Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sam Villa's Umbrella Haircut

 The Umbrella - how does it relate to hair, you ask? Think about it's shape and the shape as it opens and closes...

Watch Sam as he takes you through this basic creative technique to add a sense of volume to the top of the head with variations for long, short, fine or thick hair.

Below are some of the things you will learn in this video:

Why is length is so important to create volume?
How to utilize your comb to get over direction right every time!
When to use zig zag partings?
What happens when you compress your sections and why?

Start opening your umbrellas for your clients...they will come back for more and more!
"Many of you have seen and heard me talking about umbrella sections as a means to create volume in the crown. I'm happy to say the full Umbrella Haircut is now available to rent on my YouTube channel! So pop open your umbrellas and have some fun creating more volume for your salon guests! Click the link to access the video now."

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