Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Helona Spa and Wellness Center

Perched on the lovely Kos island in Greece, Helona Resort combines traditional Greek beauty with the comfort that a five-star hotel can offer. Its hillside location ensures the best possible views of the sea, from a good vantage point. It is no wonder that people say this place was once visited by Hercules- its beauty could make anyone associate it with ancient legends.

Helona Resort is home to an incredible water feast: ponds, lagoons and swimming pools, many of which are private and have the ability to delight and relax their visitors. The accommodation units at Helona consist of seven clusters of two-storey buildings, set amidst lush vegetation.There are also three private villas available for rent, with various facilities and amazing views. Picturesque domes and large verandas pay tribute to the Italian architectural heritage in this particular part of Greece.

Traditional cultural therapies from Asia and Europe are brought together in order to “relax your body, revitalize your mind and renew your spirit “, at the Helona Spa and Wellness Center. Depending on each guest’s needs, spa treatments are customized, so that each experience here will be worth sharing further.

For more information, rates and reservations, contact the staff at Helona Resort here.

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