Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ken Paves Makes Over 'Biggest Losers,' Offers Style Tips For The Overweight

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Hairstylist Ken Paves is known for making the tresses of celebrities red-carpet-ready.

Tonight we'll see Paves turn his blow-dryer on another high-profile group of clients: The remaining seven contestants on this season's makeover episode of NBC's "The Biggest Loser."

Paves, who worked one-on-one with the hardworking losers at his Hollywood salon, checked in with with StyleList from London to chat about the difference between working with reality contestants and names such as Jessica Simpson and Lady Gaga.

Recently, Paves and Simpson parted ways after years of being inseparable, but he was understandably coy when her name came up.

Here's some of our chat:

StyleList: Were the contestants using their hair as a way to hide?
Their hair was holding them back from seeing their true progress. When you make a great physical change yet you look in the mirror and still see something as "big" as your hair is the same, you have a hard time seeing the new you. A hair change allows you to look in the mirror and truly see a new reflection.

SL: How is working with someone going through such a dramatic change different than your celebrity clients?
Someone accomplishing such a personal achievement tends to be very emotional. With great change comes the desire to hold onto something (like their hairstyle). The similarity between my clients and the contestants is the pressure of public responsibility to look your best. They're on television with millions of viewers, they have the same pressure to look good as celebrities. All eyes are on them.

SL: Is there a hairstyle you should avoid if you are a women who carries some extra weight?
Anything too extreme, too long or too short, too light or too dark or too severe. Softness softens anything extra; extra weight, extra lines, whatever.

SL: What did you do with the men? Get rid of some scruff?
The men were great! They were eager. We cut, colored, tweezed and blow dried. The men got beautified too, but they still look like men.

SL: Your most high-profile client, Jessica Simpson, just got engaged. Will you be involved in creating her wedding look?
I appreciate your asking, but I don't feel this question applies to "The Biggest Loser"...feel free to ask me at a later date.

SL: How did this project inspire you?
This was an amazing opportunity and honor for me to work with an incredible group of people who are showing the ability to overcome. This country has a huge obesity problem that most unfortunately leads to poor health. This show and these contestants all show us that something can be done. They are all role models.


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