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Kate Middleton's Wedding Hair—Scoop From Her Stylist!

William & Kate's Royal Wedding

There's the dress.

Then there's the hair.

Kate Middleton's longtime British hairstylist, Richard Ward, is speaking to E! News about the big day, spilling her hairstyle secrets and telling us how his team will be handling the bride-to-be's luscious locks for the world to see on Friday.

Kate Middleton
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And, Ward tells us, the pressure is so high, there have been many, many supersecret practice runs.
Ward, Middleton's hairstylist for eight years now, says they have a tight friendship that goes back to her beginnings with Prince William. Not only the future queen but her whole family visits his salon on a regular basis, he says.

"Kate and her family have been coming for eight years and we've got a relationship that goes back a long time," Ward says during a break at his Sloane Square salon. "We did the engagement photos of her with those long, shiny, flowing curls."

Ward said after those pics were published around the world, he had many requests for the loose waves Middleton showed off that day.

"A lot of girls wanted it, especially a lot of Americans," he tells us. "We have a lot of people from America coming in. How Kate wears her hair typifies how you should be wearing your hair today, it's a very natural look. It needs to gleam with health, it needs to shine, needs really deep rich color."

OK, now on to the big day. Will the bride wear an updo stuffed under the tiara and sprayed to stiffness? Or will it be typical Kate style, natural and flowing and worn long and down?

Ward hinted that Middleton will go with something very "natural" to her.

"We're lucky because she has amazing hair," gushes Ward, who tells us he's done a "team effort" with the (still top-secret) dress designer and the makeup team. "James Pryce here at the salon cuts it, he's been cutting it for three years. We've had many practice runs—and not just with her."

Ward is also doing Middleton mum Carole and sister Pippa's hair for the royal nuptials.
And as for Middleton's attitude about the styling rehearsals leading up to Friday? Ward says she's taken it all in stride.

"She's absolutely lovely, like any 28-year-old girl," he says. "She's absolutely gorgeous and she's a lot of fun. She actually jokes around like everyone else, she feels very comfortable coming into the salon. She hasn't changed, she's just become more assured. She's caring, honest and good, and I haven't seen anything that will change that."

And just before the final decision was made, Ward—who's done "many, many society weddings"—said he gave Middleton one rule of advice for the wedding.

"The one rule is by the time she gets to the end of the altar her husband must recognize her."


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