Monday, November 1, 2010

THE REAL HAIR TRUTH by Joseph Kellner ~ Reviewed by HAIR NEWS NETWORK

The Real Hair Truth is a documentary by Joseph Kellner created for anyone considering a career in the hair industry, anyone new to the hair industry, as well as the professional independent stylist, and salon and business owner. Interviews are given with established artists and some highly revered icons in the world of hair who greatly contribute to inform on a variety of pertinent topics from different angles with varied opinions. The admirable Maurice Tidy, Robert Lobetta, Jess Briggs, Albie Mulcahy, Eric Charles Mokotoff, Claudia Diesti, Phil Stone...just to name a few...give brilliant and colorful contributions and opinions sharing their knowledge from individual experiences throughout.

The film is smartly made and moves fast, and is loaded with valuable information giving the viewer much to think about on topics varying from education, to booth renting vs commission vs salary, marketing and trade shows, to product diversion...and much much more. It is a film to pay close attention to, and offers more to take into careful consideration than can be absorbed in one viewing, when making business choices and mapping out ones career path.

Although you may or may not agree with all or any of Mr. Kellner's opinions and point of views, his diplomatic and emphatic delivery comes through as caring and sincere from the heart with a true passion for his craft, and proud reverence for the hair industry.

Whether as a platform for debate, or to gain knowledge and have eyes opened, or to be inspired and informed, this is a MUST see.

Thumbs up, Mr. Kellner!

by Kathryn Miller for Hair News Network

Hair News Network

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  1. The Real Hair Truth is available for purchase.
    A portion of the proceeds from this Documentary will go to a Non-Profit fund for Hairdressers who cannot afford Advanced Education.
    Twenty Scholarships will be given out nationwide for licensed Professionals. Videos. Books, Websites, Laptops, and also Advanced Training courses.
    This is a very educational film and a vast resource of information for the professional. But very Controversial. The retail price for this film will be $30.00 including shipping handling. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery of your order.
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