Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Aloxxi is Looking For Educators ! ! ! !

Aloxxi brings personality to hair color with FUN, beautiful, fashion-forward colors and groundbreaking products while protecting the health of the hair.
We are passionate industry professionals delivering our personal best to ensure that each Aloxxi experience is distinctive, consistent and relevant. We want to hear your color story. We are infusing a human element into hair color and care, connecting with you on a personal level in order to listen, engage and respond to your needs and what is ultimately in the best interest of our customers. From creative colors to professional products, dynamic education and salon partnerships, at Aloxxi it is all about building relationships.

And we are having some fun doing it! How can you relate to hair color if it is just called 10N or 7P? Where is the style, the attitude, the FUN? But what if you or your clients could say they are a Blonde Bambino™ or Florentine Dream™? At Aloxxi, it’s more than color; it’s personality. As the Founder of OPI, George Schaffer’s passion for color built the Professional Nail Care Industry. Now, inspired by premier Italian fashion and color technology, he is doing it again for the Professional Color and Care.
At Aloxxi, YOUR Hair Colour IS OUR Only Business. Sharing a passion for beauty, our commitment extends beyond the salon. Creative colors, professional products and dynamic education are the pillars of the House of Aloxxi. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities of color. Color is Life. Il Colore e Vita. 
Aloxxi products break boundaries with formulations from the most advanced technology available. They are high quality, professional only products that preserve hair color and the health and integrity of the hair. Our colour features a botanical base that leaves hair healthy while delivering superior grey coverage and consistent, rich, long-lasting colour. Our care products are free of sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride and feature a nutrient rich blend of ten premier anti-oxidants. All products are also PETA Friendly and Kosher to ensure the highest quality in hair colour and care. At Aloxxi, we strive to set new standards in hair color and care.

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