Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bieber Haircut

scaled2 The Bieber Haircut: The Reason Why Justin Cut His Hair

The world is in a tizzy. Not because of a revolution here or a pirate hijacking there. But because the one and only Justin Bieber cut his hair. The beloved singer changed up his iconic hair making many a preteen weep and many a boy bummed that they just spent $150 to get the same look. Justin Bieber’s hair was so much a part of his style, his look, his iconography. So why did he change his hair?

 Next week is his birthday when he’ll be turning 17. Since he’s getting older, now seems like a perfect time to get a fresher, more mature look. Also, if he is to grow as an artist, as an icon, as a superstar, he has to change things up every now and then. Take Madonna or Justin Bieber’s idol Michael Jackson, in their heyday they were always mixing up their image. So if Justin Bieber is going to reign supreme, you fans are going to have to get used him changing his look every so often. And you guys who just went out and got the “Bieber?” Yeah, sorry about that.


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