When the crush of the holiday hair rush is over it will be time to look to learning in the coming year. 2015 and the start of the show season will be here before you know it.

Following is my list of the top 5+ pro beauty industry men’s hair and clipper cutting educators that I am declaring as must-see for 2015.  They each bring light and energy to the guy hair category in their own ways.  Enjoy their different teaching styles and focuses.  Take what they give you to your shop… Then take it to the bank.

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  1. Rodrick Samuels – An experienced educator, instructor, barber, school owner and polished professional.  Rodrick’s presentations feature a heavy emphasis on the non-technical aspect of professional development.  You will learn technique, but you will come away with so much more.  Rodrick likes to discuss his programs as being “edutainment”, a blending of education and entertainment.  He delivers solidly on that description.  Rodrick presents on behalf of Hair Lab Detroit, his powerful partnership with Lauren Moser, herself a talented educator and North American hairstylist of the Year finalist in the texture category. Rodrick also presents on behalf of the Andis Company.  Rodrick holds the distinction of being the best dressed presenter in pro beauty, a point of pride he takes rather seriously. Instagram - @rodricksamuels
  2. Wallace Barlow – A high-energy and high skills-focused presenter best seen on a trade show floor.  Some educators are best experienced in a closed classroom.  Wallace is at his best in the glare of the show floor spotlight amidst the noise and the hustle of booth traffic.  Wallace will always draw a huge crowd. He will also take the time to engage attendees one-on-one and in small groups.  Do not be afraid to walk on up and ask your questions.  You will walk away with powerful, useable information.  Wallace is also loaded with information on take-home hair care product selling skills for men.  His presentations are chock full of this aspect of the business of our business.  Wallace works full time behind the chair in Atlanta’s best barbershop.  His skills are real skills used every day to maintain his perch as one of the highest grossing men’s haircutters in America.  Wallace appears on stage for a variety of brands and manufacturers including the Andis Company. Instagram = @escissorhands1yahoocom
  3. Nieves Almaraz – Nieves is a talented shop owner and educator with a focus on the shortest and tightest of modern clipper cutting and barbering.  He is a recent addition to the Wahl National Artistic Team.  Nieves owns a beautiful new shop in the near west Chicago suburbs and is the creator of the web site, dvd series and phone app “How To Fade hair”.  Until you can catch him live at a show download his app for learning on your own schedule. Instagram = @howtofadehair
  4. Kristy Faulkner – Kristy can do it all and she can teach you how to do it all, too.  Kristy has an amazing range of talent and clipper skills.  In one classroom she will be demonstrating a ladies’ mid length clipper cut.  The next time you sit down she will be etching an inspired tribal graphic design into the side of a tight tapered guys cut.  She know no boundaries when it comes to texture either.  She can teach you to do a beautiful blend on poker straight hair as well as share skills and concepts for fading tight kinky curly hair.  She shares with enthusiasm for the business, patience for her audience and respect for the craft of barbering.  Kristy is an established and effective member of the Wahl Artistic team. Instagram = @kristiwahlclippers
  5. Jason Potchen – Jason keeps getting better and better.  Classroom education is his forte.  Jason’s style is humble, approachable and honest. This can be seen on Andis stages as a member of their team, but his talent is more suited to classroom presentation.  Jason shares solid substance with less emphasis on flash.  This is showcased well in his sizeable footprint in social media.  His instagram account is one of the biggest and best in hair education and he strives to keep useable content flowing for cutters seeking inspiration 24/7/365.  He is a shop owner with a full book and thriving business so you know the material he shares is tried and true, real and useable.  Catch him on stage, but, more importantly, sit for a classroom. Instagram = @jmcflyandisedu
  6. ClipperGuy – Yes, me.  How could I publish this list without adding me to it?  I have developed exciting new content for 2015.  My new for late 2014 class, Men’s hair from A to Zoot, the 26 techniques, will be a feature of my presentations for the coming year.  I am adding a companion program, Men’s Business Building from A to Zoot, the 26 techniques of building men’s hair business.  At many events you will be able to catch both sides of the guy hair game by attending both.  In other cases I will present a blended alphabet featuring both aspects of each letter as we move through A to Zoot.  I have a new men’s trend haircut collection coming in 2015 as well.  Look for presentations featuring that, too.  If you cannot get to a show you can visit the Shop Modern Salon store for exclusive clipperguy dvd education materials.  ClipperGuy Instagram = @clipperguy
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Happy Clippering.
Ivan Zoot

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