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Bubble Gum Styling Chair

Drexel Styling Chair in Portobello
The Avei Collection is the culmination of commitment to continue providing quality salon furniture to the beauty industry. Bringing together form and function, these new styling chairs feature upgraded, soft-to-the-touch upholstery, and unique design.
Finding that personal touch for your salon is now easier than ever! 

Front of Pink Evora Styling Chair

 Bubble Gum Styling Chair

Evora Styling Chair Right Side
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A New Style, Found With a Swipe

VIRGINIA MYERS, a software saleswoman from Manhattan, was in a hairstyling rut: She had been using a magazine picture of the actress Lisa Rinna as inspiration for a little too long. Her stylist, Mika Rummo at Salon AKS on Fifth Avenue, knew the drill. “She’s been going with this, or a version of this, for years,” Ms. Rummo said of her client during a recent visit.

Ms. Myers plopped down in the stylist chair and took out the dog-eared photograph (again). She added to that a few more weathered magazine clippings of spunky short haircuts, even opening her wallet at one point to show Ms. Rummo her driver’s license, which had an image depicting what she thought were better (hair) days. Piles of torn-out magazine and newspaper photographs were strewn across Ms. Rummo’s counter. A familiar salon scenario, but perhaps not for much longer.

Dismissing the debris, Ms. Rummo reached for an iPad docked beside her blow dryer. In less than 30 seconds, after opening a folder labeled “short hair” from her personal library of recently downloaded photographs, dozens of celebrity images had popped up, including photos of Annette Bening and Michelle Williams.

Ms. Rummo, familiar with Ms. Myers’s hair texture, zeroed in on the coiffure of Ellen DeGeneres. After an exchange during which Ms. Myers expressed fear of going too short in the back and Ms. Rummo warned of a mullet if she didn’t, Ms. Myers held the iPad up to the mirror, glanced between her reflection and the digital image of Ms. DeGeneres, and bravely declared: “Let’s do it.”

The owners of Salon AKS, which started using iPads instead of traditional tear-sheet albums in January, have not regretted their decision. “They definitely enhance the experience of the client,” said Alain Pinon, one of the salon’s owners. “Clients are sometimes afraid to express themselves with words, even if they have that folded-up picture. With the iPad, they feel much more comfortable and empowered to discuss different looks.”

Ms. Rummo said that she spends up to 20 minutes consulting with a client over different looks using the free MyGallery app. And unlike the months-old images found in dusty tear-sheet albums, ones on the iPad allow for up-to-the-minute results. For example, the salon downloaded images from the 2011 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute gala for its clients the next day.

The iPads are also great for rapidly locating specialized or older looks, she said. “If someone comes in and asks a younger stylist for a Veronica Lake look, the stylist might have no idea who that is,” Ms. Rummo said. With the iPad, stumped hairdressers can now call up pictures of Ms. Lake, the 1940s actress famous for her peekaboo waves.

It’s not just the stately Fifth Avenue salons that are using tablets. In Little Korea on East 32nd Street, Aate Beauty Salon has the devices stuck to the wall with Velcro in front of each chair. But it uses them more to entertain clients than to consult with them. “This is the first time someone has handed me an iPad at a hair salon, and I don’t have one, so I’m excited,” said Jill Ganey, a hedge-fund employee getting a single-process color and keratin treatment there the other day. “I said ‘I’ll have a magazine,’ but my stylist handed me this instead. At first I said ‘no,’ but then I said, ‘Sure, I’ll try it out.’ ”

It did not take long for Ms. Ganey to get the hang of it; she was busy shopping online at Saks Fifth Avenue while waiting for her stylist to return.

“Before the iPad was even in most stores, I ordered them for the salon from the Internet,” said Jun Lee, the owner of Aate Beauty Salon. “I knew immediately that they would be good for business, and I wanted to be the first salon to have them.” Meanwhile, print magazines have been banished to a rack in the back of the salon.

But magazines are fighting back and developing service apps to stay in the game. Last month, InStyle introduced one, InStyle Hairstyle Try-On, which invites users to sample different celebrity hairstyles by uploading a photo of themselves and then having their faces scanned for “type.” Once a face shape, or type, like heart or square, has been established, users may scroll through various hairstyles, which are grouped by type, celebrity, length, color and style.

