Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fat & Rich Botanicals



FAR Botanicals is a diversion-free salon level natural hair care line crafted to re-hydrate and restore even the most dry and unruly tresses. Visit:
Soft, healthy, strong, hydrated hair for our customers.

Products that are crafted with a high concentration of natural, naturally-derived and certified organic ingredients.

Company Overview
Fat & Rich Botanicals® (FAR Botanicals for short) draws its name from the select Essential Fatty Acid and Emollient-Rich ingredients that are used to formulate a line of moisturizing hair care products that are high in quality and free of low-grade materials.

FAR Botanicals hair care products are targeted specifically to people with dry or textured hair, but anyone who desires healthier, stronger hair can use them.

Fat & Rich Botanicals® contain no petrochemical fillers, silicones, artificial colors or low-grade oils. FAR Botanicals is also crafted to be free of parabens and harsh sulfates. Our products are Vegan friendly, only tested on eager humans and are free of animal by-products.

Fat & Rich Botanicals® has been designed as a premium, natural ingredients-based solution for people with highly textured or chronically dry hair. Because FAR Botanicals utilizes skin-grade ingredients in its formulas our products also naturally nourish your scalp to encourage well-conditioned hair from the root.


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