Friday, June 1, 2012

Time is Money

Last Chance to enroll in the
Time is Money
Men's Clipper Cutting Class
June 18, 2012
There is a difference between fast service and good service delivered fast.  Solid haircutting skills can be combined with efficiency and productivity tactics to deliver world class service and amazing hair artistry with speed, efficiency and superior customer service.

Ivan Zoot shares his "Revolutionary Cutting System".  This is the comprehensive haircutting system Ivan used to break three Guinness World Haircutting records.  Ivan's tips, tricks and clipper cutting techniques help you build more business, service more clients and dominate the men's haircutting in your community.

Ivan is a must see presenter at educational events and trade shows throughout the world. His presentations are sought out for the easily adopted technical cutting education and inspiring business building concepts he shares. He will present secrets to success and steer you to opportunities for expanding your skills and career.
Ivan's classes are fun to watch, easy to follow and loaded with information which both an aspiring student and a seasoned veteran can absorb and transform into money in their pocket, immediately.
Cost $175*
*Kit and mannequin included
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Graham Webb International Academy
703-243-9322 ext 115

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