Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving traditions and the calorie breakdown

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Thanksgiving Edition - style, strategy and marketing savvy
bullet happy thanksgiving: where it all began
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Sure, you've heard about the Pilgrims and the Indians and the first Thanksgiving, but that was just a dinner. Do you know how Thanksgiving, now officially celebrated on the 4th Thursday of every November, earned its place as one of the major US holidays? [ go ]
bullet lucky breaks and the history of the wishbone
Not just the wishbone, but the origin of the term "a lucky break" or "I never get a break" can be traced back to a superstition that started about 2500 years ago. [ go ]
bullet carve up your thanksgiving calories
This infographic breakdown can help you plan a sane Thanksgiving plate for yourself, or at least you'll know what's responsible for those extra holiday pounds. [ go ]

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