There are also trendy hair collections called packs, like “sexiest short haircuts,” “red carpet curls,” and “retro cuts that work today.” Users can adjust a hairstyle by dragging small dots, which soften the helmet-head effect that usually happens with these sorts of programs. They can also change hair color instantaneously. The app, which updates its looks every two weeks, also offers a salon finder feature, using information from the Beauty Blackbook, a directory of area salons that have been selected by InStyle editors.

Magazine brand extensions go beyond hair. This fall, Allure will introduce its popular Best of Beauty iShopper App for the iPad (The iPhone version has already been downloaded 74,000 times, a magazine spokeswoman said). Users can search for the winning products by category (lips, skin, eyes) and then locate the closest store selling them.

And Self offers makeup application how-to videos (like how to wear red lipstick) and recently began a partnership with Videolicious for an iPhone app, in which staff editors produce an original video, and then ask readers to respond with their own. This produces a constantly updated exchange of information. One current (and popular) theme is “What’s in your beauty bag?”

Apps aside, iPad versions of traditional beauty magazines feature products and concepts that look like “they are going to pop off the screen,” said Linda Wells, the editor of Allure, referring to the magazine’s 360-degree photography, which gives iPad users the ability to read a hair story and get a 360-degree view of the style, “something that’s difficult to convey on the printed page.”

As for Ms. Myers, she has no nostalgia for her crumpled clippings. “The iPad is a great way to quickly compare, visualize and make a decision,” she said after her experience at Salon AKS. And more important: “I love the cut.”


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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Funny, unique, or ingenius international salon names

As “Salon-trepreneurs”, we tend to spend a lot of time coming up with creative and catchy salon names, and for good reason. The name of your salon can be one of the differentiating factors in determining your salon’s success or failure. A good salon name will be easy to remember, represent the level and attitude of your service appropriately, and help set the culture, brand image, and atmosphere of your salon.
Often, the names we choose have special meaning to our specific town or region. Today, we’re honoring the International salon’s with unique names and applaud there efforts to come up with truly interesting and engaging names. Although many of these names may not translate well here in the states, perhaps there is a hidden lesson to learn here. It is difficult to disagree with the degree to which these salon names stand out and attract attention.

These international salons have been found in dealing with many salons around the world or sent in from our salon clients. They represent a selection of salon’s that have bold, fresh, and courageous names that work for them in building their identity. In some cases, we may find humor in their names, which may be there specific strategy to maximize the attention, brand awareness, and brand attention their salon name brings them. Regardless of what the marketing or strategic reasons that drove these salon professionals to name their salon, their innovative approach should prove interesting, especially if you are considering a new salon’s name or a new name for an existing salon.
These specific salon names were not chosen because we feel that they are the best salon names available. Rather, they were selected for the boldness, avant huard, creativity, puns and humor behind them. In future weeks, we will have additional posts focusing on salon names and highlight other markets or approaches.
Please leave comments to suggest a salon name that you think has a special flare that we should look at. We’ll look forward to hearing your suggestions!

“Ass” Hair Salon

Best Little “Hair” house

British “Hairways”

“C•Men” Salon

“Destroy” Hair and Beauty

The “Head Shed” Salon

“Headonizm” Salon

“Komm Hair” Salon

“Scissor’s Palace” Salon

“Comme Hair” Salon

“Hair Potatoes”

“Piss Salon”

“Mafia Salon”

“Cut-the-Crap” Salon

“Million Hair’s” Salon

“Head Case” Salon

“Crops and Bobbers” Salon

“Killin Kutz” Salon

“Head Office” Salon

“Shearborn Stylists” (not airborn virus)

Organic Salon Sytems

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Jaw-Dropping Hat WOWS at Royal Race

Model Anneka-Tanaka-Svenska poses for the media in a lavish costume and head piece on the first day of the Royal Ascot horse race meeting at Ascot, England, Tuesday, June, 14, 2011.  Ascot  is celebra
(AP Photo/Alastair Grant)
Model Anneka-Tanaka-Svenska poses for the media in a lavish costume and head piece on the first day of the Royal Ascot horse race meeting at Ascot, England, Tuesday, June, 14, 2011. Ascot is celebrating its 300 years of horse racing at the Royal Racecourse, that began when Britain's Queen Anne spotted an open heath suitable for racing, with the first race run in August 1711, and a prize of some 100 guineas.

