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Introducing the next generation of argan oil - Moroccan Organics!

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Introducing The Next Generation of
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Moroccan Organics
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Moroccan Organics Argan Oil - An Oasis for Your Hair 
Introducing Moroccan Organics, a revolutionary new argan oil treatment that utilizes leading-edge technology to extract argan tree root cellulose rather than its kernel oil. Clinical studies have shown that oil extracted with this method to be 7x - 10x more potent and effective than argan kernel oil alone. Moroccan Organics Argan Oil Treatment is a highly beneficial conditioning, styling, color-lock, and blow-drying oil that has been proven to cut blow-drying time by 70% or more.

In addition to using this innovative high-tech argan root cellulose, this oil and product line is packed with rich certified organic nutrients such as jojoba seed oil, rosemary, white willow bark, olive oil, camellia, comfrey root, lavender, aloe, and green tea extracts for optimal hair health.

The fragrances are an enticing bouquet of organic white willow bark extracts, subtly combined with organic apple pyrus, then accented by a balanced extract of both organic lemon and orange citrus.

Moroccan Organics is the world's first argan oil made with 100% certified organic ingredients sold exclusively to salons. The key active ingredient of this rich and precious dry hair oil is cellulose extract from argan tree root, which has been proven to be 7X - 10X more potent and effective than oil from argan kernels.  The cellulose extracts used in this oil are organically harvested from argan tree roots that have sustained environmental distress to harness the unique healing and restorative powers of argan trees.

The Moroccan Organics line is comprised of the certified organic Argan Oil Treatment, a Hair Mask that is a restorative hydrating treatment,  a nourishing Shampoo, a structural Conditioner, and a radiant, anti-frizz Hair Spray.

This professional-only product is exclusively available from Organic Salon Systems to licensed cosmetologists in the United States and Canada.  For more information check out the new Moroccan Organics website.  Please see below for a special introductory package!
Certified Organic Ingredients
Argan Root Cellulose
Intense Moisture & Repair
Aloe Extract
Anti-bacterial + Sebum Control
Comfrey Root
Green Tea Extracts
Jojoba Seed Oil
Lavender Flower Extract
Soothing & Calming
Olive Oil
Antioxidant + Helps Growth
Shea Butter
Deep Moisturizer
White Willow Bark Extract

Why Moroccan Organics? 
Certified Organic Ingredients

Certified Cruelty Free & Vegan by PETA

Eco-Friendly Products & Packaging

7-10x More Effective

Nourishes & Heals Hair

Amazing Results

Professional Only

Never Diverted

The Healing Moroccan Argan Tree 

Everything you need to explore this fantastic evolution of Argan Oil Products
Get one each of the Moroccan Organics Argan Oil, Hair Mask, Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Spray, PLUS get an additional bottle of Argan Oil FREE!

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Moroccan Organics - Nourish Your Hair

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