Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Extra Extra! Summer Hair Trends for 2011

This summer, fashion takes a serious turn and mixes all kinds of styles into a pretty little thing called trend. Summer Hair Trends for 2011 announce that the 70’s are back through afro hairstyles, masculinity is reflected into short and punk hairstyles and minimalism is successful through high definition.
What are the major trends for this summer? The Androgynous Garcon, the Effortless, the Luminous and the Sassy.
In 2010, the Androgynous Garcon was raising more and more. In 2011, this hairstyle is at its peak. It is dominating and heavily daring. When it first appeared in 1920, the Garcon hairstyle was seen as the next step in women’s evolution. The ‘20s woman was gaining power, she was a fighter but also seductive.
This year, Balmain and Balenciaga went for this boyish look, short and disheveled. The Balmain models have loose hairstyles, short and free. This is a highly popular hairstyle for this summer and many supermodels already took the step.
balmain 2011
Balenciaga presents models that are nonconformist. They launched the short messy hair, with a strong Toni&Guy foundation. A cool hairstyle that gains more and more success.

Chanel decided to pass the messy and go for a chic and elegant look. I wasn’t surprise that Chanel took this decision. This brand is marked by refinement, which anyone can observe in all their shows.

The Effortless hairstyle started to emerge about 2 years ago. Only this year it’s become a real trend. Effortless hairstyles look incredibly sexy. The advantage is that it allows you to go crazy with the make-up and attires. This is one fine hairstyle that I believe is here to stay.
For Cheap and Chic, Moschino defined their models as young, fresh and positive. This hairstyle has an out-of-bed vibe, but creating it is a complex process.

DSquared has stylized and well defined buns, with few locks plucked out for a careless effect.

The Luminous hairstyle highlights all features. This is a minimalist style that combines delicacy with constraint.
DKNY chose this look for their 2011 show and it looked amazing. Hair was pulled towards the back and was stylized with simplicity, which went perfectly with their naught variety.

Marc Jacobs also found minimalism inspiring, only his collection best suited the smooth large curls, stylized naturally with a touch of the 70’s.
marc jacobs 2011
I loved the Acne look for 2011. It looks fantastic. It’s simple and slightly waved.

The Sassy is passionate, sophisticated and likes rich hair. This hairstyle is armed with serious volume and gives a sexy, savage look.
Miu Miu dazzled everybody with their fun, sensual and insolent look. Hair is completely frizzed and loose, creating a dramatic look for their colored collection.

I love the way hair art is evolving. And Summer  Hair Trends for 2011 are a real kicker. I myself will indulge in an unleashed Garcon look. Go ahead, just pick one for yourself!

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