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2011 Oscar review...

Hair trend of the evening...loose, loopy, curling-ironed curls, fire-redhaired singer Florence Welch (and the Machine), and styles with low parts, swept across the face with one side tucked behind the ear, Gwennyth Paltrow was the only star wearing straight hair and looked stunning in her slinky Calvin Klein sheath.
Gown fabric trend of the evening...Lace.
Happily, there were no hair-fashion disasters...oh wait, unless you count Sandra Bullock's done-in-the-back of the limo updo, Hilary Swank's mess, (did they do each other's hair in the limo?) , Emma Roberts (it's an occasion Emma dear, just try a little?) Marissa Tomei's half-hearted waves, (but fabulous earrings), Heidi Klum's dreadful attempt at a 1930's look and Melissa Lee's washer-woman updo, OK, she's an Oscar winner so she gets a pass on the hair, but the dress...feh!
And please... Heidi, Melissa and Jackie Weaver... what's with the dresses made out of mirrors?
If there was anyone more adorable than Hailee Steinfeld at the show I didn't see her...Waearing a fabulous pink Marchesa 'ballet' dress and a sweet up-do with a tiara across the top, just lovely.
KABC Presenter Michelle Tuzee's updo was uptight, too stiff and solid.
Celebrities who needed their roots-regrowth done seemed to be everywhere...Presenter Maria Menounos's were at lease 3 inches long, distracting because the rest of her hair-color, a warm brown with golden hilights looked lovely. She wore her hair in a half-updo with height on the crown and her shoulder-length extensions were loosely looped around her shoulders, one of which was bare, the other side a long sleeve on her sleek black-velvet gown.
Sexiest babes of the night were Mila Kunis whose gorgeous lavender peek-a-boob gown forgave the dreadful assymetrical hair disaster, Jennifer Lawrence whose fabulous long blonde (her regrowth was showing a little too) layers, with ivory hilights, effortlessly set off her slinky red 'Maillot (tank) style sheath dress beautifully...(hard to imagine her 'skinnin' squirrels in that outfit), Amy Adams in a slinky blue L' Wren Scott (that's Mick Jagger's six-foot four-inch Amazonian girlfriend) gown with her long (usually hot red, but tonight somewhat subdued) hair softly waved, and the hands-down glamorous shining-star of the night...Anne Hathaway.
Now Ms. Hathaway certainly has gorgeous hair to work with but her hairstylist Adir Abergel gave her not 5, or even 8, but count 'em, 10 different, stunning styles, (that's more great hairstyles than Liz Taylor had husbands)...which included:
Red-Carpet Spanish-inspired, low-bun updo
Loose long waves
High ponytail
A Grecian-inspired updo with a fake braid across the top
Another loose loopy-curl look with a center part
An assymetrical updo
A stick-straight glossy look
A side-parted bun updo and the loosely waved 'after-party' do...
It takes great skill to manipulate hair into so many different looks in so little time and have each one look great, glossy and polished...A Tour de Force of hairstyling...Bravo Adir!...(Google him, he's happening). Anne's makeup by Kate Lee was equally gorgeous.
Jennifer Hudson's assymetric up'ndown-do, higher on one side than the other was interesting,  but her orange gown was a little too boobalicious for the ladies in the crowd where I watched the show
Tori Spelling's 1940's-inspired bleached-bob was sweet and suited her well, Kelly Osborne fixed her roots since the Golden Globes and looked hot'n'sexy in her bleached-out Brigitte Bardot updo, Kim Kardashian's huge extensions were a great counterbalance to her mighty booty, Kate Blanchett's lilac, vintage Givenchy with mustard-colored  'smears' around the neckline, didn't do much for her, but her beautiful blond hair color set off the Peter Gray side-parted bob very sweetly, Annette Bening's swept-back Pompadour was more groomed than her recent golden Globe's 'punked-out' look, nice, the stunning Reece Witherspoon's high, 1960's inspired upsweep with a 'fall' on the crown was charming, perky, (if there's a perkier girl in Hollywood than Reece, I haven't discovered yet her) and very sexy, although that root-regrowth problem cropped up again, the fall was all bright blonde but her own scraped-back hair was in real need of a retouch to make it match...Nicole Kidman's plain-Jane ponytail with skinny side-bangs wasn't very glam and she's so tall that her poor little husband, the adorable Keith Urban's angelic cut and hilights made him look like she'd brought her little cousin or her puppy along to the show...Helena Bonham-Carter looked, sexy, dangerous and downright wonderful, her fake hair piled so high and huge that I'm sure Johnny Depp was hiding in there somewhere...
