Sunday, May 4, 2014

Medeiros Troupe – Hair Hang

Eight Person Hair-Hang and Motorcycle High wire
The circus is the place where real legends appear, it’s the place where excitement is taken to unheard-of levels. In Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents LEGENDS, we are proud to bring back The Medeiros Hair Hang Act like you’ve never imagined it. This larger-than-life act features not two, but eight female performers from countries around the world including the U.S., Brazil, Bulgaria and Ukraine. These ‘hairialists’ perform a combination of choreography and cut-ups including spinning, hanging from hoops, and rolling down wrapped silks, all while being suspended 35 feet in the air by their hair alone! In this hair-raising act, audiences will even see the weight of three girls held aloft by the locks of only one of these tangled beauties.

                                                            This  one-of-a-kind act is the brainchild of husband and wife team Andre and Viktoria Medeiros. Together, Brazilian-born Andre and his Bulgarian-born wife Viktoria have devised and improved the mechanisms and methods making possible the myriad of maneuvers this troupe will perform for audiences. It is Andre’s attention to every detail, even welding the three different rigs that the girls hang from, that keeps his troupe safe and sound each and every time the act is presented.

Returning, Viktoriya Medeiros and Widny Neves are suspended high-above the arena floor as they spin, twirl and hang only using the strands of their partner's hair. This year they have added six new girls to the troupe: Samantha Pitard, Viktorila Liakhova, Dayana Costa, Julissa Segrera, Stefany Neves and Svitlana Balanicheva. The former clowns, aerialists and dancers worked together on last year’s show and were chosen by Andre and Viktoriya based on each performer’s hair, height, back and neck.

Viktoriya and Widny also perform alongside Andrey in a dueling motorcycle high-wire act that is sure to rev up Children Of All Ages. Executing impressive aerial feats, Viktoriya will perform bold stunts on a trapeze bar attached to the motorcycle, as he cruises on a wire the width of a human thumb.

Hair Hangers’ Hair Care:
  • Air Dry Only
  • No Flat Iron
  • No Brushing When Wet
  • Special Shampoo
  • Daily Vitamins

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  1. This is just a wild story all together but I am glad you guys covered it.
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