Monday, February 16, 2015

The 10 Rules of Being Blonde

Beautiful blond woman with long curly hair and style makeup.

Blonde is great. I have been nearly every color under the sun but I always go back to blonde, maybe its because blondes have more fun or maybe I just feel I was supposed to always be a blonde; either way it’s my go to shade an it makes me feel fab. With blonde, comes blonde responsibility, so click the notes for the 10 rules to being a beautiful blonde. –Kelly Rowe

1)   If it will stain your clothes it will stain your hair. Get red wine in lightened hair and you may be living with a few merlot pieces for a couple of washes. No thrashing about with a wine glass!

2)   Roots have never been and will never be attractive. The ombre trend made people think roots were ok. They are not. There is a distinct difference between a hand painted ombre by a colorist and roots that are growing out. Get your retouches, blondie.

3)   It is not true that you can never be too blonde, you absolutely can. You need a blonde that works for you. Don’t become a bleach addict.

4)   Treat your hair like a delicate flower. If you lighten your hair it will be in a weaker state. Treat it like so. Avoid constant heat styling, brushing, and primping.

5)   Get consistent glazes. Blonde loses tone quickly. Keep a standing appointment for glazes about every 3-4 weeks. The service is quick, will keep you hair shiny, and will prevent having to do color corrections in the future.

6)   Invest in hair masques. Masques are  to moisturize dry and damaged hair, meaning as a blonde you are a prime candidate. Use them often.

7)   Choose your hair hue based on you skin tone and time of year, not what is your favorite. Sunny golden blondes have no place in a winter full of faded tan skin; golden blonde is a summer shade.

8)   Don’t stay one shade forever. Blonde is one of the best colors to wear because there is such variety. You can be a dark caramel or a white platinum.

Hair News Network9)   Go dark in stages. Are you getting the urge to change it up and go to the dark side? Do it in stages to make sure it’s something you really want. Making something dark is easy; going back to blonde is hard and expensive.

10)  Never blonde at home. Always, always, always go to a professional. This is one shade that if you try at home could end in disaster and damage.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted. 


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