Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Illinois hair stylist lauded as a hero after rushing to customer's aid when she missed appointment...

JoseMoran.jpgA suburban Illinois hair stylist was hailed as a hero for saving an elderly customer's life after she failed to arrive for her weekly appointment.

Joan Ludovic, 82, has had a standing appointment with Jose Moran for nearly 20 years and always phones him to reschedule if she cannot make it, so when she failed to appear for her most recent booking, Moran rushed to her home, myFOXchicago.com reported.

Ludovic's Hoffman Estates home, northwest of Chicago, is just minutes from Moran's salon. When he arrived Friday, he saw two days' worth of newspapers in the driveway and did not get an answer at the door, so he phoned police.

"I went to her house, and when I got there, I realized there were a couple of days of papers in the driveway, and that made me more concerned," Moran said. "At that point, I knocked on the door, and there was no response."
When police arrived, they found Ludovic on the floor. She had suffered a couple of mini strokes and a mild heart attack. Unable to move, she had been in that position for a couple of days.

Because of his actions, local police will give Moran an award for saving the woman's life.

The stylist said that most of all, he is looking forward to having his friend and client back in his salon -- but in the meantime, he is styling her hair for her in the nursing home.

"She has a wonderful personality," Moran said. "She makes me laugh, I make her laugh and she makes everyone else here laugh."

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