Thursday, April 30, 2015

5 Ways to Market for Mother’s Day

We all know Mother’s Day is coming and, as with all commercially based, celebratory holidays, your salon should be reaping the benefits. With the day taking place in just under two weeks, on the 10th of May, there’s still time to implement some premier promotions to help your salon capitalise.

Happy Mothers Day Letters and Ranunculus

Unsure of how to utilise the day to your advantage? See our top 5 tips in making Mother’s Day a marketing gold mine.

1. Partner With Businesses That Cater To Men
Mother’s day is the one time of year where it pays to cater to a male market, advertising to fathers and sons looking for a gift for the women in their lives.
Partner with businesses that traditionally cater to men, showcasing your mother’s day specials in restaurants, gyms, barber shops and other businesses with male patrons. You can repay the favour on September 6th (Father’s Day, if that wasn’t clear).

2. Offer Salon Bouquets and Gift Baskets
Make up your own salon bouquets to give in lieu of flowers, or go with the always tried and tested gift basket. Retail products, gift cards and other salon treats, designed in a particularly eye-catching way, can be both a special and practical gift idea. Create bouquets for different hair necessities and types for the ultimate covetable gift.

3. Market a Mother Daughter Experience
Offer a pampering package for two, allowing your clients to give their mothers the gift of quality time – and your services. Have a range of different services on the menu, incorporating beauty and spa treatments when possible, and treat both mother and daughter to a day of luxury.

4. Include The Extras
Specialised mother’s day gift bags, wrapping paper, greeting cards and other fun extras could be an additional incentive in purchasing your products and services as a Mother’s Day gift. Offer these extras with purchase or make them available to buy at the register.

5. Share on Social Media
Having your specials front and centre in the salon is one thing, but promoting them heavily on social media allows you to access clients and potential-clients who won’t necessarily be in salon in the next week and a half. Promote your specials, bouquets, retail options and special packages online and on all your social media channels for maximum impact.

StyleiconsWith all your Mother’s Day Specials, promotion and access is key. Window displays, gifts at the counter and signs at the chair itself will show off just how much you have on offer – be it specials, retail packages or discounts to mark the day.

Don’t let this marketing opportunity pass you by, and to all the mothers out there – happy Mother’s day!

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