Yahoo ~ Snapshots: Week of June 17

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hair Extensions: Stars Go to Great Lengths This Summer

Hayden Panettiere Olivia Munn Jessica Alba Hair Extensions Hayden Panettiere, Oliva Munn and Jessica Alba sport hair extensions. Photos: Theo Wargo/WireImage for Vans | David Livingston/Getty Images | Michael Buckner/Getty Images
When the heat is on, most women opt for shorter, cropped 'dos, but some of our favorite stars are going to great lengths this summer.

"Extensions can be very fun and rewarding," celebrity stylist and Hair Basics expert Ted Gibson tells StyleList. "They can range in price from $500-$5,000 and last from two weeks to four months, depending on which hair extensions you and your stylist decide on."

Hayden Panettiere, who has turned heads with her frequent hair switch-ups, attended the Vans Custom Culture Contest event in New York City on June 2 rocking wavy blond extensions. At the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation benefit on yesterday, Olivia Munn gathered her long, dark lengths into a ponytail and left out a few face-framing pieces. And for the Covenant House California Gala last Thursday, Jessica Alba paired her gorgeous mommy-to-be glow with layered, sun-kissed extensions for a half-up, half-down hairstyle.

Anxious to lengthen your locks like these celebs? Check out the expert advice below on how to style and care for hair extensions.

Not all extensions are created equal. "Always consult with a professional when it comes to hair extensions. You have to try and seek out the perfect extension type suitable for your hair, says Angelo David, celebrity stylist and salon owner. "Human hair extensions (especially Remy Hair) are by far the best, and they have to be customized according to your hair and the look you want to achieve like the Couture Hair Addition services we offer. Regular salon visits are important to keep your extensions in good shape."

Ask and you shall receive. Stylist Peter Santana of Sean Donaldson Hair in Miami, Florida believes there are three questions every pro should pose before you sit down in the chair:
• What look do you want to achieve?
• What length are you looking for?
• What is your face type and body frame?

It's all about blending and layering. "When extensions are applied, it is key to blend them with the client's hair to achieve a more natural look. Never wear extensions at one length. We suggest a lot of layering," recommends Santana. "When cutting the hair, make sure to use a razor but don't overdo it as the hair will look frayed. Be careful how much pressure you put on your hair extensions with accessories -- it can pull them out."

Paddle away. "The most important tool is a professional paddle brush made especially for extensions," says Santana. "It is important to always brush the hair from the bottom up."

Say no to alcohol. "Products are so important to maintaining a beautiful mane of hair," says Amoy Pitters, celebrity stylist that tends to the tresses of Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys and Sheryl Crow. "Alcohol-based products should not be used. Instead, focus on more oil-based products like shea or argon and a little goes a long way. Too much product will wear your hair down and increase build-up on the scalp."

Don't sleep on at-home hair maintenance. "Before taking a shower, slowly brush your hair upwards to prevent breakage. Use intense hydrating shampoo and conditioners followed by a great detangler and a wide-tooth comb. Apply a leave-in conditioner and let hair air-dry for a summer look, or apply a frizz control product like ANgelo David Zero-Frizz Control when blow-drying to protect it from excessive heat," says David.

Know when it's time to let go. "Keeping extensions in too long can cause major hair or scalp damage," adds Pitters. "I tell my clients to take them out after 10-12 weeks."

Did you know that hair extensions have now become a hot commodity among thieves?


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How to Net Weave (Full head weave sew-in)

Sunday, June 12, 2011



DIY Tips on Styling Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become a popular way to add volume and length to your hair. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham have been sporting hair extensions for years. One of the best things about human hair extensions is that you can style them just like your normal hair.

