Sunday, June 26, 2011

Funny, unique, or ingenius international salon names

As “Salon-trepreneurs”, we tend to spend a lot of time coming up with creative and catchy salon names, and for good reason. The name of your salon can be one of the differentiating factors in determining your salon’s success or failure. A good salon name will be easy to remember, represent the level and attitude of your service appropriately, and help set the culture, brand image, and atmosphere of your salon.
Often, the names we choose have special meaning to our specific town or region. Today, we’re honoring the International salon’s with unique names and applaud there efforts to come up with truly interesting and engaging names. Although many of these names may not translate well here in the states, perhaps there is a hidden lesson to learn here. It is difficult to disagree with the degree to which these salon names stand out and attract attention.

These international salons have been found in dealing with many salons around the world or sent in from our salon clients. They represent a selection of salon’s that have bold, fresh, and courageous names that work for them in building their identity. In some cases, we may find humor in their names, which may be there specific strategy to maximize the attention, brand awareness, and brand attention their salon name brings them. Regardless of what the marketing or strategic reasons that drove these salon professionals to name their salon, their innovative approach should prove interesting, especially if you are considering a new salon’s name or a new name for an existing salon.
These specific salon names were not chosen because we feel that they are the best salon names available. Rather, they were selected for the boldness, avant huard, creativity, puns and humor behind them. In future weeks, we will have additional posts focusing on salon names and highlight other markets or approaches.
Please leave comments to suggest a salon name that you think has a special flare that we should look at. We’ll look forward to hearing your suggestions!

“Ass” Hair Salon

Best Little “Hair” house

British “Hairways”

“C•Men” Salon

“Destroy” Hair and Beauty

The “Head Shed” Salon

“Headonizm” Salon

“Komm Hair” Salon

“Scissor’s Palace” Salon

“Comme Hair” Salon

“Hair Potatoes”

“Piss Salon”

“Mafia Salon”

“Cut-the-Crap” Salon

“Million Hair’s” Salon

“Head Case” Salon

“Crops and Bobbers” Salon

“Killin Kutz” Salon

“Head Office” Salon

“Shearborn Stylists” (not airborn virus)

Organic Salon Sytems

Hair News Network

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