Friday, June 3, 2011

CodeofProVikramPania |

CodeofProVikramPania |

Our Salon Management Guru has a special advice when it comes as a part of successful management.

We always appoint a staff only on the bases of his previous employment but we forget to set their guide line as it is very important to have a professional work flow to avoid any negative situation which harm our salon performs and growth.

Salon Guidelines to Professionalism

Listen to the client. This is a key skill to learn and is important once we mastered the art of listening. We do say "ke staff baat nahi karaga toh kasie chalega?" Just be more mature when you listen to the client you attend and will know what their needs are. The fact is you will be more popular if you list to others.

Quality Service: Everybody talks about Service. Client is not a fool be ready to give the genuine products what you promise and always be ready to serve your client to the best of your skill at all give times and never reject your client the proper amount of service time. Remember he has an option to step in other salon.

Consult you client. I have visited more than 1000+ salon in India and have noticed that many do not perform the system of consultation before they start the service. At all times consult with your client prior to any service. Make sure that the client understands the cost of any service he/she ask for or is being suggested by the stylist. In doing so, you establish good communication and avoid costly mistakes and misunderstanding. A professional consultation will always encourage a good relationship with your client and make him confident about the services offered by the salon.

Salon Team and Teamwork: Support and teamwork with your salon staff and colleagues is the key principal to success. Always guide and help your co-worker whenever possible. Each individual member of the salon is an important part of the salon team. A team doesn't win without a strong team efforts

Please Avoid: gossip between salon clients and or members of the salon staff. It is negative form of professionalism which brings down our growth. To join in gossip is to allow negativity to enter into your salon performs and growth. This threatens the every individual growth such as salon, staff, owner, prosperity, and harmony of our Salon. Do not allow gossip to continue in your salon. Management should monitor such activity and stop it. In case of a staff reporting, he/she should be positive and practical and not a complainer. Be proud to be part of your salon and our hair and beauty industry.

Support: Be helpful of each other. Have respect for each other as a staff or owner. You are more likely to prosper in an honest and respectful salon environment than a negative one.

King: Your client is the King. Make him/her feel important. Pay attention in your client and he/she will feel important. Keep discussion between staff to a minimum because it can make the client feel unimportant.

Communication & Language: Speak correctly at all times. Do not showoff yourself. Just humble, courteous, and respectful to you client as well as you team at all times. Good com-mu-ni-ca-tion is the answer to joint understanding between the Salon and its employees/employer/clients. It should be always a two way traffic.

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