  1. Flowing Curls

    • If you have straight hair, you can add hair extensions to give your locks more volume. This extra volume will make any curly style look luxurious and full. When applying the extensions, make sure to layer them throughout your hair. This is relatively easy to do if you are using glue-in wefts, but you may need some help when applying them to the back of your head. Going to a salon to get your extensions done is recommended, since the stylist can sew or clip them in for you.
      Once you have layered your extensions, apply a curl-holding cream to your tresses, including the extensions. Use a large-barreled curling iron to create big, full curls and waves. Don't be afraid to mix your natural hair in with your extensions; extensions are supposed to flow, and the best way to make the style look as natural as possible is by incorporating the false hair with the real hair.


    • Many stylists will add hair extensions when their clients ask for a formal updo. This is especially true for people with thin hair, since extensions add a lot of volume and depth. The extensions will typically be added to the back portion of the head, since this is where most of the volume will sit for an updo. A sleek updo can be created by simply applying the extensions and rolling them into a French twist at the back of your head. This will give the French twist a thicker, more luxurious look.
      In contrast, try creating a coiled updo by applying extensions and using a medium-barreled curling iron to curl select pieces of hair. Pull all of the hair into a ponytail and twist it into a thick rope. Clip the hair into place with bobby pins, making sure not to pull the hair too tight. This look is meant to be looser and more Bohemian, with curls lightly falling out and brushing against your back and around your face. Once you have secured the hair, let the remaining strands at the top fall, creating a waterfall look from the top of your head. Use the curling iron to curl the falling hair.


    • Keep in mind that hair extensions, although made of human hair, will not last forever. Because there is no root, there is no source of moisture or nutrients. This means that excessive use of heating instruments such as curling irons and straightening irons will shorten the life of your hair extensions.
      One way to avoid using heat every day is by using rollers. By applying rollers into wet hair and letting it air dry, you are minimizing the damage to both your real hair and your hair extensions. Using rollers will also give your hair a more natural look. Try applying a curl-holding cream or a moisturizing serum to your hair before applying the rollers for extra curl and shine.
      When brushing your extensions, use a soft bristle brush. This causes a lot less damage than plastic brushes or combs. The best way to brush your extensions is by starting at the ends and working your way up with the soft bristle brush. Brushing your extensions from the weft to the ends can cause a lot of tension and pulling, which will damage your natural hair and cause your extensions to fall out sooner.


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Jaime King's Tousled Faux Bob: Celebrity Beauty Look of the Day

Jaime King
Jaime King's tousled faux bob. Photo: AXELLE/BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM

On a sweltering hot day like today, we're taking hair notes from Jaime King.

The 32-year-old model-turned-actress styled her blond locks in a tousled faux bob to attend the "Super 8" movie premiere in Westwood, California last night. King's clever updo is a simple way to keep it chic and cool during warm-weather months.

Want to score a faux bob like King's? Watch the video below for tips from celebrity stylist and Hair Basics expert Ted Gibson.


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Michael M Haase and

IGORA SENEA TUTORIAL with Claudia by Dieter Kaiser

Friday, June 10, 2011

Get certified with Ultratress on June 27th in Orlando, Florida

Get Certified for FREE by Ultratress Extensions Ultratress II Extensions are quick to apply & easy to remove.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Furor May Be Brewing Over Feather Fashion

