Thursday, June 21, 2012



Every hairdresser gets inspired by collection photos distributed from one corner of the world to another.

But there is a step further. Young hairdressers can get inspired by travelling to salons somewhere in the world, being a trainee. A real career booster.
Imagine how much motivation a young hairdresser from Paris can bring into your salon in Sweden. But how to find a young motivated talent?


Imagine how much knowledge and spirit you can win, by visit a salon in a foreign county?
Stay for a while, gain knowledge, learn skills and get back to your hometown as a new hairdresser. But how to find a salon in Frankfurt or California to stay with?

SHARE your CHAIR is free of charge for salon owners and Students. This site can be the trainee / experience source of the future. Salon owner and young hairdressers can post their wishes or search directly.
Finding each other. No fee, no invoice. The site is free of costs. We do run this worldwide service with exclusive industry companies.

Where is the name come from?
Every hairdresser is working behind the chair for consultation.
But if you do look at the word chair differently it sounds like Share. It does.

• Share your passion
• share your motivation
• SHARE YOUR CHAIR - getting knowledge and experience instead.

DU - the word “du” is like “todo - do it- do it now on an international leve

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