Saturday, November 19, 2011

News You Can Use In Your Spa - November 2011

The holiday season is almost upon us...are you ready to retail? Here are some practical ideas to put a little extra cash in your stocking and pump up the profits in your spa's boutique all year long.
It is hard to sell retail if your retail area isn't properly merchandised! A basic principle of merchandising is to make sure that products are visible, inviting, and accessible. If clients can't see products or examine them, they will be less inclined to purchase.
Another "must" is to keep it clean! There is nothing worse than dirty or dusty products or shelving. Designate one person to maintain the retail area ... or rotate responsibility, but make sure it is maintained.
Avoid clutter at all costs. You've probably heard the old saying "less is more." That is especially true in merchandising. Showcase just a few products on your shelves. This will give the retail area a cleaner, less cluttered appearance.
Keep retail shelves neat and well stocked at all times. Your merchandise will look picked over if the selection gets too low.
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