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BE!' Magazine features Kim Kardashian and sisters in upcoming issues. Photo: E! 

Kim Kardashian's
 Bombshell Divorce
Kris Humphries Set Up? 
[What's Your Story?]

Great Lengths 

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  Mass Media Is In on The Fix!
 Fans and Media Get Excited To Talk  
About the "Real" Problems of Celebs
But is it True? And Who Cares?

Beautymaker Net News
BE!'s Christopher Mannor & Rosi Manto 
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Hope your weekend gets off to a great start! We heard Kim is experiencing a change, leaving Australia quickly and getting back to home base as soon as she can. Even stars have their probs! At least her Kardashian Kollection of Handbags has gotten a big PR push!  

Is it true what they say about Kim? And if it is true (or not) who really cares in the beauty world?? That's why we here at BE! like to say, "Excite the public about the salon experience" and why it is worth talking about whenever there is a personal story we can attach to it.  

Christopher Mannor, BE!'s Hot Style Director (left) paid a surprise visit to XChanges Salon in Union, NJ last month. Along with Annie & Steven Casciola, the three BE!'s wanted to see Rosi's hot salon & team - and acknowledge her for the exciting work & message they gave on the BE! HOT SPOT Stage just a  few weeks ago at the Emiliani Expo. Like Kim, XChanges can make their own HOT OFF THE PRESS news, too! ( Yes, Salons can brand, too! ) 
It's all a media game, and like a lot of games (Sports, etc) we are all a bit "addicted to the story" -- real or not -- that gets us excited and gives us something to talk about. We in the salon biz know all about keeping a hot story going!
No, Rosi's not divorcing anyone (that we know of!!), but she does have a lot to talk about! Rosi's got her own fan base that visits her salon every few weeks, and that's in our opinion, why she is part of BE!'s HOT 100 Salons in America (and NJ). Like Kim, Rosi has lots of fans!! 

The BE! message here? In a world of non-stop media and press "noise," make sure YOUR message brands you the way you'd like to be seen. Kim does it her way, Rosi does it her way, Media does it their way and you can always do it YOUR way! It's All good! Have a fun and fab weekend!
Indie Salon Network! BE! Magazine's editors invite you to send us your visual info of your top salon people in action for consideration to star in BE!'s HOT MAGAZINE SECTIONS! BE! is in West Hollywood. Email us the images at PO Box 2385, Beverly Hills, CA 90213.      


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Steven, Annie
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