Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ez-vex Next Generation Sharpener Now Available to Sharpeners

Clipper Shacks Sharpening Company

The Clipper Shack Builds Two Quality Machines
The Ez-Vex Sharpening System & the Nipper Sharpening System
(Our Personal Training is FREE on these sharpening systems)  
Clipper Shack Sharpening Company has been in business since 1985.
Business # 1-740-671-1940 or our fax # 1- 740-671-9754
We Offer Clipper Blade Sharpening, Scissor Shear Sharpening and Nail Tech Nipper Sharpening.
Click the Pages of Interest on our Website:
Sharpening Services that we offer (see all the services we offer in sharpening)
Nail Nipper Sharpening Services (we sharpen manicure & podiatry nippers)
Customer Sharpening Forms to Print out (for our sharpening customers to use)
Nipper Sharpening Machine (We sell our own custom built Nipper Sharpening System)
Order The Nipper Sharpening Machine (How to Purchase a Nipper Sharpening System)
View Both of our Sharpening Systems we Build and Sell

Check out our twitter page TWITTER
Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

You can Print out our Sharpening Form to see all of our prices and also our Shipping Fees.
Just Click Sharpening Forms on the left side of our website.
All the information you will need is to send in Nippers, Clipper Blades, Shears or
Scissors are listed on that Form.

You will learn about Our Sharpening Services and our Nail Nipper Sharpening System by going to all the pages of this website. You will also learn about our
NEW SHARPENING SYSTEM THE EZ-VEX Learn about all our sharpening services we offer and about our custom made Nipper sharpening system that we sell

We are open in our sharpening business Monday thru Friday We Answer Questions on the Nipper Sharpening System as well as the Ez-Vex our new shear sharpening machine any day of the week. 740-671-1940 or email us at
Our Fax machine stays on 7 days a week to accept faxes across the USA
ON Fridays we either schedule our FREE hands on Training teaching our nail nipper sharpening machine,
Or we travel on site pre-schedualed salons for Shear, Nipper and Clipper Blade Sharpening.

Our Free Hands on Training is NOT limited to Fridays only. We will accommodated the day and times to meet the customers needs.
You can see our
Nail Nipper Sharpening System Short Preview video on this website on our
Nipper Sharpening DVD page.

The Clipper Shack Sharpens for Professional of all kinds. We offer Services to Pet Groomers, Beauticians, Veterinarian's, Barbers, Nail Techs, Podiatrist, Lab Techs, Farmers, Livestock Fitters, and More.

Our Mailing Address is:
54115 Pipe Creek Rd
Jacobsburg Ohio 43933

We are located in Ohio only 1 hour & 20 minutes from Pittsburg PA Airport.
And we are located only 15 miles From Wheeling WV.

Clipper Shack

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