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M.A.C. Unveils 4 Spring Summer Trends

Last week Sydney beauty media convened in fervent anticipation of M.A.C.’s Spring Summer trends. Held biannually, M.A.C.’s trend presentation has garnered quite a reputation, showcasing the hits of the runway season; the looks you don’t yet know but already inherently like.

The four trends at the M.A.C. Presentation

Sitting in the trendy space of Martin Browne Contemporary, the insatiable Nicole Thompson and new Senior Artist Carol Mackie took us through the trends. The overarching trend this season is freedom, with the liberty to have fun with makeup leading to four trends that will each surprise you in their own way.

Nicole Thompson at the M.A.C. Trends Presentation

For instance, did you know that fake freckles are incredibly hot right now? But we’ll get to that.
Here are the trends in all their glory.
1. Enlightened
Replacing the dark shadows necessary for contouring, this trend is all about brightness – not specifically in colour, but in texture. Layers of matte shades sit alongside textures of powdered pearl and creams. It calls for a distinct technical ability to be able to coat layers of different textures but still make the face look weightless.

M.A.C. for Hairder Ackerman

The must-have product of this trend is eye gloss, enriching natural looking skin with a clear shine. Promised that this was an instant, effortless way to channel this trend, my very own foray into the look with M.A.C.’s Studio Eye Gloss created what I hope to be a long-lasting relationship with my new favourite product.
M.A.C. for Veronique Branquinho

On the runways this trend was taken to its limits. Erased lashes and bleached brows removed defining facial frames, amplifying the brightness of the face. That all sounds very interesting but I think I’ll just stick with my eye gloss for now.
2. Free Party
Playful, vibrant and every other synonym you can think of for fun, Free Party channels the colourful 80s, the free-spirited 70s and then some. It’s whatever you want it to be.

M.A.C. for Sally LaPointe

Rule one – there are no rules. Rule two – colour is a must. Aquatic blues, sea-foam greens, coral, shell pinks and ice-cream pastels all made the rounds this season, blurred around the edges of the eye, confidently clashing and representing every colour of the bow. ‘Mix Don’t Match’ is the mantra, and when you see one eye in green and one in pink, and realise just how well it works, you start to agree.

M.A.C. for Marques Almeida

Worn without, or with minimal, skin coverage, to ensure modernity, this season it’s cool to look like you’re going to a rave, even when you’re not. Party on.
3. “No Makeup”
See those inverted commas? That’s because there’s never no makeup, only the illusion of it. As all women secretly know but are never to divulge (until now, sorry), looking natural requires the most work of all. Nothing doesn’t equate to laziness, M.A.C. insists, and that has never been truer in the trend’s pièce de résistance: fake freckles.

M.A.C. for Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

That’s right, everything you’ve ever known is a lie. The sun-kissed, spotted girls you watched down runways last season were, very possibly, fake-freckled, their natural-looking spots the product of some very talented and hard-working makeup artists, not the sun. Bravo, M.A.C.

M.A.C. for Simone Rocha

Other highlights of this trend include hydrated skin, groomed brows, a smidge of lip conditioner and the incomparable power of concealer. Warm, clean and radiant, you can pass this look off as your own good genes.
1. Re:View
With the mantra of ‘pulling the classics apart’, Re:View is nostalgic as you’ve never seen it before. A new approach to liner intensifies the eye, using gestural strokes to come across as both bold and elegant. The approach is ‘out’ and ‘up’ when it comes to opening the gaze and taking the term ‘big
 eyes’ to its very limits.

M.A.C. for Ann Demeulemeester

The lashes are also going through an extreme phase, with layers and layers of mascara against bare skin looking incredibly trendy this season. Contemporary black worn through liner and mascara alone, no eye shadow, offers a new method for audacious eyes as we’ve never seen it before.

M.A.C. for Costume National

As another season passes, and with it, this year’s first trends presentation, we’re left to reconsider everything we’ve ever known about beauty (and freckles).
Which of these looks are you dying to try?

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