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Wedding hairstyles for brides with short hair and veils

by Hair Romance on April 21, 2012

Hair Romance loves brides with short hair and a lovely reader was looking for more wedding hairstyle inspiration for wearing a veil with short hair. Sian asks:
I’m getting married in September, and all my friends and family (well not ALL, but a fair sized group of them) are all encouraging me to grow my hair out for my wedding. I’ve had quite short hair for a while now, in a kind of choppy pixie cut, and I really don’t want to. I’ve been looking at what pictures I can find, but as I’m wearing a veil for mine, I was wondering if anyone had some pictures of funky styles with a veil for short haired brides?
It all depends on the type of veil you want to wear byt there’s no reason you can’t wear a veil with short hair. So often brides wear upstyles with a veil so it’s a similar look to short hair. Here are some wedding hairstyle ideas for brides with short hair wearing veils:

Love this 1920s style bride. More images here. Photo by Marzena Wasilewska

Soft layered bob hairstyle – more here. Photo by Angela Higgins
wedding hairstyle short hair
Red haired bride – more images here. Photos by Deep Grey Photography

Small veils also look beautiful with a shorter hairstyle – more images here. Photo by SugarLove Weddings

Not quite a veil but I had to include this cute pixie bride – more images here. Photo by Clover Photography.
Audrey Hepburn bride hairstyle
And my favourite short haired bride, Audrey Hepburn.

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