Sunday, January 9, 2011

It all began in London…JLife Haircare

It all began in London…

When a top celebrity stylist at the top of the tree suddenly saw that hairdressing was more than catwalk styling & magazine photo shoots.
It was so much more than that. It was about people and their lives. Real people living real lives. So he set about changing the way he thought about hair, the way he coloured and cut. It was then he saw that things had become too complicated; styles too ornate for the everyday life of real people. He had discovered the principle of styling for living.

That man was Andrew Jose.

Yet there was more he had to do. He saw that whilst there were professional products in abundance they too had become so complicated, with many additives and claims that couldn’t be met. The ranges had become unmanageable and unknowable for the working stylist to really properly work with.
Then he saw many of the big brands deserting and diverting and the problems that caused the professional and their relationship with their customer.

It was then that JLife was born.

Working with top industry technicians he discovered the secret of Sea Moss and worked specifically on developing a range of products to meet the everyday needs of the stylist. Each one fit for purpose and doing exactly what it claimed. No more, no less.
The coming together of philosophy and product in a range designed with the hairstylist in mind; for customers to use for themselves to keep the look and feel created for them and their lifestyle.

JLife First Seen in USA

There was a man who had worked successfully for one of the biggest names yet he had become tired of the way his customers were being treated.
It was then he discovered JLife and wanted JLife to be available in the USA. A base in Salt Lake City was set up to distribute JLife far and wide.

Discovering JLife

All over America from Georgia to California top independently minded stylists are discovering JLife. It is a small compact range of high performing, great looking, wonderful smelling products, delivering happy customers to hairstylists in the know!! Go to

Let your discovery begin…

JLife Haircare 


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