Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier's Amy Winehouse Tribute at Spring 2012 Paris Couture ...

PARIS - While there was some backlash after the Amy Winehouse-themed show from Jean Paul Gaultier, you can't fault JP for doing what he does best--making a loud statement. This time, he wanted to pay tribute to the late artist who's look was imitated but never duplicated many times over. For him, it was a compliment to her unique style and character, and while for others it may have been over the top, it seemed a fitting call to action for the Gaultier couture sensation which has been lacking in recent seasons. Still, why Amy Winehouse? While her voice was timeless, we can't say the same about her fashion which mostly consisted of cartoonish rocker tees and ripped skinny jeans. Yes, the beehive did it all for us, but this is a "fashion" show isn't it? And a couture one at that. Somehow Gaultier was able to utilize his penchant for making a colorful statement with out-of-the-box fashion with a proper farewell to the gone-too-soon singer through corsets, pencil skirts, pinstripes, jackets, and orange lace. An acapella foursome performed her hits in the background and the last turn of the models came with veils as if a mourning parade to the late diva. The collection earned mixed reviews, but hey, if Gaultier wanted shameless PR, he sure got it.

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