Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alchemy of Beauty - Incredible pictures from a new beauty book

Bob Recine Alchemy of Beauty:hairpins

 Alchemy of Beauty

Incredible pictures from a new beauty book

The coffee table book of the year comes from an unlikely source - a hairstylist.
It’s not often that a beauty book is so avant garde and revolutionary in its approach that it transcends the realm of beauty into a class of its own.
The Alchemy of Beauty, by incendiary hairstylist Bob Recine reveals the inner workings of a visionary artist whose work has featured on the covers of high-fashion magazines world-wide. The highlight for us, is not only that Recine has powered life into hairstyling, giving it the art-form recognition it deserves, but also that he’s constructed a human Giacometti-esque figure made of 60lbs of hairpins. For this, he should be both applauded and admired.
See pictures from the book below.

Alchemy of Beauty by Bob Recine is out now, £26 from

Stylist Magazine

Hair News Network

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