Michelle Williams is so pretty, her hair color is beautiful, so is her haircut, (a very short shape with longer interior layers)...sadly, it doesn't look good on her...she needs length and softness around her face...Her Highness Helen Mirren's short layers looked chic and her color is cleverly natural-looking...Majestic!...Celine Dion's glossy hair color was superb, warm brown, understated...
Stunner of the night...Halle Berry... If you have a tiny, perfect face with flawless skin, please get a cut like Halle's, chic, sexy, smart, she's got it all.
Presenter Robin Roberts also rocked the very short 'do.
Controversial style of the night...Scarlett Johanssen's messily half-curled do...While her hair-color was rather ashy and uninteresting, the dishevelled, 'curling-ironed-tweaked'style was a departure from everything else on show, it was very cleverly not- trying-too-hard to be polished, an anti-fashion fashion while her plum-colored lacy dress fit her curves like a glove (without fingers of course) and her lipstick matched beautifully. A hit!
Natalie Portman, in a lovely plum/purple gown, wore another assymetric hair disaster, flat on top and lank, with the ends lazily curled with a curling-iron...three mitigating factors however...first, Natalie doesn't have really great hair to begin with, second, she's pregnant, which plays havoc with a girl's hair and third, SHE WON THE OSCAR, so, all is forgiven for the fabulous NAT! 
As to the men...
Since when did ties go with a tuxedo?
Best dressed men of the evening:
Tim Gunn whose tux was impeccably cut and fit perfectly
Valentino, who knows a thing or three about what a well-cut garment looks like.
Co-stars Rush and Firth, (sounds like an accountancy corporation).
To Justin Timberlake, who, to my amazement many women seem to find irresistible...why the Q-Tip hairdo? Justin has very curly hair naturally which suits him much better a little longer, even the clips of his performance in Social network showed how much better. He needs to grow it out and relax it to calm it down.
Mark Ruffalo has very nice hair, going gray a little but who cares, certainly not the ladies with whom I watched the show. (Ruffalo's lovely wife Sunrise, wore a chin-length 'Ana Wintour' bob, beautifully colored and high-lighted but again, the dreaded roots needed a retouch).
Christian Bale, (whose father David was married to feminist icon Gloria Steinem for three years until his death in 2003), was born in Wales, his family is English and he was raised in England, Portugal and the US...his real accent is pure London and decidedly working-class, he speaks with an American accent while acting in or promoting his American films so as not to confuse his audience. A quote from his IMDB page: "I only sound intelligent when there's a good scriptwriter around".:.Just as well he can act, is handsome, talented and has nice hair and a ginger beard... 
Special-effects makeup-wizard Rick Baker's middle-of-his-back white ponytail with short top actually looks great, it's the one in a million, just like him.
Random great hair...George Lucas...OK, he's a billionaire (twice) and has at least that many chins, but what great hair!   Kirk Douglas, (whose son Michael inherited his great hair)  still has nice hair and a ton of personality and fun and did shtick, despite his recent stroke, but should be remembered best for personally ending the Hollywood blacklist by hiring Dalton Trumbo to write 'Spartacus'. Good man that Kirk.
Speaking of old-timers, didja catch Ernest Borgnine at the after-party? He's still acting, still has all his marbles and still has hair, (OK, it's a comb-over, but he's 94 years old...give the guy a break already).
Was Jesse Eisenberg wearing his Bar-Mitvah tux to the show, or did it shrink? Whatever, it was 3 sizes too small and made his head took much too big on his skinny body...his greasy curls didn't help either...
Actor Arnie Hammer reminds me of a young Tom Hanks, (who looked rather old) and his pretty wife Elizabeth wore her hair in a spectacular halh-up, half-down bouffant, gorgeous, and so were her earrings!
Best hair of the night: Male: Lanky Director Luke Matheny (who took home the Oscar for best Short film) came staggering groggily on stage to accept and said, "I shoulda' gotten a haircut"...
Nonsense...His giant, shiny-curly 'Bob Dylan meets Howard Stern' look suited him wonderfully and balanced-out his tall, gangly frame perfectly.
A word to the fabulous Jeff Bridges, (who inherited great hair from his father Lloyd)...perhaps it's time to lose the beard? And speaking of which...a word to the following chaps...Michael Vartan, Javier Bardem, Justin T, Chris O'Donnell, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey, Jake Gyllenhaall and Matthew Mcconaughey...this is the Oscars...Don Johnson called and wants his look back......please, have a shave?
And finally...Some of the night's best hair was on people who made an appearance but weren't actually there...RIP: Tony Curtis, Leslie Nielsen, Robert Culp and Lynn Redgrave and one who's still with us, not at the show, but heavily promoted in commercials for her upcoming series, Dana Delaney, who has naturally gorgeous hair which is always beautifully cut and colored.
And that's the way I saw it folks!

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