Sunday, July 17, 2011

Easy Salon Newsletters

Susan Vincent, Easy Salon NewslettersMy name is Susan Vincent. I owned a small spa in Staunton, VA for 10 years, a very small spa. Frustrated by the ups and downs of business and a disgust for discounting, I began a quest to find other ways to seek out business.
A writer all my life, I took a copywriting course through American Writers & Artists Institute. That’s when I discovered I could harness the power of words to attract business.
Further association with Worldwide Salon Marketing taught me to move away from discounting, and to embrace the far better principle of value-adding. That’s when I began a very humble print newsletter.
Much to my surprise, clients not only responded, they loved the content!
The newsletter helped to build a loyalty fence around my customers, resulting in tighter relationships. In one year, business grew 35%!
Quickly, I added the online version for customers who preferred digital. It, too, pulled in clients and kept them close, referring new customers, buying gift certificates and making appointments.
In February 2010,I sold my spa and made the natural leap to writing and publishing newsletters for salons and spas. I consider it a joy and a passion to do this work!

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