Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Body Up Pro Brush System

The original brush system with push button release handle

The Body Up Pro Story

I've been a professional hair stylist for 27 years, and over the years, I've heard the same timeless complaint:
"My hair looks so great when you style it here but I just can't seem to get the same look and volume at home."
My traditional method of getting volume was to take a round brush, and blow dry the hair while clipping the round brush in place and continue the same process with the rest of the hair. At times I would have eight or nine round brushes in their hair, leaving the ever present handles to weigh down the hair and get in the way.
This is where the Body Up Pro Brush System was born! This system gives the handle of the brush the ability to detach from the roller, letting you clip the brushhead into place, and attach a new brushhead for effortless styling. Time is money! Body Up Pro is not just a brush... it is a tool. A system that will make your job faster and easier. The result is shinier, smoother hair with lasting body.

Body Up Pro Brush System from Anderson Creative Productions on Vimeo.

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