Saturday, November 8, 2014

FORMULA: Rose Ombre

“This ombre started off as a correction three months ago,” says Gina Bianca (@the_hair_doctor) of Gina Bianca Hair (@ginabiancahair), Southington, Connecticut. “We went in and blended all of her lines and gave her a gorgeous rose gold to accentuate the warmth she still had.”
A few weeks later, Bianca added more ombre highlights, blending in all of the lines using Joico Hot Pink at the sink on towel blotted hair. The color was processed for 20 minutes to give her an amazing pink and coral finish.
For this visit, Bianca used three different shades to get this look and advises “The trick is to stay symmetrical,” says Bianca, “so using the same placement on each side.”
Here she offers the HOW TO:
Formula 1: Equal parts Joico Indigo and Hot Pink
Formula 2: 3 parts Pravana Rose and 1 part Joico Indigo
Formula 3: Joico Hot Pink “straight up”
In the top and sides:
Step 1: Using horizontal sections, paint formula 1 on the roots and mids.
Step 2: Blending down with formula 3 for most of the sections
Step 3: On random sections apply formula 2 along the mids to add depth and dimension.
Step 4: You can be more creative in the back and middle. Apply the three different formulas as desired.
Step 5: Process for 35 minutes and then shampoo from the hair.
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