From farm to fashion, a new style fad is challenging businesses, sweeping popular culture and inviting consideration of animal welfare.
Through word of mouth and exposure from celebrities such as singer Steven Tyler, using rooster feathers as hair accessories has become a craze in the beauty industry.
“I went to a concert, and they were actually doing them in the parking lot,” said Amanda Giglio, account manager at Pure Extensions, a Santa Monica company carrying the feathers. “So I thought, 'Wow, those are totally rad, I want them.' I bought two and put them in my hair, and bought some for my friends. I love them.”
Giglio said every salon and stylist who has worked with Pure also loves them and wants to order more.
“The feathers have definitely brought in a new sense of clientele from the younger [set] to the older [set],” said Sarah Anguiano, stylist at Santa Monica's Salon 1452. “I think it introduces something new, something that isn’t too far off the charts and something that’s not too edgy. It can be soft, yet a little bit more dramatic.”
Originally used for fly-fishing tackle, the feathers are in such high demand that fly shops are having a hard time keeping up.                                   
Blake Leathers, owner of Far West Fly Shop in Costa Mesa, said the beauty and fashion industries have been beneficial in supplementing the fly-tying industry.
“More business is good business, it always is, and more customers is a positive thing,” he said. “It is helping out the economy and it is helping out some of the fly fishermen such as myself."
Tom Whiting, owner of Whiting Farms Inc. in Delta, CO, said he believes the fad may be driving the economy on a tiny scale but may actually be hurting it in other ways.
“My fly-fishing feather business was about 75 percent export, which is very good,” he said. “Now this phenomenon so far has been largely in the United States, so I’ve pulled back from my exports to satisfy this. From a macroeconomic point of view, it’s sort of taking away from our balance of trade on a very tiny incremental amount.”
Whiting said the trend has had a profound effect on his business, and he’s sure it hasn’t even played out to the fullest extent yet. By November, individual shops were already putting in orders exceeding what he could produce in a year, which he said was impossible to deal with.
“Frankly, it was getting fairly ugly. They said if they submitted an order I had to produce it and supply it at that price, and I said, 'Well if I don’t have the product, I can’t very well do that, so I’m sorry.' ”
The roosters are bred and processed, or killed, for their feathers, an issue that could attract concern from some people and animal-rights groups given the mainstream popularity the feathers have gained.                                  
“I haven’t seen too much roar, I should say, about the amount of birds that they’re consuming for that, but I’m sure that that’s imminent; it will happen,” said Leathers.
Amelia Jensen, college campaigns assistant at PETA, said the organization’s cruelty investigators could not recall receiving any complaints about the industry and were not very familiar with the process.
“Of course we are still opposed to the use of animal products as part of a business model, be it for fishing or beauty, because supply and demand will require that animals then be killed in order to fill orders,” she said. “Plus, as soon as animals are turned into mere commodities, they cease being thought of as living, feeling animals. Any corners that can be cut to save a dime are [cut], even if that means increased pain and suffering for the animal.”
Whiting said the roosters at his farm are kept in individual spaces within environmentally controlled sheds, where they can see and communicate with other roosters without the possibility of harming each other.
“They live very, very, pampered lives, probably the most pampered lives of any commercial chicken in the world,” he said. “They’re not packed in the house like the egg layer or a meat chicken that’s on the floor. I know about those other industries but I didn’t really want to do them; this appeals to me a lot more.”
He said while his production capacity is the largest in the world, it still has a limit and is always completely full to spread the cost of production. In order to meet the demands of the beauty industry, he has shifted his balance of product lines to favor the Eurohackle, the genetic line containing the right combination of traits desired by beauty consumers.
Although some fly fishermen are unhappy about having less access to the feathers, Whiting said they don’t pay the prices that beauty professionals are offering.
“It’s been very interesting and a bit bizarre,” he said. “I never thought I’d be in any kind of fashion activity; I’m a chicken farmer, you know. It’s brought a lot of attention, and I guess everyone likes attention.”


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Friday, June 3, 2011

CodeofProVikramPania |

CodeofProVikramPania |

Our Salon Management Guru has a special advice when it comes as a part of successful management.

We always appoint a staff only on the bases of his previous employment but we forget to set their guide line as it is very important to have a professional work flow to avoid any negative situation which harm our salon performs and growth.

Salon Guidelines to Professionalism

Listen to the client. This is a key skill to learn and is important once we mastered the art of listening. We do say "ke staff baat nahi karaga toh kasie chalega?" Just be more mature when you listen to the client you attend and will know what their needs are. The fact is you will be more popular if you list to others.

Quality Service: Everybody talks about Service. Client is not a fool be ready to give the genuine products what you promise and always be ready to serve your client to the best of your skill at all give times and never reject your client the proper amount of service time. Remember he has an option to step in other salon.

Consult you client. I have visited more than 1000+ salon in India and have noticed that many do not perform the system of consultation before they start the service. At all times consult with your client prior to any service. Make sure that the client understands the cost of any service he/she ask for or is being suggested by the stylist. In doing so, you establish good communication and avoid costly mistakes and misunderstanding. A professional consultation will always encourage a good relationship with your client and make him confident about the services offered by the salon.

