Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The fine art of Antique Barber Chair Restoration

The Art

The fine art of Antique Barber Chair Restoration is a life long journey, filled with many twist and turns.  First there is the Hunt,   the calculated stalking and finally the uphoric capture and kill (buying the chair).  Second there is the trip home , driving, shipping, trucking and or freight forwarding it all boils down to getting your 350lbs prey  out of what ever basement, attic, storeroom or warehouse it’s been routing in for the last 70 years and into your home. All of which will require either a great deal of money or a ton of sweat equity on your part.  Third there is the cleaning and prep of your bounty.  The chair must be washed , skinned and disemboweled before being quartered and separated into fine groups.  Bearing in mind the old saying “A place for every thing and every thing in it’s place”  will serve you well.

Attention to detail is your only friend and will be a constant companion when frustration sets in.  Ok now your standing in front of the giant sinkhole that’s drinking money and your biggest nightmare has come true, the Koken, Emil J. Paidar or Theo A. Kochs antique barber chair that you thought was some amazing does not pump up and down (hydraulics are shot) and  your missing parts i.e. ankle rest, internal break and oh yes the allmighty headrest is long gone.  Yes you’ve guested it your up a creek without a paddle and that’s putting it nicely.  Time to spend the next 2 years hoping and waiting to find these needles in that great big haystack that we call the internet.

The Reality

Now that you’ve had this pet project in you basement for the last 3 years and your wife has demanded that you face facts that this chair was a big waste of time and money and it has to go you have 3 choices .  Find another dreamer, leave it out at night for the scrappers to fight with or call a professional.  Custom Barber Chair Restoration is going to come to your rescue with original parts for your chairs make and model.

Re-plating  the chairs metal finish will reclaim the original nickle or chrome.  Reupholster  of the original Naugahyde or a custom exotic animal skin in a period appropriate  style or design will transform you chairs look.   Re-dipping, reglazing or custom painting the ever familiar porcelain which was the signature of the time will revitalize your chair soul.   Finally one of our mechanics is going to overhaul  the hydraulics, locking mechanism  and tension recline,  in other words your chair will move and sound like a swiss watch. restarting your chairs heart.

Lastly the quality control team will bring all the elements of the build together and your vision will be factory finished for the Barber Shop,  Bronner Brothers international hair  Show or the family room enhancing your chairs value and allowing you to recoup value and pride in your new family heirloom.

Custom Barber Chair Restoration has two convenient locations Atlanta, Georgia operated by MrSidz, and New York City captained by your truly.  Cost and delivery time will vary for each project as some aspects of your custom built will require greater time and investment.  Our showrooms are open  by appointment only, we also have a online pressance at www.custombarberchairs.com or www.facebook.com/custombarberchairs  for phone support a service professional can be reached at  1-917-553-1619 for Buck or 1-404-587-2088 for Sid.

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  1. I have an old belmont similar to the chair above that needs TLC and I live in Santa Fe, NM Help?????