always believed in natural tones; they look better on your hair and with your skin. And as far as upkeep is concerned, it’s way easier to maintain.

Speaking of upkeep, what about cold-weather maintenance? Are there things we should be doing differently in the fall or winter months to keep our color looking vibrant?
There’s no difference, really. I always recommend coloring every six to eight weeks, but for a single-process color, you should really do four to six weeks. Two months is just too long. In general, you should treat your hair like you would a fine garment—you wouldn’t throw a cashmere sweater into the wash! I love sulfate-free shampoos for gentle cleansing, but there are also great, color-safe, non-sulfate-free options from Redken, MorroccanOil, and Shu Uemura. I’m really into Redken’s Real Control Slim Supreme right now, which I use pre- and post-blow-out for nourishment. It’s just a really good blow-dry serum. It does everything—it gives shine and life to the hair.

Is there a specific fall style you’d recommend rocking with newly colored hair?
Buy some hot rollers—big, big hot rollers are awesome. Everybody looks good with a blow-out. And Lily Aldridge.

Lily Aldridge?
Yes. She’s the most commonly brought-in celebrity picture right now for color and style. Everyone brings in that J Brand ad and those Victoria’s Secret pictures. Sometimes I even take pictures of those pictures with my phone and text them to her because she’s a client. She loves it!

Shine Guide to Fall and Beauty

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Coloring resistent grey hair with organic color

Monday, November 1, 2010

THE REAL HAIR TRUTH by Joseph Kellner ~ Reviewed by HAIR NEWS NETWORK

The Real Hair Truth is a documentary by Joseph Kellner created for anyone considering a career in the hair industry, anyone new to the hair industry, as well as the professional independent stylist, and salon and business owner. Interviews are given with established artists and some highly revered icons in the world of hair who greatly contribute to inform on a variety of pertinent topics from different angles with varied opinions. The admirable Maurice Tidy, Robert Lobetta, Jess Briggs, Albie Mulcahy, Eric Charles Mokotoff, Claudia Diesti, Phil Stone...just to name a few...give brilliant and colorful contributions and opinions sharing their knowledge from individual experiences throughout.

The film is smartly made and moves fast, and is loaded with valuable information giving the viewer much to think about on topics varying from education, to booth renting vs commission vs salary, marketing and trade shows, to product diversion...and much much more. It is a film to pay close attention to, and offers more to take into careful consideration than can be absorbed in one viewing, when making business choices and mapping out ones career path.

Although you may or may not agree with all or any of Mr. Kellner's opinions and point of views, his diplomatic and emphatic delivery comes through as caring and sincere from the heart with a true passion for his craft, and proud reverence for the hair industry.

Whether as a platform for debate, or to gain knowledge and have eyes opened, or to be inspired and informed, this is a MUST see.

Thumbs up, Mr. Kellner!

by Kathryn Miller for Hair News Network

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