Salon Team and Teamwork: Support and teamwork with your salon staff and colleagues is the key principal to success. Always guide and help your co-worker whenever possible. Each individual member of the salon is an important part of the salon team. A team doesn't win without a strong team efforts

Please Avoid: gossip between salon clients and or members of the salon staff. It is negative form of professionalism which brings down our growth. To join in gossip is to allow negativity to enter into your salon performs and growth. This threatens the every individual growth such as salon, staff, owner, prosperity, and harmony of our Salon. Do not allow gossip to continue in your salon. Management should monitor such activity and stop it. In case of a staff reporting, he/she should be positive and practical and not a complainer. Be proud to be part of your salon and our hair and beauty industry.

Support: Be helpful of each other. Have respect for each other as a staff or owner. You are more likely to prosper in an honest and respectful salon environment than a negative one.

King: Your client is the King. Make him/her feel important. Pay attention in your client and he/she will feel important. Keep discussion between staff to a minimum because it can make the client feel unimportant.

Communication & Language: Speak correctly at all times. Do not showoff yourself. Just humble, courteous, and respectful to you client as well as you team at all times. Good com-mu-ni-ca-tion is the answer to joint understanding between the Salon and its employees/employer/clients. It should be always a two way traffic.

CodeofProVikramPania |

CodeofProVikramPania |

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Extra Extra! Summer Hair Trends for 2011

This summer, fashion takes a serious turn and mixes all kinds of styles into a pretty little thing called trend. Summer Hair Trends for 2011 announce that the 70’s are back through afro hairstyles, masculinity is reflected into short and punk hairstyles and minimalism is successful through high definition.
What are the major trends for this summer? The Androgynous Garcon, the Effortless, the Luminous and the Sassy.
In 2010, the Androgynous Garcon was raising more and more. In 2011, this hairstyle is at its peak. It is dominating and heavily daring. When it first appeared in 1920, the Garcon hairstyle was seen as the next step in women’s evolution. The ‘20s woman was gaining power, she was a fighter but also seductive.
This year, Balmain and Balenciaga went for this boyish look, short and disheveled. The Balmain models have loose hairstyles, short and free. This is a highly popular hairstyle for this summer and many supermodels already took the step.
balmain 2011
Balenciaga presents models that are nonconformist. They launched the short messy hair, with a strong Toni&Guy foundation. A cool hairstyle that gains more and more success.

Chanel decided to pass the messy and go for a chic and elegant look. I wasn’t surprise that Chanel took this decision. This brand is marked by refinement, which anyone can observe in all their shows.

The Effortless hairstyle started to emerge about 2 years ago. Only this year it’s become a real trend. Effortless hairstyles look incredibly sexy. The advantage is that it allows you to go crazy with the make-up and attires. This is one fine hairstyle that I believe is here to stay.
For Cheap and Chic, Moschino defined their models as young, fresh and positive. This hairstyle has an out-of-bed vibe, but creating it is a complex process.

DSquared has stylized and well defined buns, with few locks plucked out for a careless effect.

The Luminous hairstyle highlights all features. This is a minimalist style that combines delicacy with constraint.
DKNY chose this look for their 2011 show and it looked amazing. Hair was pulled towards the back and was stylized with simplicity, which went perfectly with their naught variety.

Marc Jacobs also found minimalism inspiring, only his collection best suited the smooth large curls, stylized naturally with a touch of the 70’s.
marc jacobs 2011
I loved the Acne look for 2011. It looks fantastic. It’s simple and slightly waved.

The Sassy is passionate, sophisticated and likes rich hair. This hairstyle is armed with serious volume and gives a sexy, savage look.
Miu Miu dazzled everybody with their fun, sensual and insolent look. Hair is completely frizzed and loose, creating a dramatic look for their colored collection.

I love the way hair art is evolving. And Summer  Hair Trends for 2011 are a real kicker. I myself will indulge in an unleashed Garcon look. Go ahead, just pick one for yourself!

Body On Rocks

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UNITE EUROTHERAPY Creative Stimulation Workshop

Crystal Wright's Portfolio Building Workshop. Makeup Hair and Styling.