Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just Wait Till You See What She Converted This Old Camper Into. Nope, It's Not A House. It's Better.

At first glance, and probably even on second glance, this trailer doesn’t look like much. If anything, it looks like it’d be a serious health hazard. Believe me when I say, the inside is just as bad (or worse). But where you and I see something destined for the junkyard, one Reddit user's friend saw opportuinity.
With some hard work, a little TLC, and a whole lot of paint, this trailer was given a total makeover... which is incidentally what it’s also now being used for!

Definitely not the prettiest sight.

Might have been something once, but now? Not more than junk...

The inside’s worse than the outside.

This was a loving home to many wild animals at some point.

Either that, or humans who weren’t much better than wild animals.

It looks pretty bleak.

The only real solution is to just start from scratch.

So that’s exactly what they did!

The makeover started with sprucing up the paint.

They also got rid of all the nastiness inside.

Little by little, it was starting to take shape.

That’s a HUGE step up from where it started.

Looks like a nice place to chat with friends!

A surprisingly large waiting area.

They even installed some awesome lighting.

It’s almost ready...

Whoa! That’s incredible.

How soon can I get an appoinment?

The retro vibe is so hip!

Definitely came a long way from its former life.

So cool!

It’s not exactly unheard of to transform an old RV, but turning it into a retro-chic hair salon is definitely pretty unique! I’m hoping they roll into my neighborhood sometime, I could use a new ‘do!

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