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3 Ways to Cheat at Marketing

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bullet Want Clients? Get the 2013 Salon and Spa Marketing Calendar

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When it comes to marketing ideas for salons in 2013, I decided to explore a topic that may well be the single most compelling reason beauty professionals would purchase a 2013 marketing calendar slash planner like this: Attracting clients. The 2013 Salon and Spa Marketing Calendar: The Art of Attraction is now available. Find out what else is inside: [ go ]

bullet 3 Ways to Cheat at Marketing

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Let's face it, we don't always have time to open up the marketing textbook and do things by the book. Sometimes we need the marketing Cliff Notes, the shortcuts to marketing results that can give us an edge over competitors and give us more time to work in other areas of our business. Sometimes we just need to cheat at marketing.
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bullet What Your Unhappiest Customers Can Teach You

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Bill Gates said,"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." While that may be true, I'm not sure that we always learn the real lesson when it comes to our unhappiest customers. [ go ]

bullet 3 Components of Client Attraction for Salon and Spa

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People have studied attraction since the first single person felt the need to be coupled. I took a look at some of the factors related to physical attraction to see how they might apply to attracting clients to the salon and spa. Here's what I learned. [ go ]

5 Steps to a Facebook Business Page (with video)

The time has passed when Facebook was a "good idea" for businesses to try. It's now essential to your inbound marketing strategy. Here's an easy to understand tutorial with video from the experts at HubSpot on how to set up a Facebook page for your business. [ go ]

Using Instagram to Build a Brand | Kelly Ehlers

Instagram is particularly useful for salons or stylists who want to build an online brand and following for three reasons. It's a visual medium, it's mobile, and people love it. For salosn or spas (or other businesses that can benefit from visually-based marketing tools) find out how to harness the power of instagram to help build your brand. [ go ]

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