Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Caleas Case ~ Quality Cases For Your Valuable Tools

From the creator and founder of the Caleas Case, Gerhard Asböck

" The work of a hairdresser is based on knowhow, creativity, sure instinct and professional tools. The latter are expensive and at the same time, precious, as they must work 100 percent perfectly in daily use. Therefore, the storage of such highly valued hairdressing tools deserves particular attention. It cannot only extend the service life, but also improve daily functioning. Another aspect that becomes important in this regard is aesthetics, or design. With all these requirements in mind, I finally started my global search for suitable bags – and failed.

This gave birth to an idea – the creation and production of my own Tool Bag Linie called Caleas Case, which excels in quality, functionality, design and exclusivity. After one year of preparations, which included outlines, prototypes and field trials, this idea turned into reality. The result were models which can be worn on the body as well as stored away at the workplace – always considering the different working modes of hairdressers. Safety, material, cleaning and longevity round off the advantages of Caleas Case.

My thanks go particularly to the international and national team of H3 for the field trial, my daughters Carla und Lea for inspiring the name, as well as to all the people who have collaborated in this unique project. "

Caleas Case

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