Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Haircolor Trends from Behind The Chair

Spring Haircolor Trends:
Ice Creamy and Cool
If you think that strawberry, banana, pistachio and papaya are delicious in a waffle cone, just wait until you get these hues into your dispensary or better yet, onto your clients! Creamy pastels are big news, declares Pravana Guest Artist Sherri Jessee, and please go ahead and get creative with them! “These aren’t punky, funky shades,” she explains. “They’re soft and feminine, but with an edge.” That makes them perfect for roots-to-ends color, or as accent pieces peeking out of blonde, brunette or even red base shades! 
Flavors of the MonthIf you’re planning to play with pastels this season, here are some tasty combinations to try, suggests Sherri: 
Chocolate Fudge With Pale Strawberry Wefts. This is Sherri’s favorite formula for creating a rich, brunette base shade: Pravana ChromaSilk 40g 6.22 + 20g 5.31 + 0-Lift Cre`me Developer. Then prelighten hair wefts with Pravana Pure Light Powdered Lightener + 20-volume developer, and transform them to pink with Pravana ChromaSilk Pastel in Pretty in Pink. (All of the Chroma Silk Pastels are pre-mixed so no developer is required.) Clip away a horseshoe-shaped section of hair at the top of the head, attach the pink wefts along the parietal ridge and then release the top section for a peek-a-boo, chocolate and strawberry effect. 
Vanilla and Mint. Lift Level 7 base color to Level 10 platinum with Pravana ChromaSilk 10V + 40-volume Cre`me Developer. Then place two rows of alternating foil slices of Pravana ChromaSilk Pastels Mystical Mint in a circular pattern along the parietal ridge from side to side to produce flashes of creamy light green. 
Luscious Lavender. “I love this combination of classic, old-Hollywood style with on-trend color (at left),” comments Sherri. To get the look, pre-lighten natural Level 7 hair with Pravana ChromaSilk 10V + 40-volume developer. Then apply Pravana ChromaSilk Pastels Luscious Lavender roots to ends.

Color Formula: Zenith
Inspiration can be found just about anywhere, just ask DJ Victory, who received an Honorable Mention in Pravana’s "Show Us Your VIVIDS" contest.
“I was inspired by a basic pinwheel. I called this 'Zenith' because it literally means ‘the point on the celestial sphere vertically above a given position or observer’ or a culmination of the highest point or state. It means I’m on top!” says DJ. Here's the how-to:

1.Start placement in the crown more towards the left. Take different vertical sections and place them in a circular direction - like the pinwheel. 

2. Undercut hair and leave the top long and disconnected, keeping right side the heavier side.

3. Use about a 1/2 - 1 oz. of each Pravana VIVIDS color: Pink, Violet, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Red. When rinsed, yellow and blue will make green. 

4. Lift base with Pure Light Power Lightener + 20-volume Creme Developer and tone with a violet toner.

Radiant Green Gradient from Pravana ChromaSilk PASTELS

This icy blond with hints of cool mint adds just the right amount of “say wha…?” to an otherwise traditional shoulder length bob with a side-swept fringe. Help your clients release their inner wild child in a soft and elegant way with this how-to. Enter the 2013 Show Us Your Vivids & Pastels Contest HERE! 

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Finished Look

 Announcing the
Winner of the PRAVANA
The competition was stiff—more than 1,700 photos were submitted to the BTC Community in the Pravana VIVIDS + PASTELS Contest. Now after careful consideration, there is a winner!  Marielle Johnson of Merrimack, NH wins an all-expense paid trip to the BTC Academy in Chicago for a photo shoot with Pravana Mentor Danny Moon, behindthechair.com Founder and Creative Director Mary Rector Gable and the behindthechair team! Marielle’s gorgeous cobalt, fuscia and silver pink creation dazzled all the judges. 

“This is unreal!” says Marielle. I wad stocking up on my inventory of Pravana VIVIDS when I noticed a flyer for the contest. Instantly 100 ideas flew in my head and I knew I had to enter!  I chose a palette of ‘galaxy colors’ and a design that would be multidimensional from every angle. I’m thrilled I won and so happy that so many others loved it. Education is a great prize—especially at the BTC Academy. Thank you so much Pravana and BTC!”

The second place winner in the contest is
Lydia Ruth Durand of Saginaw, MI, who will receive a $1,000 Pravana Glam Pak. Third place winner Shannon O’Neill of Wollongong, NSW in Australia receives a $500 Pravana Glam Pack, as does BTC Facebook Fan Pick Winner Erica Hardy of Corpus Christie, TX. Honorable mention and a $250 Glam Pack goes to Jacquelyn Marie Hastings of West Dundee, IL.
    BTC congratulates all the winners! See them here! 

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